Chapter 158 - Attitude Change

It took no more than two seconds for Zhong Yihan to pick up the bow and arrow before the shooting, which made people who used to aiming for more than five seconds subconscious rise an idea.

This guy is shooting blindly!

But when they saw the arrows hitting the tenth ring on the target, they completely shocked.

how is this possible?

This is the tenth ring?

By luck?

The boy who led the way was originally the one who wanted to tease most because in his opinion it was enough to have an archer like Chen Guoer in the team, and she was a girl. She should have stood at the back of the team and was the safest place.

Therefore, the boy has always been opposed to finding another archer. He has prepared a lot of words, but he was quiet after seeing the tenth ring.

Several other people also looked at each other, all a little confused.

Zhong Yihan ignored their response, grabbed the tail of an arrow from the back of the arrow tube, the arrow drawn a perfect arc in the air, and was put on the bow.

Still less than two seconds, he shot again.


The eyes of the crowd followed the arrows and looked at the target very consistently.

Tenth ring again!

And the most important thing is that the two hits are close together, almost at the bullseye.

Brother Hui and Chen Guoer were also shocked. At this moment, they looked at Zhong Yihan. They were no longer the eyes that looked like a rookie, but they were shocked. They were a little more surprised and respected!!

In this age, the strong are just able to get the respect of others.

The Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue's eyes shone, and she seemed to see a rare talent.

The third shot was still the tenth ring, forming a triangle with the previous two arrows, and the space vacated in the middle could only accommodate at most one arrow.

"Isn't his fourth arrow going to hit the middle of those three arrows?"

As soon as Chen Guoer's thoughts rose, Zhong Yihan's fourth arrow had been shot, and he just hit the center.

The boy with the mouth open, his face flushed, at this time his heart was already filled with shame and shock. The only thing he was thankful for was that—he hadn't talked about it before, otherwise his face would have been lost!

With these four arrows, Zhong Yihan has already proven his strength.

Watching Zhong Yihan's shots of arrows one after another, ten rings one after another. The people who watched from the beginning were shocked and gradually became numb.

They didn't expect much from the new person, and the archer's task was relatively simple, as long as the archery was slightly better than them.

But they did not expect that the boy turned out to be an archery master.

This level of archery is estimated to be among the top ten in places like Longquan High School full of genius.

You know, Longquan High School is a first-class university in the country. There are more than a hundred students who are admitted to the Top Four every year. As for the number of students admitted to a Kung Fu University, there are even thousands!

The teacher of Longquan High School has one of the most classic words: "If you don't practice well, you can only go to the most ordinary Kung Fu schools!"

Bad Kung Fu institute ... The lowest level Kung Fu institute also requires the level of Kung Fu learner to be admitted, which is already for most students unable to pass the exam.

However, in the mouth of the teacher of Longquan High School, there was a feeling of disappointment ...

Therefore, most students of Longquan High School are proud.

In particular, Wanhui and their group are among the top students in Longquan High School, so they have their own pride.

The moment they saw Zhong Yihan, they judged from the age and temperament of Zhong Yihan that he was also probably a student. As students of Longquan High School, they were somewhat proud of students from other schools, so In the beginning, they were too lazy to introduce themselves.

They don't know which elite student came out from a famous school, so they need to consult him for a while.

After all, in this era, strength is the most important passport.

And Zhong Yihan's vitality may not be as high as them, but this magical archery alone is placed in the top ten of Longquan High School!

Zhong Yihan didn't know his performance made the geniuses of famous schools completely extinguished the attitude of looking down, but he didn't matter if he knew it.

There are systematic blessings and rapid progress during this period of time, which makes Zhong Yihan have sufficient confidence in his future, and he will be never afraid of those so-called famous school students.

Even the top students in top national high schools such as Longquan and Hengshui, he is not as good as them for the time being, but it is also because his previous progress is too slow. As long as he works hard, he will be able to catch up.

After Zhong Yihan finished ten shots, looking at the target full of arrows at the ten ring position, Chen Guoer sighed for the first time: "All ten rings!"

Wanhui took a step forward and took the initiative to reach out and said, "Hello, my name is Wanhui, and I am a student at Longquan High School. These are all my classmates. The one who just picked you up is Liang Canzi. This is Zhang Qichao. This little sister is Chen Guoer. I didn't know your strength just now. Welcome to join our team. What's your name? "

"Zhong Yihan. Are you all students at Longquan High School?"

Several people raised their chests proudly and nodded.

Zhong Yihan laughed: "You turned out to be famous school students!"

How could he never have heard of the name of Longquan High School, which is one of the top ten super schools in the country, not to mention No.1 High School in Anping County, and even Yazun High School can not be compared to it.

Of course, there are also high schools that can be compared to Longquan High School, which is the legendary Hengshui High School, but these need not be elaborated.

Zhong Yihan's words made a few students of Longquan High School ashamed.

Wanhui smiled bitterly: "What famous school, don't laugh at us. I officially apologize to you!"

Zhong Yihan didn't care. Seeing him apologize sincerely, he immediately felt good and waved again and again: "It's okay, can I pass the assessment?"

"of course!"

Wanhui nodded affirmatively, while the other three asked eloquently:

"Zhong Yihan, how did you practice your archery? Hitting the ring 100 percent, isn't that too scary?"

"Zhong Yihan, is this your first visit to the cracks in the Different World?"

"Which school did you come from?"

Zhong Yihan doesn't know who to answer first.

The difference is too big now, it was so indifferent before, now they are too enthusiastic.

Fortunately, Wanhui was calm, he stopped everyone from asking questions, and said directly: "Let's not stop here, let's find a restaurant first, chat while eating, and introduce ourselves by the way."