Chapter 172 - Good Thing

[Lightning strike wood found, recycling price 400, is it recycled?]

Seeing that Zhong Yihan was going to spend 50,000 yuan to buy a black rotten wood, Chen Guoer was shocked: "Brother Zhong, are you serious?"

Zhong Yihan smiled at her, then looked at the stall owner and said, "Five thousand yuan. I want it. Sell it?"

The stall owner hesitated.

This stall owner is a Kung Fu learner. The black wood is indeed brought from Different World, but he asked many people to inquire, everyone thinks this is an ordinary coke, only his own Intuition tell himself that this thing may not be so ordinary.

But in the end, how unusual, he could not say why.

He sold this for a month, let alone sell it, there were not even many people asking the price, so he had already given up, but now suddenly someone agreed to spend 50,000 yuan to buy this piece of charred wood, but the stall owner was nervous again, thinking that this is really a good thing?

When Zhong Yihan saw his face change, he immediately understood what he was thinking, and stood up and said, "Fine, If you don't sell it."

Then he turned and left.

The stall owner was in a hurry and said quickly: "Hey, man, wait!"

Zhong Yihan turned his head, the stall owner looked anxiously, and said, "Boy, can you tell me why you want to buy this wood?"

Zhong Yihan smiled and said, "Boss, you either sell me or don't sell it. Your question ... do you think I will answer you?"

Chen Guoer and Liang Canzi both laughed.

That is if this thing is really good, can he tell you what good thing it is?

The stall owner's eyes turned and said: "You tell me what it is, It is ten thousand cheaper for you!"

Zhong Yihan turned around and leave.

He sneered in his heart, so this kind of eagle worm trick also appeared in front of himself?

The stall owner asked this way, of course, he didn't want to be able to get the answer from his mouth. What he wanted was just his own attitude.

Once he showed a little bit of hesitation, he was immediately sure that this thing must be very valuable!

This kind of foolishness, Zhong Yihan will not go.

Anyway, there is a system in hand, and there is a chance that there is no need to talk to such a guy for 400 system points.

The stall owner immediately saw Zhong Yihan's decisiveness and immediately panicked.

He waited here for a month and wasted so much time that there is a person to intentionally want to buy it. After leaving, he didn't know where the next buyer was!

So the stall owner said loudly: "Ok, 50,000 yuan, deal!"

There was a hidden smile on the corner of Zhong Yihan's mouth, and he turned around and traded with him.

It's not that he can't continue to bargain, but that it can be counterproductive-and he's not short of that money.

According to the price of energy stone recycled in the previous system and the current market price of energy stone, the conversion is about 1 point worth of 1,000 yuan.

Then, 400 system points are equivalent to 400,000 yuan, and he only spent 50,000 yuan.

Eight times the profit is enough!

So next, Chen Guoer and Liang Canzi saw that Zhong Yihan was constantly hovering at various stalls, picking up some messy things that they couldn't understand.

And his inquiry was strange.

There was an unknown herb. The stall owner offered 30,000 yuan and he turned around and left.

A fist-sized ore, the stall owner asked 200,000, and he has taken it!

After walking for more than an hour like this, Wan Hui came back and saw Zhong Yihan carrying a big bag full of his trophies—of course, he didn’t spend less. It cost 1.2 million in total.

Zhong Yihan was very happy.

If these 1.2 million people bought the energy stone and exchanged it for system points, they would only be able to exchange 1,200 system points.

But purchasing like this and recycling by the system, he can probably get tens of thousands of system points!

Of course, Zhong Yihan will not exchange all of them, because there are materials he needs-such as the 200,000 ore, this kind of ore is called "Coloured glaze crystal", which is hidden in the deepest part of the ore, the size of the fist Here, probably only the size of the fingernail.

This crystal is very precious, and it is a core material required for defensive formation.

However, this piece of crystal is too small to meet the size requirements of the defensive formation method, but a simplified version of the defensive formation method can be engraved on the crystal and then worn on the body to form a protective weapon.

This weapon is worn on the body, and it will automatically sense as soon as the host encounters danger, or the host orders it through his mind, which can help the host to stop a fatal attack.

However, the disadvantage is that the number of uses is limited, and the number of uses is also related to the attack intensity encountered.

But for Zhong Yihan, being able to buy a small piece of crystal for 200,000 is already an unexpected delight-once used well, it is equivalent to an extra life!

So when Wan Hui came, he saw Zhong Yihan beaming with joy, while Chen Guoer and Liang Canzi looked stunned.

However, they all know that such luck must not be asked in front of so many people, otherwise, it will cause Zhong Yihan big trouble.

Zhong Yihan stopped in front of a stall.

This stall is very strange. A lot of people around it are pointing.

A stall owner is a middle-aged man, lying lazily there with his eyes closed, not paying attention to the surrounding movements.

There was only one thing on his booth, a rusty piece of iron, which looked a bit like the tip of a sword.

It is said that such a broken piece of iron is really nothing to look at, but there is a large circle of people around this stall, at least twenty or thirty, which is a little strange.

People are curious. Although Zhong Yihan has a calm personality, curiosity is also indispensable, so he stopped to take a look.

It turned out that a sign was hanging on this booth, which read:

"The sword tip found in the relics of the Different World, an extremely rare metal product, the price: 100 million!"

Zhong Yihan took a breath of air.

No wonder there are so many people around here, let alone, the price of one hundred million is very eye-catching.

And ... the metal artifacts found in the relics of the Different World?

At this time, Wan Hui and others also followed. After seeing the contents of the sign, Chen Guoer exclaimed, "Don't you deceive me ?! Isn't it that there are stones in the relics of the Different World? Is there a metal artifact ?! "

Liang Canzi froze and said, "Just a gimmick? There are too many scammers these days."

After hearing this, the stall owner who had been lying there closed his eyes and opened his eyes.

A strong breath emanated from him. Instantly Liang Canzi seemed to be stared at by a downhill tiger. The scared leg was soft on the spot and almost fell to the ground!

Zhong Yihan's hair was upside down, only to feel a murderous attack coming to his face, and he was shocked:

"This breath ... Kung Fu Master!"