Chapter 150 - Release on Bail

"Dad, I miss you so much."

Zhong Qiaoyue rushed directly into Zhong Guohai's arms. The latter touched her hair and said gently: "Good girl, I haven't seen you in half a year, so beautiful."

Zhong Yihan came over and said, "Dad."

Zhong Guohai patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder and felt his strong body, giving a sense of indescribable security.

"Yihan, you have grown up."

The growth of Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhong Yihan made Zhong Guohai comforted and sad.

"Okay, well, play with your dad later, and help your dad get the baggage first." Zhang Aimei then came over, looked at Zhong Guohai, and saw the love in the other's eyes.

"Dad, let me do it."

Zhong Yihan took the luggage from Zhong Guohai. Because he was only released on New Year's Day this time, Zhong Guohai didn't bring much stuff.

Zhong Guohai was surrounded by Zhong Yihan and Zhong Qiaoyue to the car, watched Zhong Yihan open the trunk and put his luggage in, and couldn't help asking: "This is our car? It must be expensive? "

Zhong Yihan laughed: "Dad, don't worry. This is my friend's car. Do you remember Zhu Zhenxing? It's the fat man. This is his car. Borrowed. "

Zhong Guohai breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good, we still have to be low-key. Our family is not rich, and too high-key is prone to problems."

Zhong Guohai and his family haven't seen each other for half a year. Before he came out, he was ready to say a thousand words and wanted to speak to his family. When they meet, he couldn't say a word but started to preach subconsciously.

This made him regret, Zhong Yihan and Zhong Qiaoyue had grown up, and they certainly understood all these reasons.

Zhang Aimei looked at Zhong Guohai's thin face, and her eyes were wet and red, "You have suffered a lot of sins in it."

Zhong Guohai took Zhang Aimei's hand and gently touched the back of the hand, saying gently: "It was a bit difficult at first, but now it's much better. I live in a single cell. If it wasn't for me to walk around, I felt like I was living in a hotel. Wife, don't you know how much the prison guards respect me, I'm almost confused. "

"Yihan, they say it's all your credit. What did you do outside?"

"Get in the car first, dad, I'll tell you slowly on the road."

Zhong Guohai was a taxi driver before, and there no old men who dislike cars, but flying cars were too expensive. It is at least two or three million. He didn't even drive in his life. He even sat for the first time.

It turns out that the luxury car's leather seats are really comfortable, and there is a lot of space inside, especially when it starts to fly, it is very stable, and the second-hand taxi that he used to run on the ground on wheels is completely not a grade.

After Zhong Yihan set the speed to autonomous driving, he was relieved to start telling Zhong Guohai what happened at home in the past six months.

He started by talking about the formula of the medicated bath bag by accident, and then explained the benefits of this medicated bath bag to his own practice and the income from selling the medicated bath bag.

Zhong Guohai never expected that Zhong Yihan would earn more in a week now than he had in his previous life!

Although Zhong Guohai is just an ordinary person, it does not mean that he has no knowledge of some Kung Fu things. It can make people buy high-priced medicated bath bags, which must be very precious.

"Yihan, haven't you mentioned the formula of your medicated bath bag to others? Such precious things must not be known to others. People today are very selfish. If they are known, they will definitely bring disaster to the home."

Zhong Guohai spent six months in prison. He is no longer the good old man who had shown his righteousness. In the past six months, he has seen too many dark sides of human nature.

Many people dare to fight for a small profit, let alone a recipe worth ten million or even hundreds of millions.

"Don't worry, Dad, Only one other person knows the recipe except me, and I believe she won't do anything bad for our family."

What Zhong Yihan said was Ying Nanyan. In addition, even Zhu Zhenxing and even Zhong Qiaoyue didn't know what the specific formula was.

Ying Nanyan has a strong background. Zhong Yihan originally said that the formula was more for self-protection.

After all, he can't play tricks against a strong woman with such a background and nature—and in fact, he is right.

But Zhong Guohai frowned: "What's the use of your belief? Human nature is the hardest to guess. What if she suddenly is greedy?"

Zhang Aimei saw Zhong Guohai say something in a hurry, so she mediated and said, "Well, this is just the moment you met. Why criticize the child? He is also for our family."

"Dad, you're right, I will pay more attention in the future."

For Zhong Guohai's criticism, Zhong Yihan not only had no dislike but also missed it.

In the past, when Zhong Guohai saw that he and his sister were not doing well, he also disagreed and liked to say a few words.

Next, Zhong Yihan also talked about making Yan Nanyan through a medicated bath bag, which also helped Zhong Guohai finally understand why his treatment in prison suddenly improved.

After that was buying a villa, field training, school competitions, and transfers, and things with a vitality of 2.5, Zhong Yihan said it all.

In order not to worry Zhong Guohai, Zhong Yihan deliberately eliminated the bad part of these things. It's as if he encountered a fugitive during the previous training, and Song Deqiu's suppression of these things, he didn’t mention them all.

Zhong Guohai didn't expect that he was isolated from the world for only half a year, and there were so many things in his family, especially when he heard that Zhong Yihan's vitality reached 2.5, he suddenly exclaimed: "Isn't that saying that Yihan is now basically already admitted to Xiangshui University? "

"That is of course, not only Xiangshui University, my current goal is the Top Four."

Zhong Qiaoyue hurriedly said: "Dad, my vitality is also 0.8, my brother has reached 0.8 in the third year of high school, and I reached it in the second year of middle school!"

"Qiaoyue is amazing, hahaha ..."

"If you don't have me, you will not be like this."


"Dad, look at him, he just knows to tease me every day!"

"Well, Yihan, I know you're great, but you are an older brother and you need to humor sister."

In the flying car, Zhong Yihan's family laughed and noisy.

The cloudy and cloudy sky in late winter rarely reveals a bright sun.

It is a good day today.