Chapter 166 - Priest

"How can that priest fly ?!"

"Not flying, but gliding!" Wan Hui said coldly. "This tribe sacrifices the eagle god Kayumi. This priest is the barbarian who has the most power in this tribe. So a considerable part of its body has been infected by power and beastified. But it is not beastified completely, it is only part of the body, so it can only glide like a chicken now, and cannot fly freely. "

Having said that, Wan Hui looked at Zhong Yihan and Chen Guoer and said, "Brother Zhong, Guoer, this priest depends mainly on you!"

The two nodded at the same time. This player who can fly in the sky is indeed a BUG, but fortunately, there are two long-range archers in their team.

But there was one thing Zhong Yihan was very strange.


what is that?

But watching the big humanoid bird gliding over quickly, Zhong Yihan knew that it was not the time to ask questions, so he directly pulled his bow and set arrows to prepare for the battle.

The humanoid bird made a sharp strange noise, landed on a big tree in front of the crowd, and then yelled at the crowd.

At this time, many people can clearly see what it looks like.

This is an extremely weird creature.

The whole outline can still be seen as a human, but the original arms are covered with thick feathers, and the feet have become sharp claws.

Even more terrible is its face.

A human face is not fake, but the nose part has a long and curved beak, which looks particularly weird.

"What is it talking about?"

Wan Hui rolled his eyes: "How do I know what it is saying? I haven't learned its languages yet. But it must be scolding us."

Everyone nodded in unison.

The hatred of human beings and barbarians has been ingrained, and the two sides have already become "either you die or I die".

Coupled with the lack of language, this argument between tongues and tongues has no meaning.

Zhong Yihan frowned slightly and shot an arrow directly, scolding: "Noisy!"

The arrow went straight to the face of the human bird, but the bird fluttered the arrow with a wave of its wings.

Zhong Yihan was startled. Although the arrow he shot was still far away from breaking through the sound barrier, the instantaneous velocity of the shot was about 100 meters per second.

This is the first time that an arrow of this speed has been blocked.

Explain that the strength of this priest is absolutely strong!

And there is one more detail to show.

When they were fighting the barbarians before, the Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue, who had been far away from them a hundred meters away, was already standing on the side of the big tree branch.

Zhong Yihan didn't find out how she came here, but Gao Xiaoyue's standing here showed her judgment on the killing power of the priest, and she felt that they might not be its opponent, or they could not kill it in an uninjured state.

That's why she came to her side to prepare for rescue at any time!

The birdman priest was enraged by Zhong Yihan's arrow, roared, flew down from the tree, and swooped towards the crowd.

Wan Hui and Zhang Qichao both rush towards to it.

Zhang Qichao rushed to the front. As soon as the block by the shield, the birdman was stopped, and Wan Hui's spear attacked from behind.

The birdman yelled, bounced high, and a pair of feet that turned into claws grabbed at Wan Hui.

But Zhang Qichao responded, how could it succeed?

Suddenly the shield went across, blocking in front of the claws.

Just listening to the sound, making people goosebumps, the bird's paw left a long scratch on this alloy shield!

"Sharp claws!"

Zhong Yihan was slightly shaken in his heart, but his hand movement was not slow. He shot an arrow directly, but the birdman fluttered with wings.

"It seems that although my accuracy is enough, there is still a lack of strength. The arrows shot are really difficult to hurt this powerful existence ... Birdman's vitality is at least five! "

Zhong Yihan thought to himself, but he never stopped shooting.

Even if the birdman is not shot, it can still force it to block continuously, thus creating opportunities for Wan Hui and others below.

Chen Guoer thinks the same way, although her rate is much slower than Zhong Yihan, the two together still cause a lot of trouble for the birdman.

At this moment, Liang Canzi, who had been walking around, suddenly broke into the war circle and slashed at the birdman.

The birdman quickly dodged. Although it avoided the key points, it still got a sword on the paw, and made a golden iron-like symphony. Liang Canzi was taken a few steps back by the shock, but the knife left a blood mark on its paw!

"Well done!"

Wan Hui shouted, "Just hit it like this! We kill it!"

The priest was furious, wings spread and flew high, and then a relay on the tree flew towards Chen Guoer.

It is intelligent and can determine that it is these two long-range archers, which constantly cause trouble to it, so it is difficult to win this game without solving them.

Wan Hui and others exclaimed: "Guo'er, be careful!"

At the same time, one after another, in order to pull it back.

Chen Guoer was also clever, and she had prevented this already. When he saw the birdman rushing towards herself, she hurried away from the edge and ran around the trees, not giving the birdman a chance to get close.

Zhong Yihan is the closest to Chen Guo'er. He shoots at the birdman's ass.

Coincidentally, Zhong Yihan didn't hit it before, but the birdman turned around now, and the wings couldn't be folded back, so the arrow hit the birdman's ass directly, and the birdman immediately screamed.

Although the birdman had strong muscles and tight bones, no matter what kind of creatures, there was no muscle on his buttocks, so this arrow shot quite deep, and even the arrows were gone!

Wan Hui and others can clearly see from behind, even if the current situation is very tense, they can't help laughing.

Liang Canzi even shouted, "Brother Zhong, well done!"

The birdman was so angry that he gave up Chen Guoer and turned towards Zhong Yihan!

Wan Hui shouted: "Brother Zhong, be careful!"

But at this moment, they saw Zhong Yihan's unspeakable smile on his face. At the same time, he threw the long bow in his hand to the ground, stretched out his hand and scratched it on the back, a long knife appeared in his hands.

"What is he doing?"

Wan Hui and others were in doubt.

At this moment, Zhong Yihan grasped the ground with both feet and held the knife. At this moment, his whole person's feelings changed, like a sharp blade!

Then, facing the birdman who rushed to himself, Zhong Yihan didn't dodge, and cut it straight away!

"Go to hell!"