Chapter 170 - Relic and the Black Market

The black market is an inevitable product of economic development.

Especially when two kinds of currency units appeared, it gave a lot of people chances-just like the food stamps and oil tickets in the early years when the country implemented the rationing system.

After all, not all fighters are focused on improving their strength. After many Kung Fu fighters reach a certain age, they find that they are making slow progress, and there is no room for improvement anymore. They have no such desire for those Kung Fu resources, so making money has become their first priority.

So some fighters will use points to exchange money, or they find something good in the Different World, but they don’t want to follow the regular process (to pay taxes) ...

Therefore, the black market came into being.

As a city with a space crack, every year, millions of fighters come to Wuen City to enter the different world, so the black market naturally came into being.

But since it is a black market, it can't always be in a place where the sun is bright-otherwise it is not so easy to explain.

Thirty kilometers outside Wuen City, there is a small town called "Dengxin Town".

The black market is there.



After eating at noon, Zhong Yihan, Chen Guoer, Wan Hui and Liang Canzi, a total of four, took a taxi to Dengxin Town.

Zhang Qichao and Gao Xiaoyue didn't come.

On the way, Chen Guoer said to Zhong Yi, "Brother Zhong, have you been to the black market before?"

"No, it's the first time today. Go and see."

Chen Guoer laughed: "Then you have to be careful, no matter what the shop owners and the owners of the street shops say, you should never buy anything. As for their words, don't believe it! "

After hearing this, Wan Hui laughed: "Guo'er is right. When buying something on the black market, keep in mind three points. First, go to a regular store to buy the certified one, even if it is more expensive. It doesn't matter. The second point is that kind of gambling stuff, don't touch it! "

Zhong Yihan was interested: "What's the situation?"

The two explained to him.

It turned out that the black market cannot be completely called a black market, at least it is afraid to put on the name of the "black market"-otherwise, the Kung Fu Association would have already destroyed it.

The black market in this town is known as a "free trade market" to the outside world. In addition to many specialized shops, there is also a huge square called "Treasure Square".

This street is the "Free Trade Zone" and it is also a feature here.

As long as you pay a certain rent, you can rent a slap in the square, and then sell your own things-to put it plainly is a stand.

And the things on these stalls include rare materials produced by beasts, as well as for ore, energy grass, energy fruit, and even natural treasures.

There are even some people who put out some messy things, saying that this is the product of the relics of Different World!

"relics of Different World?" Zhong Yihan grasped this keyword.

"You don't know the relics?" Several people looked at him as if they were looking at aliens.

Zhong Yihan spread his hands, never mentioned in this textbook.

They looked at each other. After all, Chen Guoer was empathetic and explained: "Brother Zhong doesn't know the relics, and it is normal. After all, the relics are still confidential information a few years ago. In recent years, we humans explored the Different World more widely and found more relics. This was gradually unsealed, but it has not been widely publicized because the human understanding of these relics is still very shallow, and there is no very authoritative conclusive. "

Zhong Yihan curiously said, "What relics in the end?"

"Remains of civilization!"

Chen Guoer shocked Zhong Yihan in a sentence, and then Chen Guoer explained: "Human expeditions have discovered some cultural relics in Different World. These relics were obviously once humans, or It is a place where civilizations gather, on a large scale. "

Wan Hui added: "And this civilization is a stone civilization, which is very strange. Archaeologists have found daily necessities like pots and pans, even cold weapons like swords, hammers, and axes in the relics, but most of them are made of stone, and they have been around for a certain number of years, and even a few touches will turn into ashes. "

"Stone civilization?" Zhong Yihan wondered, "Is it said that those barbarians have also been civilized?"

"Who knows?" Chen Guoer shrugged, "It is said that archaeologists have found many murals in the remains, and even text, which proves that civilizations in this Different World have indeed appeared in civilization. But what kind of civilization does it have and what history does this state have not announced? All we know is gossip. "

Zhong Yihan laughed: "Let me guess, in the black market, especially those stalls, there must be many people claiming that the things on their stalls were obtained from the relics, aren't they?"

All the people in the car laughed, even the taxi driver who kept driving with no thoughts and couldn't help laughing: "The young man is clever, that's right, what comes out of the purported relics, no matter what, Regardless of how dangerous the stall owners say their experience is, don't believe it! "

Zhong Yihan laughed, "Did anyone happen to actually pick up the things in the relics?"

"That probability is so small, so don’t even think about it, and even if it ’s really something that comes out of the relics, it ’s actually meaningless. You ’re not an archeologist. Want those stone bowls and pots or anything? Use it? "

Zhong Yihan smiled and said yes, thinking to himself, after going back, he still has to check the information about the relics.

"Yes, didn't you just say that there are three points to pay attention to? Just one last point?"

"The last point is ..." Wan Hui said solemnly, "Don't make trouble!"

"Not to mention that the black market is also protected by the Kung Fu Association. After all, people are formal free trade markets, but we call it a black market, so there is natural protection by law. Just say that you can open a store in the black market, which one has no background? There are powerful fighters behind it! "

"Also, even those stalls, don't look down on them. Many fighters will come to the black market to sell themselves after they get good things in the adventures of the Different World-they don't want money, but they want to barter. So in the black market, even big fighters exist! "

"So, don't make trouble! Last year, a rich second-generation bought fakes on the black market and broke the stall, and then was thrown out. Don't look at him because he bought fakes, the rules of the black market are when the transaction is completed, the buyer will leave. Once the transaction is completed, there will be no return. Even if you find that you have been deceived, you can only consider yourself unlucky! Whoever dares to make troubles will always be broken leg! "

Zhong Yihan nodded and said he knew.

In this way, everyone talked and laughed, and the 30-kilometer road was only over half an hour away.

A small town appeared in front of them.

Because the Spring Festival is approaching, the population of the town is not large, it looks a bit depressed, and some shops have even closed directly.

But it can still be seen that this small town is not small in size, with shops such as forests, hotels, and catering facilities. It must be very lively here on weekdays.

Zhong Yihan and others entered the town after getting off the bus and paying.

Wan Hui said, "I'll go to the store to buy energy spring first. Are you going with me or directly to Treasure Square?"

"Treasure Square!" Chen Guoer laughed. "I'll take Brother Zhong to have a look. Maybe we are lucky to find some good things."

Wan Hui laughed and said: "On the way, you said don’t buy indiscriminately. Now you said to find some good things... Go on, be careful yourself, don't be fooled."

Chen Guoer grinned and pulled Zhong Yihan's arm toward the town.

Liang Canzi's face was all green, and he quickly followed.