Chapter 153 - Killing the Beastmaster

The huge impact set off the sky, and Zhong Yihan faintly saw a familiar shadow rushing over. Two bronze bell-sized eyes flashed red cold light, only a few meters away from him.

This is the Beastmaster, who has been entangled with him for more than three months.

Since entering the Different World, Zhong Yihan has not known how many tooth canine beasts have been killed. For the Beastmaster, this guy is the culprit causing their racial decline.

In Zhong Yihan's view, this beastmaster has been obstructing his hunting of tooth canine beasts, which has greatly slowed down his growth rate-and in the current era, preventing him from becoming stronger, that is also a hatred!

Not to mention that Zhong Yihan was very angry today. When his father was taken away, the kind of helpless anger almost burned him completely, so at this time, let alone a Beastmaster, even a dragon, he had to go and kill it!

So as soon as one person and one beast met, they said nothing and immediately fought together.

The Beastmaster's vitality is infinitely close to 3, and as a beast, his physical quality is far beyond ordinary people, so that it is much higher in strength and speed than Zhong Yihan.

Before Zhong Yihan had time to attack, a bloody mouth rushed towards him.

In a hurry, Zhong Yihan tried to split the knife into the Beastmaster's mouth and split it into two.

Unfortunately, the Beastmaster didn't give him this opportunity. He directly bit the Tang knife and began to shake his head frantically, trying to make Zhong Yihan lose control of the weapon.


The huge bite force of the Beastmaster made Zhong Yihan almost unable to control the long knife in his hand. He had to hold the knife in both hands and throw the opponent away with exhausted power.

After this period of time, the surrounding tooth canine beasts also reacted and rushed towards Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan slashed the two beasts blocking the way, regardless of their lives, the target in his eyes was only the Beastmaster.

Before more beasts arrived, he had to race against time to kill the Beastmaster.

However, this Beastmaster has wisdom no less than that of human beings. When he found that Zhong Yihan had a great threat to it, he did not rush to attack, but instead adopted a walking tactic, and at the same time kept roaring, summoning other beasts came over.

After all, they are canines, and teamwork is their strength.

After Zhong Yihan chopped several tooth canine beasts in succession, he knew that the situation would only get worse and worse, so he deliberately sold a flaw and was hit by a tooth canine beast. Under the siege, he made a look of exhaustion.

But in fact, his armor is no longer able to be bitten by these ordinary beasts. Of course, with huge bite force, pain and bruises are inevitable.

Upon seeing this, the Beastmaster immediately made a proud roar, and immediately rushed forward to attack him!

Zhong Yihan was struggling to block his head and other important parts. Although the beasts can’t bite the armor on his body, the bite was still so painful.

He resisted the pain and waited for the Beastmaster to approach, while the inner momentum began to settle a little bit.

As the Beastmaster got closer, his eyes became calmer.

Just before the Beastmaster rushed in front of Zhong Yihan, and wanted to use mouth to bite off this bastard human head, the two sides stared at each other for a moment, the Beastmaster felt a great crisis.

However, it was unable to escape, and Zhong Yihan, who was already ready to go, even gave up all defense at the last minute and pointed his knife straight at the Beastmaster.

For a moment, the intention of killing surging, Zhong Yihan, with a resolute momentum, went straight to the Beastmaster.


The Beastmaster issued a terrifying roar, trying to move the body away, trying to avoid the sword.

But it was too late.

Zhong Yihan's knife, there is no fancy, only one word-fast!

A knife stabbed directly into the mouth of the Beastmaster, then pierced through the upper jaw, and the long knife went straight into the head!

The Beastmaster screamed earth-shattering but soon stopped.

Zhong Yihan pulled the long knife out of the mouth, and suddenly blood spewed, and most of his clothes were dyed red. Even his face was stained a lot. The whole person seemed to come out of hell.

Raising his hand with a knife, the head of the Beastmaster was cut off by Zhong Yihan, completely ending the trouble that lasted more than three months.

At this time dozens of tooth canine beasts had been surrounded. They appeared nearby and were densely packed.

Zhong Yihan smiled and lifted the head of the Beastmaster, looked at the surrounding beasts, and yelled, "Come on!"

However, none of the beasts came up, and even many had low ears, clipped their tails, and made a whining sound, as if they were crying.

Zhong Yihan held Beastmaster's head, stepped on one again, and shouted, "Come on!"

The beasts that were right in front of him screamed and scared, and ran away with their tails.

With the first escape, the remaining beasts immediately fled.

The beasts that have lost the Beastmaster's rule are like scattered sand, and can no longer pose a threat to Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan laughed, he knew that from this moment on, this island belonged to him completely!

Just then, the system's prompt sounded.

[Recycle Tooth Canine Beastmaster and get 500 system points.]

[Congratulations to the owner for completing the Beastmaster's killing, the novice period is over, unlocking the advanced tasks of the mall: Eradicate the first-level tribe in the Different World, and recycle the tribal totem.]

[Task reward: system mall upgrade, open more features.]


The sudden task prompts Zhong Yihan for a moment, followed by joy in his heart.

Because the attribute fruit in the mall has lost its effect on Zhong Yihan, he also worried that the practice speed would be slower in the future, but he did not expect to unlock the upgrade task accidentally.

Presumably, after the mall is upgraded, will there be better things to sell?

Zhong Yihan knows a little about tribe-related knowledge, but he doesn't know much about it. He recycled all the tooth canine beasts that died on the ground, and then returned to the bedroom using the shuttle. He was going to take a bath and look up information about the tribe.