Chapter 144 - Zhang Shou's Reasons

Everyone talked about Zhong Yihan's progress, it is really non-human.

Fan Dali said desperately: "You have also improved by 0.1, and now my vitality has just reached 1!"

He suddenly found in despair that in this group of geniuses, he belonged to the worst.

Zhu Zhenxing's vitality is lower than him, but his family has more money than his family. And there is a genius sister who can inherit the family business. As for Zhong Yihan, Fan Dali has long put an end to the idea of comparison with him, and now only praise and worship remain.

Li Xinyu glanced at Zhong Yihan and could not help recalling the scene when Zhong Yihan was in the archery hall when he had just advanced to the one hundred meter field.

At that time, her only impression of Zhong Yihan was disgusting and disdainful. She felt that he was a scumbag who was degenerate and looked down on girls.

Then Zhong Yihan only used one week to advance to the 150 meter field, so that she who stayed in the 100 meter field for half a year felt the inexplicable pressure for the first time, and it was also the first time she started to face Zhong Yihan squarely, found that the other party is not as scum as she imagined.

After fighting with Yun Chao, Li Xinyu saw Zhong Yihan's persistence, and she also saw Zhang Li's face.

In the following kidnapping incident, Li Xinyu was desperate because of Qiao Cheng's appearance and Zhang Li's betrayal. She had imagined that the people of the Kung Fu Association suddenly appeared, and she also imagined that the association teachers came to save people, but she did not expect that it would be Zhong Yihan.

Especially when Li Xinyu was held by Qiao Cheng, Zhong Yihan's decisive use of arc arrows to kill the opponent made her feel a great sense of security.


This was the assessment of Zhong Yihan after Li Xinyu was rescued.

At that time, she made up her mind and moved forward with Zhong Yihan.

Unexpectedly, only two months later, Zhong Yihan had far more than her.

This made Li Xinyu, who had always been immersed in her own rhythm and had no interest in the speed of others' practice, felt for the first time a deep sense of weakness.

Li Xinyu, who was well aware of the status of strength, suddenly felt a little scared, fearing that the gap between Zhong Yihan and her would grow wider, and she would not see Zhong Yihan's back.

Li Xinyu raised her head, and inadvertently looked at Ming Jiajia, and found that the other person's eyes flickered, and her face was worried.

Zhong Yihan noticed that the atmosphere on the dining table had become a little strange. Everyone was in a shocking state, making him realize that his actual vitality still had a considerable impact on them.

But since it was already said, Zhong Yihan did not regret it.

It’s not good to let this atmosphere last. He thought about it and looked at Zhang Shoudao, “Mr. Zhang, didn’t you say that you wanted us to go to the third high school? Can you tell us a specific reason?”

"Yes, Teacher Zhang, why to go to No. 3 High School, isn't it better to go to Yazun?" Zhu Zhenxing also wondered, "And it is better to No. 2 High School, right? Everyone knows how bad the No.3 High School is, It's not a place for serious students at all. "

Zhu Zhenxing has not been impacted by Zhong Yihan's surge in vitality. In his opinion, let alone Zhong Yihan's vitality now reaches 2.5. Even if he reaches 5 to become a fighter, he will only be happy.

Just considering the No.3 High school or to Yazun, he was also thinking about Zhong Yihan.

After all, if there was only one of him, it would be the same everywhere.

Zhang Shou originally wanted to wait for the dishes to be served. When everyone was happy, he said something about No.3 High School.

But since Zhong Yihan offered to take the initiative, he had nothing to hide and said frankly: "I have thought about this before. As the worst school in the county, the third high school is definitely not as good as Yazun High School with strong faculty. "

"However, this has changed not long ago. Lu Wu, the vice principal of the No. 1 High School, was promoted to become the principal of the No. 3 High School. At the same time, the official reform of the No. 3 High School, will increase the training resources allocated to the No. 3 High School. You must know that with your strength after you go to the No. 3 High School, there must be the top, and resources will surely be concentrated on you. "

"But going to Yazun High School is not the same. Yazun High School has a lot of talents. After you go, you can be allocated very limited resources."

But this reason is difficult to satisfy everyone, Du Tianqing frowned: "But for us, resources are not the most important."

For people who have excellent family conditions such as Du Tianqing, Li Xinyu, Yang Yuan, and Zhang Bo, they have all the resources they should have, and even if the school does not have the resources, it is impossible to get it.

Unless there are any particularly powerful resources, they will not be moved at all.

Of course, this is only for ordinary high schools, and the resource awards given by famous universities to students, especially top students, are very impressive. Many good things are not even available on the market!

Zhang Shou nodded and said, "I know this, so the above is just the first point I said, and the second point, that is me, I will teach you alone!"

Everyone was shocked, Zhang Shou continued: "Actually, I have already called with President Lu Wulu. He welcomed me to the No.3 High School and was willing to give me a lot of room for development. Don't hide that, Principal Lu has assured me that I will start from a relatively high starting point, and I can do it for a year or two. Being a vice-principal is all right. "

"But these are not what I need in a hurry," Zhang Shou continued. "What I really value is the future development of the third high school under the leadership of Vice President Lu. Therefore, it is already halfway through the semester. I will join directly. There are no students to teach in the third high school. So I will not be a real teacher for this semester, but just the name. Similarly, you are the same, and the practice of Kung Fu will be given to you by me. "

Zhang Shou's words suddenly made Zhong Yihan's eyes bright.

Although his strength improved quickly during this time, he always practices by himself.

Especially in the practice of "Kung Fu 72 Styles", there are many places where he feels very awkward, but he cannot find the problem, and can only push the progress forcibly.

Although at present, the progress of practicing "Kung Fu 72 styles" is okay, but in the long run, Zhong Yihan is worried that the error quantity will accumulate into qualitative change, which will affect future promotion.

However, if Zhang Shou is a private teacher, he can correct the mistakes in time before training. Zhang Shou is a fighter with a vitality of 6, and he can definitely see some problems with his experience.

Personal education is different from a teacher. Although Zhang Shou was very serious in teaching when he was a teacher, it is impossible to take care of everyone, so most people's mistakes cannot be corrected in time.

Obviously, Du Tianqing, Li Xinyu, Yang Yuan ... they all thought of a point with Zhong Yihan.

Although Li Xinyu and some of them have extra-curricular tutoring, they can also find real fighters to tutor them.

However, not to mention the high charges of these fighters, the fighters' resources of Anping County are limited. The tuition classes they attend also has many students. A class ranges from dozens of people to hundreds of people. It is impossible to get too much attention.

Moreover, those fighters in the society may be good at fighting and killing enemies, but the teaching standards are absolutely incomparable with such professional teachers as Zhang Shou.

As for the strength, the social Kung Fu fighters may be stronger than Zhang Shou, but in teaching, especially for the teaching of young people, what they know may not be able to be taught intact to students. Moreover, they are not very clear about the understanding ability and acceptance ability of young students, and they still rely on their own experience in training.

But Zhang Shou is different.

Zhang Shou has been a teacher for so many years in No.1 High School, and his teaching experience must be very rich.