Chapter 146 - Invitation

Two days after the dinner, Li Xinyu, Yang Yuan, Du Tianqing, Fan Dali, and Ming Jiajia called Zhang Shou and Zhong Yihan respectively to confirm their decision to transfer.

Zhong Yihan also received support from Zhang Aimei and Zhong Qiaoyue.

Needless to say, Zhu Zhenxing, as long as he continues to go to school, his parents have already been satisfied, so they don't choose which school he goes to.

Only Zhang Bo hasn't heard anything yet. Yang Yuan said something seemed to be wrong with him.

Another day later, Yang Yuan got Zhang Bo's final reply in anxiety, and he didn't go to the third high school.

"Why? We all go to the third high school. How can you regret it halfway?"

Yang Yuan and Zhang Bo have been friends for several years. Yang Yuan's annoyance was caused by his friend's wordlessness.

"You know the situation in my family. My parents didn't let me go to No. 3 High School. They asked me to go to Yazun. I asked them 800 times, but they didn't agree."

Zhang Bo's tone on the phone was helpless.

Yang Yuan thought of the tightly airtight tutor in Zhang Bo's house and was silent.

He remembered that Zhang Bo had secretly bought a new car and was discovered by his parents. As a result, they sold as the low-priced used car directly and canceled his two-month pocket money.

Even for such a trivial matter, Zhang Bo's parents reacted so fiercely. His parents' reaction can be imagined for such a big thing.

If Zhang Bo's parents do not agree, even if Zhang Bo wants to go to the third high school, it is impossible.

There are too many ways for Zhang Bo to give up this decision.

"So, you really can't go to the third middle school, well, I will explain to Yihan."

Yang Yuan hung up the phone, feeling very upset.

He sat on the bed for a while, and then called Zhong Yihan.



"It doesn't matter, the transfer is already voluntary, there is no need to force anything."

For Zhang Bo's abandonment, Zhong Yihan was able to understand his helplessness.

In fact, Zhong Yihan never thought that everyone would go to the third high school with him. This time only Zhang Bo withdrew. This has made him very surprised.

And for Zhang Bo, he didn't complain at all-after all, it was the decision of his parents. There was really no excuse for refusing as a son.

But the rest of them trusted him so much that it made Zhong Yihan more firm in his next choice.

"Do you have time in the afternoon, come to my house, I have something to tell you. Well, Li Xinyu, they will all come, and Teacher Zhang will come."

Zhong Yihan thought for a few days and decided to set the place of private education in his own home.

He specifically asked Zhang Shou to understand the situation of No. 3 High School and learned that the training location arranged for them was the No. 3 High School ’s gymnasium, where the concentration of energy was not even 1 and was not suitable for practice at all, so he still felt that he was looking for practice location is better.

After all, based on the situation in Anping County, there is no place with a higher concentration of energy than his family, plus the practice room is enough to accommodate forty or fifty people to practice in it, and it is more than enough to let them practice in it.

At more than two o'clock in the afternoon, Li Xinyu and they came to the gate of Zhong Yihan Community according to the agreed time.

Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing waited here in advance. After everyone arrived, Zhong Yihan took them to their home.

"Yihan, what did you ask us to come to your house? Wouldn't it be your birthday?"

Because it was difficult to explain on the phone, Li Xinyu and they were both kept in the dark and didn't know what to do here.

Zhong Yihan smiled mysteriously: "You will know after you go."

Ming Jiajia pursed her lips: "What, so mysterious, Zhu Fat, what should you know?"

Zhu Zhenxing smiled proudly: "Of course I know, but now I can't tell you clearly, you will know for a while to experience it for yourself."

The performance of Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing aroused great curiosity.

The crowd came to Zhong Yihan's house together, and before entering the door, they saw a kind-hearted middle-aged woman standing at the door cheerfully.

"This is my mom, mom. These are my friends. This is my Kung Fu, Teacher Zhang."

Zhong Yihan introduced them to his mother.

Ming Jiajia didn't expect to see Zhong Yihan's mother, and she felt a little cramped: "Hello, Auntie."

"Oh well, this girl looks so beautiful."

Zhang Aimei's words made Ming Jiajia's cheeks red, and she couldn't help glancing at Zhong Yihan, but the latter didn't react at all.

Seeing this, Li Xinyu also took a step forward, and said sweetly, "Hello, Auntie."

For the first time, Zhong Yihan and other boys heard Li Xinyu's soft and waxy voice, and suddenly became goosebumps.

The goddess is lovable, everyone was shocked.

"You are also Yihan's classmate?"

Zhang Aimei was surprised by Li Xinyu's face value. Although Zhong Yihan said that he had a lot of friends at school during this time, she did not expect to have such a beautiful girl.

Zhang Aimei couldn't help but look at Li Xinyu up and down and looked at Ming Jiajia, and immediately smiled even more happily: "All are good girls, good."

Zhu Zhenxing, who has seen everything before, joked: "Auntie, her name is Li Xinyu, and her name is Ming Jiajia. Both of them are goddesses of our class. Many boys like them. But they treat Yihan differently. You know, they both dropped out of school for Zhong Yihan. "

Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia, who had been pierced with their hearts, suddenly stunned, Li Xinyu quietly glared at Zhu Fat and motioned for him to shut up.

Seeing Yang Yuan, they seemed to agree, and Zhong Yihan, who did not want Zhang Aimei to misunderstand, hurriedly said, "Mom, they are all like me, going to the third high school together, not just Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia.

When Zhong Yihan talked about dropping out of school, he said it to Zhang Aimei, and the latter suddenly said, "Yes. Yihan really made a group of good friends. Is this teacher Zhang? Han told me about you. Thank you very much, Teacher Zhang. Without your help, Yihan cannot improve so fast. "

Zhang Shou laughed: "Yihan's progress is the result of his own efforts, and it has nothing to do with me."

Zhong Yihan reminded: "Mom, let's not stand at the door, just go in."

"Well, look at me. I forgot to ask you to come in. Please hurry up. I’m going to buy some food for lunch. After a while, don’t leave, just stay at home and eat. Well, I have to cook delicious food for you. "

Then, Zhang Aimei opened the door and let them in.

Li Xinyu wanted to refuse but found Zhong Yihan beckoning to them, so she had to say, "Thank you, aunt."

"It is fine, you go first, I'll go shopping."

Watching Zhang Aimei leaving at a brisk pace, Yang Yuan couldn't help thinking of Zhang Bo's parents: "Yihan, your mother is so nice and kind."

Zhong Yihan knew what he was thinking, and patted him on the shoulder and smiled, "Everyone has his own life. Come in. Let me show you something good!"