Chapter 151 - The Regressive Li Family

The flying car flew all the way to the entrance of the villa. After Zhong Guohai got out of the car and looked at the high-grade three-story building in front of him, he did not look away for a long time.

He never dreamed that one day their family would really live in such a luxurious villa.

If this is the compensation he was sentenced to imprisonment, and god gave their family, such compensation, he would like to live in prison for ten years!

"Dad, let's go in."

Zhong Yihan parked the car, took his luggage out of the trunk, and the family stopped and walked into the villa.

Zhong Guohai looked around and looked up and down the entire villa, not even the bathroom, and seemed to want to imprint the look of the villa in his mind.

Zhong Yihan thought it was funny and distressing, didn't bother him, and began to prepare today's lunch with his mother. After all, Zhong Guohai's bail time is limited and he must race against time to finish everything he wants to do.

Zhong Guohai originally wanted to help, but he was taken to the training room by Zhong Qiaoyue—Zhong Qiaoyue must show her current Kung Fu level.

At lunchtime, Zhong Guohai walked out of the practice room happily and was very satisfied with his daughter's progress.

Zhong Qiaoyue proudly held Zhong Guohai's arm.

"It's lunchtime. This body is sweaty, so go to the shower first."

When Zhang Aimei saw Zhong Qiaoyue sitting at the dinner table, she grabbed a piece of fried chicken with her hands and quickly patted her hand away.

"I know mom."

Zhong Qiaoyue spits out her tongue, and her eyesight hand grabbed a piece of fried chicken into her mouth. Then she hurriedly went to take a shower, which caused Zhong Guohai to laugh.

"Hahaha, it is indeed my daughter, she is clever."

"You also need to criticize Qiao Yue. She stays in the practice room all day and doesn't know to go out and play. If this continues, she will lose touch with her classmates."

"Qiaoyue earnestly practices. I think it's good. In the future, she has real skills. Qiaoyue can play as much as she wants. That's better."

Zhong Guohai didn't know how hard Zhong Qiaoyue practiced, but his life in prison made him understand that if Zhong Qiaoyue could make herself stronger, she would be less bullied by others in the future.

When Zhong Qiaoyue took a shower, the family of four sat around the dining table.

After a reunion dinner, the atmosphere was a bit subtle and awkward.

Because they don't know what to say.

Zhong Yihan's family of four are not good at expressing, so although the atmosphere is warm, everyone is always awkward if they don't speak.

In the end, Zhong Yihan had to break the silence.

He poured himself a glass of wine, and filled his dad with a glass, then stood up and said to Zhong Guohai, "Dad, here's to you, you have suffered during this time."

"No, Dad is not hard at all."

Zhong Guohai lifted his glass and drank. Because he couldn't drink in prison, he had a rare opportunity to drink. It is also a good wine. Fan Dali came especially and sent new year's goods over.

There are four 20-year-old Moutai hidden in the new year's goods-but this is a good thing that you can't buy on the market.

Of course, several other people also presented the gifts, and Zhong Yihan also returned gifts one by one.

With a glass of wine, Zhong Guohai shouted: good wine.

Not to mention that he hadn't drunk for half a year in prison--just talking about Maotai with 20-year-old, he was the first time in his life to drink such good wine!

"Dad, don't worry, when I get into the Top Four, I will redress for you and let you leave that prison."


Zhong Guohai seemed to think of something bad, and his face suddenly became serious. He looked at Zhong Yihan solemnly and said, "Yihan, I know you are doing well now, and I am already very satisfied. As for the matter of redress, Dad advised you to give up. "

Upon hearing this, Zhong Qiaoyue suddenly said, "Why? Dad, you have been wronged. Even if my brother can't do it, I will definitely do it."

Zhang Aimei immediately thought of a situation, worried: "Did the Li family threaten you?"

Zhong Guohai waved his hand and said, "No, such a small person like me. After I was in prison, the Li family never managed it. But while I was in prison, I heard a lot of rumors about the Li family."

"Do you remember the young man named Li Hanguo who appeared in court at the time? He was the brother of the second generation who was bumped into disability by me at the time. This Li Hanguo was only twenty-four years old. It is actually the helmsman of the Li family. In Anping County, not only does the Kung Fu Association give him face, but even those social people are mostly his men. "

"And even more frightening is that whoever opposes him now is either dead or disabled or has left Anping County directly and never dared to return. Looking back at Li Hanguo, until now not only he is okay, but be more successful. "

"So Yihan, Qiaoyue, listen to Dad's advice, let's stop here. Now that the family has developed in a good direction, there is no need to provoke the Li family again. Dad strives to commute home early, reunion with you. If that doesn't work, then we also move out of Anping County. The world is big and there is always a place for us. "

Zhong Yihan smiled slightly and said, "Dad, you are too worried, and your news is out of date, Li family, in fact, not so great."

For his opponent, Zhong Yihan is now considered to be rich and powerful, how could he not investigate?

Among the entire Li family, Li Hanguo, who has the highest strength, had previously reported a vitality of more than 5, but he just is a Kung Fu fighter.

And the business of the Li family, Zhong Yihan also sent someone to inquire.

One of the most important backbone businesses is... raising pigs? !!

Of course, in addition to raising pigs, the Li family also has many other businesses, such as nightclubs, bars, hotels, etc., and it is indeed associated with some so-called social people.

However, in recent years, the focus of the Li family's business has shifted toward the breeding industry. Although those gray industries have not completely given up, they have also contracted by more than half.

This is what Ying Nanyan told him, and he believes that the background of Ying Nanyan’s family will probably not cause much deviation.

Why is Zhong Yihan afraid of such a Li family?

"Dad, you have said that I have been mentally prepared. You don't have to worry about it. I won't fight unprepared battles. On the day when I started, I definitely have enough confidence."

Zhong Yihan believes that at his current speed of improvement, it is a matter of time to surpass Li Hanguo.

But he doesn't need to really surpass Li Hanguo. He only needs to be admitted to the Top Four and get enough attention from the county. His dad's affairs will have a chance to get justice.

And the most important point is that the Top Four students can be bullied easily?

Do a large pig farmer in a small county dare to offend the Top Four students?

What a joke!