Chapter 147 - Genius of Formation

It is now in the deep winter and less than a week away from the New Year. Although learning Kung Fu has improved everyone's cold resistance, the drenching wet and cold in the southern winter still requires thick clothing to block it.

After Zhang Aimei left, the crowd entered the villa under the leadership of Zhong Yihan.

There is nothing special on the first floor, but as soon as they go up to the second floor, everyone immediately feels refreshed, as if the whole person is going to sublimate.

Except for Fan Dali and Zhu Zhenxing who were a little worse, the others were originally excellent and suddenly felt a little bit wrong.

Du Tianqing wondered: "Well, do you feel like it seems like the whole person is relaxed as soon as we go up to the second floor?"

Several others nodded, only Zhu Zhenxing was laughing there.

Yang Yuan scratched his head: "Curious and wonderful feeling, very comfortable, but can't say where is comfortable ..."

Li Xinyu guessed: "How do I feel, this feels like the effect of increasing the concentration of energy?"

Because of this feeling, it is similar to the feeling when she is close to energy stones, but it should be more intense.

Zhang Shou had the rich experience, and he immediately determined that: "The concentration of energy here is really high, even higher than some places in the Different World."

Zhong Yihan laughed: "It is indeed Teacher Zhang. The concentration of energy in my family has now reached 6.8, which is very suitable for practice."

"6.8 ?!"

Everyone was surprised, looking at Zhong Yihan with a ghost look.

Yang Yuan's face was unbelievable, and he said, "My family has chosen a lot of options to find a location with energy concentration of 1.6. Is your family's 6.8?"

Du Tianqing also looked like he didn't believe: "Our experienced Twin Mountains, the place with the highest concentration of energy is just over 2, 6.8, is it crazy ?!"

Li Xinyu also looked at Zhong Yihan in shock. Her family also tried a lot of methods, but at most, it increased the concentration of the energy in the family by about 0.1, and it was still within a small range. The concentration of energy above the second floor seems to be very high.

"Is there 6.8? we will know after looking at the energy Tester." Zhu Zhenxing smiled and took out the energy Tester prepared in advance.

Everyone took a look at the energy tester and found that the above value fluctuated from 6.7 to 6.8, and sometimes occasionally it could reach 6.9, and everyone was instantly shocked.

With an energy concentration of 6.8, it is no wonder that Zhong Yihan's strength has increased so quickly in the past two months!

With such a high concentration of energy even if he does nothing all day long, just eating and sleeping, he can increase the vitality by 0.1 in a month.

Zhang Shou was even more shocked because he knew very well what such a high concentration of energy meant. If he could practice here, he would be able to do more with less.

He vaguely understood the purpose of Zhong Yihan calling them.

"Yihan, how on earth did you do that? What method can increase the concentration of energy so much? And it hasn't leaked at all, just didn't feel it at all on the first floor."

Du Tianqing's words asked the voices of everyone at this time.

Zhong Yihan did not conceal the formation, and briefly explained the situation of his arrangement.

These are true friends who have been tested, so he doesn't think there is any problem in speaking.

Everyone listened to each other until Zhong Yihan finished speaking, and they didn't seem to respond.

"Formation? Zhong Yihan, you actually learned formation?"

Li Xinyu did not conceal her surprise, because she knew how much time and energy it took to learn the formation, and the most important thing is that the learning of the formation requires talent. If you don’t have talent, you can spend ten times as much. Not necessarily able to learn.

Li Xinyu's family has some books on formations. She used to study them for a period of time. As a result, two months later, not to mention array formation, she didn't even get started.

In the end, she found that she really wasted too much time to practice, so she had to give up.

Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan also knew more or less about the formation. They looked at Zhong Yihan with a perverted look. Is he ready to develop in the direction of all-round talent?

Ming Jiajia is more adored than shocked about Zhong Yihan ’s formation. In her opinion, it ’s normal for a genius like Zhong Yihan to learn the formation.

Zhang Shou was silent for a long time. He couldn't help thinking about his Kung Fu career in these years. There seemed to be only one or two people who know how to do formation.

Moreover, they are just regarded as valuable talents just for getting started. However, Zhong Yihan, from his description, has arranged at least three kinds of formations, inspiring, scattered, and gathering. These three formations cooperate with each other to achieve the present effect.

Such strength is definitely much stronger than just getting started, which simply refreshed his knowledge of genius!

Zhang Shou didn't know, Zhong Yihan actually arranged four formations, otherwise, he would be even more shocked.

Zhong Yihan deliberately didn't mention the Ecstasy array, just to keep an eye out to prevent them from approaching the core of the formation.

Fan Dali suddenly thought of a situation and said, "Yihan, you practiced so slowly before, was it because of the delay in studying formation?"

Zhong Yihan suddenly hesitated, can there still be such an excuse?

He didn't expect it.

Zhu Zhenxing said: "It turned out to be this way. No wonder I asked Zhong Yihan to go out and play. He always preferred to stay at home, because he was studying formations."

Zhong Yihan smiled and said nothing, and cooperated with Zhu Zhenxing to make the excuse.

A genius has delayed the practice time because of studying formation methods.

However, after his research was completed, with the help of formation methods, he could catch up with faster practice.

Think of it this way, it seems that everyone's acceptance of Zhong Yihan's surge in strength in the past two months seems more acceptable.

They even thought that was the case.

Du Tianqing couldn't help but said with emotion: "I didn't expect that you are the true genius, You used to be able to be patient all the time, but if it had taken me two years or more to learn something that would have been fruitless, I would have just given up."

Zhang Shou nodded, feeling a little bit heavy: "I haven't noticed this in the past two years. It is my fault. If I had known that you had delayed practice because of other things, maybe I could give you some suitable suggestions."

"Teacher Zhang. This is my own choice, and I should bear all the consequences."

If you could find it, it is strange, I didn't know that I would suddenly get the system.

Zhong Yihan murmured silently.

Ming Jiajia praised: "Yihan, you are really good."

"Being able to withstand loneliness and focus on one thing will surely achieve a great career in the future."

Zhong Yihan was blushed by everyone’s praise. Even if he is cheeky, he can't bear the praise.

Zhu Zhenxing originally felt that he was sober, knowing that the so-called formation delaying practice was just an excuse.

But the words of the audience, and in connection with Zhong Yihan's recent progress, he gradually fell into confusion.

Could it be true?

Zhong Yihan didn't want to let them continue to exaggerate, and hurriedly said today's purpose: "Since everyone already knows the situation in my home, then I will tell you why I asked everyone to come."

"Mr. Zhang, everyone, I think in the next semester, everyone can come to my house to practice. With the concentration of my family's energy, it should be helpful to improve the strength of everyone."