Chapter 143 - Vitality Exposure

Everyone was quite happy. When Zhang Shou said that going to the third high school, they were suddenly frightened.

"What, go to No. 3 High School ?!"

"Mr. Zhang, aren't you kidding us ?!"

"Teacher Zhang, please don't joke."

Zhang Shou expected that they would have such a reaction. After all, most of them had good strength and a good background. Even if they went to Yazun High School, there was no big problem.

But he had already considered it, and laughed, "It's not convenient to speak here. Let's find a place first, and then I will explain it to you in detail."

Zhong Yihan said: "That way, find a place first."

Ming Jiajia pointed to the stadium entrance, hesitating a bit: "Ning Jinshui has been standing there for a long time, don't we call him together?"

"Don't worry about him. He had already made a choice when we dropped out."

As soon as Ning Jinshui was mentioned, Zhu Zhenxing became angry.

Even if Ning Jinshui was hard, he chose to flinch when it was time to support Zhong Yihan, how could they let him be his brother. Fan Dali, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, and Li Xinyu nodded. Even Zhong Yihan was indifferent, indicating his attitude.

Seeing everyone's response, Ming Jiajia said, "I see. I support everyone."

Everyone left the stadium entrance, but none of them paid attention to Ning Jinshui.

Ning Jinshui wanted to come forward and say something, but in the end, his dignity kept him from coming up.

Just watching the back of the crowd leaving, Ning Jinshui suddenly felt a huge failure, as if at this moment, he lost something very important ...

Zhang Shou found a big hotel and invited everyone to dinner.

As a fighter, Zhang Shou's wealth is not low. It is more than enough to treat a meal, so when ordering, everyone didn't save him money.

For Ning Jinshui's choice, everyone was tacit and did not continue to mention it. Things were very clear when they were at school just now. After that, he walks on his sunny road and they walk on their single wooden bridge.

Zhong Yihan is not the kind of man with no principle. Since the other party has no solidarity during his difficult time, don't expect him to accept the other party again.

Fan Dali said: "Honestly, Yihan is really unlucky. He didn't get a reward last time in training. He didn't get it again this time, but dropped out of school."

Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Zhong Yihan wanted to tell them that he actually got a lot of energy stones-but after all, he didn't say it.

That time in the training, he not only received a reward of 500,000 bounties from the Kung Fu Association but also received a large number of energy stones to increase his strength. These gains are not small, where did he lose?

As for the top 16 hegemony competition, Zhong Yihan was originally venting. Although there were some twists and turns in the middle, the final goal was still achieved.

Ming Jiajia puzzled: "It's just a pity that Song Deqiu successfully got away. This time it was obvious that he wanted to maim Yihan, but why did President Liang only catch Secretary Liu?"

Everyone looked at her with a smile, and that look made Ming Jiajia very unhappy and felt like she was mentally retarded.

Seeing that Ming Jiajia threatened to wave her fist, everyone laughed. Zhang Jianshu smiled and explained: "Jiajia, you don't understand, this is a kind of compromise in politics. After all, Song Deqiu is the principal of No.1 High School, and he is not the only one. In fact, the Kung Fu Association has long been dissatisfied with Song Deqiu, but it is not easy to catch him, only for the matter of Zhong Yihan, Secretary Liu had taken the responsibility. In this case, even if there is another trouble, it can only cause him some small troubles, and it cannot hurt his roots. "

"So in this case, the best way is to compromise, on the one hand, to keep Zhong Yihan's reputation, and on the other, let him pay some price, just ..."

Everyone looked at Zhong Yihan again, and the latter laughed: "I have no interest in the compensation, but I would rather vent... If I were not afraid to cause trouble for President Liang, I would like to directly slap him! "

Everyone laughed, and Zhu Zhenxing said, "Yihan is awesome now!"

"If you really give Song Deqiu a slap, it must be very cool!"

"If really give him a slap, and that's a big deal."

"In fact, although this slap did not really hit Song Deqiu's face, it was actually not too light." Yang Yuan said at this time, "Although many students did not question in person, everyone was not stupid. A principal, such a crackdown on a student, Song Deqiu's reputation is thoroughly bad!"! "

After a pause, Yang Yuan added: "I guess there will be a lot of people who will drop out like us, especially those who are ranked in the top. The strength of the No.1 High School who lost the three Kung Fu fighters was already down, plus the event of Song Deqiu will surely make many students worry that they will become the new targeted targets, and that transfer is almost inevitable. "

Everyone nodded, thinking that Yang Yuan's analysis was very reasonable.

Du Tianqing said: "Anyway, we have also dropped out of school, and it doesn't matter to us how it will be. What I want to know is how much is your vitality now, Yihan?"

The performance of Zhong Yihan today is too amazing, especially his fight with Xiong Bo, which left a deep impression on them.

The knife that Zhong Yihan defeated Xiong Bo, and even when they were outside the ring, they felt a bit of coldness.

Zhang Shou had long wanted to ask Zhong Yihan's vitality, but he never found a suitable excuse.

Ming Jiajia speculated: "If you want to defeat Xiong Bo, you may have a vitality of 2.6 or even 2.7?"

"2.7 is not enough, at least 2.8! You must know that Zhong Yihan defeated Xiong Bo with one move!"

Zhong Yihan said with a smirk: "If you guess again, I will become a Kung Fu fighter. In fact, it is not as high as you think, my current vitality is only 2.5."

There was a brief silence on the round table, Zhang Bo twitched, "Only 2.5??"

"How do you make me a person who has only improved by 0.1 in two months?" Yang Yuan couldn't help but vomit.

Originally, he was quite satisfied with his vitality to 1.7. After the last kidnapping incident, Yang Yuan worked harder in the past two months, but compared with Zhong Yihan, his promotion was not even a fraction of the opponent.

It made him feel great frustration.

What has he been doing all these years? !!