Chapter 145 - Go To No.3 High School

After seeing everyone ’s interest, Zhang Shou went on to add: "And there is still a problem. Although the faculty of Yazun High School is very strong and has many teachers, there is only one semester of time left for the college entrance examination. When you transfer to Yazun Middle School, it only takes at least a month or two to get familiar with the new teacher. It takes time and effort to say whether it is appropriate or not. And we have been together for more than two years, and I am clear about your situation. At that time, I can make a separate practice plan for each of you, and I believe it will be of great help to your practice. "

Yang Yuan immediately echoed: "This is good! Yihan, what is your opinion?"

"Yes, since we have decided to go forward with Yihan, of course, we have to look at Yihan's opinion."

Fan Dali is also very interested in Zhang Shou's personal customization. His biggest problem now is that the efficiency is too low so that he cannot see the hope.

Fan Dali and Zhu Zhenxing are different. He still cares about admission to Kung Fu University.

Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly: "You guys make me very stressed."

In fact, when Zhang Shou said that private education could be provided, he had already made up his mind.

For Zhong Yihan, although Yazun High School is very good, the most important thing is the teacher. Now that there is ready-made Kung Fu teacher, why should he go to Yazun High School to find a new one?

And Zhang Shou is right—get familiar with the new teacher, which takes time.

But just now, they have no time to get familiar with a new teacher, so Zhang Shou is familiar with them, and they are also extremely familiar with Zhang Shou, which is indeed the best choice!

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan said decisively: "Mr. Zhang's proposal is very good, then, I decided to go to the third high school with Mr. Zhang."

Li Xinyu said earnestly: "I also go to the third high school."

"I have no hesitation about having Mr. Zhang as a personal teacher. I also choose No.3 high school."

The crowd spoke one after another and finally said they went to the third high school.

This moved Zhang Shou, who assured everyone: "You can rest assured, even if I bet on the reputation of the fighter, I will send you all to the ideal university. Of course, you have to tell your family such an important thing first. Don't make a decision so quickly. "

"I know my parents will definitely agree with my choice, so Teacher Zhang, I will toast you first."

Fan Dali is the most skilled at this wine table culture. Everyone is still thinking about how to talk to parents about transferring to the school. He has already started toasting.

With Fan Dali taking the lead, everyone then gave Zhang Shoujing toast.

At the same time, Zhong Yihan, who is the protagonist today, will inevitably be toasted by everyone.

Zhong Yihan naturally paid tribute one by one. After this incident, he felt that the relationship with everyone was one step closer.

Since they treat him sincerely, Zhong Yihan will not treat them badly.

If there is a chance, it is not impossible for him to help them with attribute fruits or medicated bath bags.

At this time, Zhang Shou laughed and said, "If President Lu knows that you all go to the third high school, he must be happy. Even if you don’t go to a class. There will be a few students who can be admitted to the Kung Fu Academy, even the key ones! "

"And maybe ..." Zhang Shou glanced at Zhong Yihan and smiled: "Maybe a student who can be admitted to the Top Four can really appear?"

Everyone laughed and coaxed and toasted Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan shook his head helplessly, raised a glass and drank one with everyone, and smiled bitterly: "You say so, I'm so stressed!"

"We are under pressure!" Du Tianqing laughed. "Look at you. In just three or four months, the vitality has gone from 0.8 to 2.5, and there are still five months in the college entrance examination. If your vitality is growing so fast, Wouldn't it break 4? In that case, wouldn't you just pick the Top Four? "

"Instead, whether we can be admitted to the key Kung Fu academy is still a question!"

Fan Dali said with a cry on his face: "Brothers, you are all running to the key Kung Fu institutes, and me? If I can enter the ordinary Kung Fu institute, I am satisfied!"

The crowd laughed.

Zhong Yihan looked at Fan Dali and gave him a serious expression, saying: "Dali, you have to have confidence in yourself. I also summarized some training experiences during this time, plus teacher Zhang's personal teaching, I believe we can be admitted to our favorite school! And you, fat man, you have to train next! "

"Ah ?!" The fat man looked bitterly, "Maybe I don't need it ?!"

"Of course yes!" The crowd chanted in unison, including two girls, Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia, and everyone laughed.

Zhang Shou looked at them with a smile. After everyone had rested for a while, Zhang Shou laughed: "Everyone must work hard, and the harder you work, the more you can help Yihan!"

Zhu Zhenxing first asked: "Ah? Why?"

"You think about it, why is Song Deqiu so arrogant? Isn't it because he is the principal of No.1 High School? And why is the principal of No.1 High School so arrogant? Is it because the school is with the highest enrollment rate in the county?"

As Zhang Shou said, everyone knew immediately.

When Yang Yuan patted the table, he said loudly, "Yes! If we really want to hit Song Deqiu's face, so the best way is to beat the No.1 High School in the entrance exam!"

Li Xinyu, who has not been very talkative, also smiled at this time: "If eight of us can be admitted to a good Kung Fu school, especially Yihan, if he can be admitted to the Top Four, then his face will be beaten. Moreover, among the top students of No.1 High School, Wang Li and Qian Hansong have been injured, and there is no Kung Fu teacher at No.1 High School, there will be a group of students who will transfer. "

"As a result, the number of students admitted to this year's national college entrance examination will definitely be the lowest in recent years. And at the same time, if in No.3 High School, there are some students who can be admitted to a good school of Kung fu, especially if Yihan was admitted to the Top Four, so this time No.1 High School will be ashamed!"

"That's right!" Zhu Zhenxing also regained his spirits, his eyes brightened. "When the time comes, find some media to write articles, saying that Song Deqiu was jealous and forced the students to drop out, so the education department will definitely hold Song Deqiu accountable. It is not impossible to drive away from him at that time! "

The reason why Song Deqiu was so arrogant was that he was the principal of No.1 High School.

For this kind of official fan, the best way to punish him is to let him lose his official!

And this kind of thing is not impossible, but there is great hope!

Zhong Yihan looked at Zhang Shou and laughed: "Mr. Zhang, with your strength, going to Yazun is oke. But if you don't go to Yazun, you will take us to the third high school ... Are you waiting for this moment? "

Zhang Shou stunned slightly, and then smiled: "Of course! Hit the face in Yazun and hit the face in the No.3 High School, the feeling is completely different!"

Everyone laughed, saying that Teacher Zhang also had such a dark side.

After three wine tours, everyone enjoyed the dinner today. The happiest of all was, of course, Zhang Shou.

Zhong Yihan was finally persuaded by him.

In the future, Zhong Yihan's achievements will be higher, and his enlightenment teacher will have a brighter face!

And Zhang Shou was very sure.

Zhong Yihan's future achievements will never be weaker than Liang Jinfeng, a great Kung Fu fighter!