Chapter 152 - Vent

After being admitted to the Top Four, a guy who is powerful in a county town is like a grasshopper in front of the Top Four, how dare he to make trouble?

In the words of Ying Nanyan, the Li family has become more and more low-key in the past two years. It can be said that it has lost its aggressiveness.

The news that Zhong Yihan was admitted to the Top Four here, the Li family had to come to the house to apologize, and without Zhong Yihan to come forward, they would report their own side false accusation, and then beg Zhong Guohai to come out!

So Zhong Yihan is now calm, he smiles: "Dad, rest assured, the day when I was admitted to the Top Four, the day you get out of prison. In fact, I also didn't take the Li family too seriously, all I care about is my promotion. "

"But the day when I got the admission letter, the Li family will naturally take the initiative to ask for redress of grievances, so you can rest assured!"

Seeing Zhong Yihan's spirits, Zhong Guohai and Zhang Aimei looked at each other, they could see the pride in each other's eyes.

Yes, they have a good son. This is the thing they are most proud of in their lives!

Zhong Yihan raised his glass and laughed: "Parents, Qiaoyue, we have a rare reunion today, so don't think about those unhappy things, come, let's all have a drink. Qiaoyue, should you also have a sip?"

Zhong Qiaoyue gave him a dizzy eye, and Zhang Aimei couldn't help but knock on Zhong Yihan's head and yelled, "You are brother, Qiao Yue is only in grade two in the middle school. How can she drink?"

Zhong Guohai laughed. The atmosphere quickly regained enthusiasm.

However, happy times are always short.

Unconsciously, the day has arrived at twelve o'clock, and it will take another few minutes to celebrate the New Year.

Once this year, Zhong Guohai's bail ended at noon the next day and he will return to prison.

The TV shows the everlasting Spring Festival Gala. The sound of fireworks outside the window is endless. The Zhong Yihan family sits on the sofa and discusses interesting things or people.

At noon the next day, before lunch was finished, someone had been sent over from the prison to pick up Zhong Guohai.

Fortunately, the prison guards were quite accommodating, so Zhong Guohai had lunch and took some clothes to change.

Packing up the luggage, Zhong Yihan's family took Zhong Guohai to the door, and the car was parked there waiting.

Zhong Qiaoyue still couldn't hold back her tears, and burst into Zhong Guohai's arms and burst into tears.

Zhang Aimei's eyes were wet and red, and she did not want Zhong Guohai to see her look too sad.

Zhong Yihan didn't cry, but he clenched his fists, only to feel his heart depressed as if there was endless anger to burst out.

If, if he is stronger, if he is now a fighter.

So would the father be treated like this? !!

"Well, don't cry, we will see in the future. Yihan, pull your sister away, I have to go, I can't let people wait too long."

Zhong Guohai said as he pushed Zhong Qiaoyue apart, Zhong Yihan pulled his sister. The latter struggled a few times without breaking away and had to hold Zhong Yihan to cry.

"You must take good care of yourself. If those hooligans bully you, don't bear it yourself. Tell the prison guards, or tell us, we will help you."

"Sister Zhang, rest assured, we will certainly not let Brother Zhong suffer a little bit of grievance."

The two prison guards who came to pick up people showed respect for Zhong Guohai, which made Zhang Aimei feel better.

"You don't need to worry about me. I've been in prison more comfortable than before when I went to work. It's you, you must take care of your body. Now that Yihan is able to make money, you should not let yourself be too hard. Well, let ’s just say that Yihan, take care of this family when I ’m away, and I ’m leaving. ”

Zhong Guohai walked decisively.

Zhong Yihan felt sad in his heart, so he could only watch Zhong Guohai being handcuffed by the prison guard, and then taken away by car.

His vision is very good now, he clearly saw the shaking of Zhong Guohai's shoulder in the car from slow to severe.

Dad cried.

Zhong Yihan slammed the wall with a fist, roaring madly: "Li Hanguo, Li family, I must make you pay!"



As soon as Zhong Guohai was gone, Zhong Yihan's family seemed to be suddenly empty of heart, and there was no mood to eat at all.

Zhong Yihan also did not persuade Zhang Aimei and Zhong Qiaoyue to eat. He directly locked himself in the bedroom, put on armor, took weapons, and used the shuttle to go to the island in the Different World.

Zhong Yihan's emotions are very complicated now. He blames himself for increasing his strength too slowly. He has no ability to get Zhong Guohai out of prison immediately. He is also annoyed that Li Hanguo use power to slander a good man. Zhong Qiaoyue felt the same sympathy with mother and sister, knowing that even if he tried to persuade them, he couldn't really resolve their emotions.

He just wanted to vent now.

Crazy vent!

A tooth canine beast who had just taken a walk and just walked out of the grass just happened to be facing the fierce Zhong Yihan.

The tooth canine beast is stunned in place, it doesn't know if it should yell to scare the other away, or if it should turn heads and run away.

Because it feels both familiar and unpleasant from the other person.

Unfortunately, Zhong Yihan didn't give much time to the tooth canine beast. When he found the other side, he rushed towards the other side with a knife.

With Zhong Yihan's current vitality of 2.5, it is a crushing spike to ordinary tooth canine beasts.

A tooth canine beast’s head was cut off by Zhong Yihan, and even the flying head frightened a tooth canine beast that followed.




Zhong Yihan's killing frenzy, no matter who he met, he killed.

Within a few minutes, a dozen tooth canine beasts died tragically under his sword.

More tooth canine beasts were frightened by Zhong Yihan's might, and they ran away.

If it's normal, because of fear of falling into the trap of the Beastmaster, Zhong Yihan generally doesn't chase in the face of the running tooth canine beast.

But today he doesn't want to think about it but starts a crazy hunt by instinct.

The screams in the forest cast a haze over the originally quiet island, and the Beastmaster resting in a cave suddenly sniffed and eyes suddenly became fierce.

The asshole who fought for the place has reappeared!

The Beastmaster made a long beep to the sky, and then followed the smell and galloped towards Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan, who had just killed a tooth canine beast, had not had time to breathe, and suddenly a flash of warning flashed in his mind. He hurriedly rolled forward and a huge figure flew behind him!