Chapter 148 - The Best Place of Practice

Zhong Yihan's words made everyone suddenly shine.

When they learned that Zhong Yihan's family had an energy concentration of 6.8, they already had such thoughts in their hearts, but they were embarrassed to speak in the private place of others.

"But there is no enough space to practice in the villa?"

Ming Jiajia raised a key question.

Zhong Yihan laughed, "Since I asked you to come, there must be some place. Come with me."

As he said, Zhong Yihan took everyone to the practice room.

Zhong Yihan opened the door of the practice room, where two girls were doing fighting exercises, namely Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu.

The fighting of the two girls is both skillful and beautiful, making everyone stop to watch.

Zhang Shou nodded again and again, he saw that the strength of the two girls was good, but the foundation was more or less problematic.

Noting that the door of the practice room was opened, Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu stopped.

"Brother, you're here." Zhong Qiaoyue said.

In front of outsiders, Zhong Qiaoyue still gave Zhong Yihan face.

"This is my sister Zhong Qiaoyue. This is Zhu Zhenxing's sister Zhu Xiaoyu. These are my friends. I told you before that I want to bring them to practice."

Zhong Qiaoyue said very smartly: "Hello brothers and sisters, welcome to come to my house to practice."

Ming Jiajia laughed: "This is Qiaoyue, but it is much more beautiful than Yihan said."

"Thank you, sister."

"My name is Ming Jiajia, just call me Jia Jia sister."

Just after Ming Jiajia's words fell, Li Xinyu interjected abruptly: "My name is Li Xinyu, Hello Qiaoyue."

"Sister Xinyu, my brother often mentions you, saying that you are not only a goddess but also a very good genius."

Zhong Qiaoyue's words made Li Xinyu's expression slightly stagnant, and asked subconsciously, "Your brother really said that?"

Zhong Qiaoyue little: "Yes, my brother also said that I should learn from you."

"What about me, what about me?" Ming Jiajia could not help asking.

"Sister Jiajia is also very good. My brother said that he went to practice with you last time, thanks to your care!"

In fact, Zhong Qiaoyue didn't remember the name Ming Yijia mentioned by Zhong Yihan, but the fat man had mentioned it. The little girl was clever. When she heard gossip, she immediately remembered it.

Ming Jiajia smiled happily. Although Li Xinyu's expression did not change, her stretched eyebrows showed that she was very happy.

Everyone sees Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia's performance and know everything.

In fact, they have said too many times, but it is a pity that Zhong Yihan never understood, and then they gave up.

Zhu Xiaoyu glanced at everyone and was amazed by the appearance of Li Xinyu. she could definitely be called a goddess.

"Is Zhu's sister and Zhu Zhenxing born to the same mother? This gap is too big." Fan Dali, who has been familiar with this, immediately joked.

"Oh, of course true. If you dare to think of my sister, don't blame me for fighting with you."

Zhu Zhenxing heard Fan Dali's ridicule and subconsciously blocked Zhu Xiaoyu behind him.

"I won’t, your sister is my sister, right? Zhu Xiaoyu, right? Your brother often mentions you, and he has a sister with the vitality of 1.9. It is indeed a genius at Yazun High School."

Zhu Xiaoyu said modestly: "I'm not a genius, far worse than Qiaoyue and Yihan brother."

Zhang Shou suddenly asked, "How much is Qiaoyue's vitality?"

Zhong Qiaoyue said a little embarrassedly: "I'm far worse than Xiaoyu, only 0.8."

"Are you in grade two in middle school?"


"It's amazing!" Yang Yuan smirked. "Your brother was only 0.8 when he was in high school. The Dali brother next to you just broke 1 a while ago!"

Fan rolled his eyes and stopped speaking depressed.

Zhang Shou secretly nodded to the side, Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu are both good candidates, and it is also possible to give them some counseling.

During these two months, with the help of a medicated bath bag and a high concentration of energy, Zhong Qiaoyue's promotion speed can be described as unpleasant.

Although compared to Zhong Yihan, it is nothing.

In fact, because there is Zhong Yihan for comparison, neither Zhong Qiaoyue nor Zhu Xiaoyu considers themselves geniuses.

Zhong Qiaoyue added: "In fact, I used to practice very slowly. It only became faster after my brother arranged the formation to increase the concentration of energy."

Zhu Xiaoyu is in grade one in high school with a vitality of 1.9.

Zhong Qiaoyue is in grade two in middle school, 0.8 vitality.

This kind of strength is amazing enough no matter which school they are in, but after listening to their explanations, their practice speed can be improved very fast, largely because of the energy concentration here, which makes everyone more determined to want to practice here.

"How's this place?"

Zhong Yihan pointed at the practice room and laughed.

The whole practice room is fully equipped with training equipment, sandbags, dumbbells, treadmills ... It can be said that apart from the archery range, basically have what should have.

Everyone has observed the size of the practice room, which is really suitable as a class place, so they looked at Zhang Shou.

Zhang Shou hesitated, "We are here to teach, will it not affect you?"

Zhong Yihan said: "Teacher Zhang, the sound insulation of this practice room is very good. Even if it is noisy inside, you won't hear it if you don't open the door."

"Really, that's good. Honestly, I originally wanted to find a practice place myself, but even if I searched Anping County, I couldn't find a more suitable place than here. Yihan, you do it for everyone at this point, I am grateful. "

Zhang Shou is sincere. Such a practice environment, let alone Zhong Yihan, is very helpful to his own practice.

A genius who is a practice genius is also a genius in formation, and Zhong Yihan's talent is at least one in a million.

Thinking of Zhong Yihan's goals, Zhang Shou once again felt the heavy burden on his shoulders.

Zhong Yihan said lightly: "It was already said, share the joys and sorrows. Everyone drops out of school for me, and I need to do something."

"This is not a thing, it is the best place for practice! If Yazun High School or No. 1 High School knew that there was such a good practice place, they would definitely get related secrets at all costs!"

Li Xinyu's words immediately awakened everyone.

They were so excited just now that they did not expect the seriousness of the incident if it leaked.

"Yes, the concentration of 6.8 energy, no matter where it is placed, is definitely a holy place for practice. Yihan trusts us so much, we must keep it secret."

The atmosphere of the people became serious at once, Zhang Shou suddenly said: "Otherwise, we will sign a confidentiality agreement together. If anyone leaks the news of this place, not only will he withdraw from the practice here, but he will have to pay accordingly cost."

The crowd nodded and agreed with Zhang Shou.

Zhong Yihan originally wanted to say that he believes everyone will keep confidential, so there is no need to make a confidentiality agreement.

But think about them so many people, many people talk a lot, it is inevitable that some people say something, with the confidentiality agreement can also have some protection, so he doesn’t reject.

Next Zhong Yihan brought in a pen and paper, and Zhang Shou drafted a confidentiality agreement, but everyone was a friend, after all, so they didn’t write it very harshly, just as the price of the leak. In addition to the leaker's retreat, also pay this period of time to practice the equivalent of the training resources.

After letting everyone see, everyone signed their names and pressed their fingerprints.

After signing the agreement, Yang Yuan thought that he would practice in a place with such a high concentration of energy later, but Yang Yuan still couldn’t believe it, and felt that happiness came too suddenly: “So, then, will we practice here?”

Fan Dali also said with excitement: "If there is such a holy place for practice, let alone the third high school, even the tenth high school, I will go!"

"Yes, this is much better than Yazun High School. Yihan, I suddenly discovered that following you to drop out of school is the most correct decision I have ever made."

Du Tianqing's words were affirmed by several others.

They had already made plans to suffer together next time, but they didn't expect that Zhong Yihan directly gave them such a big surprise.

Yang Yuan thought of Zhang Bo, who had transferred to Yazun, and suddenly felt that he was really pathetic. He was only one step away from the miracle but was forced to give up because of the situation at home.

If let Zhang Bo's parents know what kind of benefits they have gained after following Zhong Yihan, they must have regrets.

Of course, since a confidentiality agreement has been signed, Yang Yuan does not intend to tell Zhang Bo about this, even if the other party is his friend.