Chapter 149 - The Current Situation of No. 1 High School

In the next few days, everyone practiced here, and Zhang Shou patiently guided them in every detail. Although there are only a few days, everyone feels that they have made great progress-of course, many of them are psychological effects.

Today is the last training session for everyone because the New Year is coming soon. Although the training is indeed important, there is no shortage of two weeks.

So Zhang Shou decided that after today ’s training, everyone will have a complete holiday and go back to have a good New Year!

Zhang Aimei cooks at night. With so many people, it's impossible for Zhang Aimei to do it alone.

Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia diligently ran to the kitchen to help, and Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu were naturally not to be outdone.

Zhong Yihan's kitchen is large, and it is not a problem to accommodate six or seven people to cook together.

Zhu Zhenxing is naturally impossible to stand by as a chef.

A large group of boys is sitting around chatting in the living room.

Less than a week after the New Year, there was a rare excitement at home.

Zhong Yihan couldn't help thinking, if his father had returned at this time, it would be more perfect.

On the day when the top sixteen hegemony matches ended, the No.1 High School announced the holiday. Three days have passed, but Song Deqiu slandered Zhong Yihan's influence really started to appear.

"Have you heard that Xiong Bo has transferred to school?"

Fan Dali's news has always been well-informed. He saw that everyone looked like they didn't know, so he went on to talk about the current situation of No.1 High School.

As expected, This affair that Song Deqiu targeted Zhong Yihan spread widely. In addition, there was no Kung Fu teacher at the school, so not only Xiong Bo, but every student with some ability in the family basically has been transferred. The formerly high school with so many talents now has only Wu Sikong who is really talented.

As for Wang Li and Qian Hansong, they were forced to leave school because their injuries were too severe-their two injuries had to rest for at least three months, so they must not be able to keep up with the college entrance examination.

Those who did not have the ability to transfer to other schools, such as Ning Jinshui, also started to think of ways to make up for their own lessons and to find private teachers. In short, the trust in the teachers in the No.1 High School plummeted.

When the No.1 High School was the most brilliant, it could be equivalent to Yazun High School, but let alone Yazun High School now, it couldn't even compare to the No.2 High Scholle, and even became the same level with No.3 High School.

The fall of No. 1 High School is unavoidable, but even so, Song Deqiu is still carrying it.

It is said that he devoted almost all the resources of No.1 High School to Wu Sikong, saying that as long as he can enter the Top Four, there is still a chance for the school to turn around again.

This is why Wu Sikong did not transfer.

"It was Song Deqiu's retribution that the No.1 High School became like this."

After Fan Dali finished speaking, Du Tianqing said directly, it seemed that the anger in his heart had not completely dissipated.

Yang Yuan dismissed: "The current No.1 High School is not necessarily comparable to the tNo.3 High School. The No.3 High School now has President Lu and Teacher Zhang and has strong official support. As long as it didn't make any mistakes, the results will come sooner or later, but there is only one Wu Sikong in the No.1 High School. As long as he has a little problem, No.1 High School is over. "

"It's also true, not to mention that we now have such a place of practice. When we wait for the college entrance examination, we will make some achievements and let Song Deqiu open his eyes.

Fan Dali couldn't help but fantasize about the scene when all of them were admitted to the prestigious college. Song Deqiu's face will be green at that time.

Really looking forward to it.

Zhang Shou directly breaks Fan Dali ’s illusion: “That being the case, then Fan Dali will have to work harder. With your vitality just reach 1 now, the concentration of energy is far from enough.

"Mr. Zhang, how can you just say to me, isn't there still Zhu?"

"Zhu Zhenxing is not counted."


By the time dinner is finished, it is already over seven in the evening.

The crowd sat around the dining table, watching the rich food on the table, couldn't help but praise Zhang Aimei's craftsmanship.

Of course, there is also Zhu Zhenxing.

When eating, Zhang Aimei praised Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia, two sisters, for their goodness, and Zhong Yihan praised them like a friend. There was no other response.

This made everybody couldn't help voicing, Zhong Yihan's EQ is really a piece of wood.

During the meal, Zhang Shou-shun determined the next class time.

That is, after the winter vacation, every day at 7:30 in the morning to Zhong Yihan's home, classes begin at 8 o'clock and end at 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

Free time at night, no late self-study.

Of course, the culture class still needs their own efforts. Even if they have a better memory than ordinary people, it cannot be completely abandoned.

After eating, Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia wanted to continue to show their virtues but did not expect that several big boys scrambled to ask for the dishes to be washed. They were more positive and forced them out of the kitchen.

Waiting for the end of things, Li Xinyu they left one after another, and then the family was quiet again.

Zhu Zhenxing and Zhu Xiaoyu stayed in Zhong Yihan's house for only one day before being called by their parents to go home to celebrate the New Year.

As soon as the two left, the family was really quiet.

Fortunately, the day before, Zhong Yihan knew his father, Zhong Guohai, would be released on bail to go home for the New Year, which became his biggest expectation for this winter vacation.

Time flies very fast. In less than a week before the year before, Zhong Yihan helped Zhang Aimei prepare New Year's products at home in addition to practicing every day.

New couplets are pasted on both sides of the villa's door, with the lucky word upside down on the door.

Hang the big red lantern, hang the lantern, put the fruit platter on the table, clean it up a little, and the new year atmosphere comes out.

Zhang Aimei is happy every day for the past two days. The closer to the New Year, the happier she is.

The thought of a family will soon be reunited, Zhong Yihan wanted to skip the time directly.

Fortunately, time always flows, and the wait of Zhong Yihan's family is worth it.



The day before last year, in Anping County Prison, Zhong Guohai packed up his belongings, and then followed the prison guard cheerfully to the outside.

"Brother Zhong, bail so soon, I believe it is not far from your release."

"When you came back, remember to bring us something for the New Year."

Zhong Guohai responded one by one and walked out of the gate of the prison under the respectful guidance of the prison guards.

Looking at the world outside, Zhong Guohai feels like a passing generation.

Apparently, he spent only half a year in prison, but it seemed to him that a century had passed.

"I don't know how well they live."

Zhong Guohai had some subconscious worries. Although he often listened that during this time, Zhong Yihan is now having a good time, he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

"Dad! Here!"

Zhong Guohai was about to take a taxi home and suddenly heard that someone seemed to call him.

He looked around and saw two women and a man waving at him.

Zhong Guohai recognized Zhang Aimei at first glance, and saw her face, he was relieved subconsciously.

Looking at Zhong Yihan and Zhong Qiaoyue again, Zhong Guohai froze for a moment.

Compared with half a year ago, Zhong Yihan was significantly stronger, and the whole person stood there with strength and vigor.

Zhong Qiaoyue is also much more beautiful, slim and slender like a star coming out of the TV.

This made Zhong Guohai feel a little hesitant. He didn't know how long he had been in prison. The changes in a pair of children were too great.

It feels like a blink of an eye, they are all grown up.

"Dad, what are you thinking about? It's cold outside, be careful, please sit in the car."

When Zhong Guohai heard Zhong Yihan's voice turned back, he noticed a car behind them.

Looking at the perfectly streamlined appearance, the price is obviously not low.