Chapter 142 - Popular

Many years later, Zhong Yihan has already been successful, becoming a well-known top stronger on the whole earth, and has made countless dazzling feats in the war between mankind and the Different World.

The teachers and students of Anping No. 1 High School and members of the Kung Fu Association were still alive at that time. Whenever they saw Zhong Yihan's report in the newspapers and news, they couldn't help but remember the end of the year of high school.

When Song Deqiu was forced to apologize under pressure, Zhong Yihan used a sentence, "Fuck you," which caused the audience to boil, and Song Deqiu's face turned blue.

At that time, some people felt that he was a proud person, some felt that he was real, some felt that he was too arrogant, and some felt that he would have no good end.

But many years later, when everyone recalled this scene, they all agreed that Zhong Yihan could become the world's top stronger today, but most of them could not even reach a big Kung Fu fighter, even could not reach a fighter ... this is indeed a reason.

Personality determines destiny. Maybe they lack blood and domineering like Zhong Yihan.

Like Zhong Yihan later said in private.

Song Deqiu originally apologized under pressure, not a sincere apology, and the things he did can not be resolved by a mere apology. Why should he forgive Song Deqiu and give him this face? !!

The face is always earned by himself, not by others!

Of course, Zhong Yihan's scolding, as a result, Song Deqiu had to compensate him for some material compensation, naturally disappeared.

But Zhong Yihan doesn't care. With his net worth, he doesn’t care such compensations-and he is happy, that’s fine!

In short, after such a scolding, this matter is considered to be over.

Song Deqiu's face turned blue and left. Secretary Liu also wanted to follow, but Liang Jinfeng already said that he should be obedient to the Kung Fu Association for investigation.

Due to this sudden incident, the 16 strong hegemony tournament had to be terminated in advance. Wu Sikong, who was already eager to try to compete with Zhong Yihan, could only accept the reality.

Zhong Yihan suddenly realized that his recent luck seemed to have been bad.

Participate in the field experience, which will be terminated early.

Participation in the Top 16 Tournament was terminated early.

Is he a regular game terminator?

When Wu Sikong was leaving, he found Zhong Yihan and said, "Zhong Yihan, I am looking forward to fighting with you, but I think you have no interest today."

Zhong Yihan's impression of Wu Sikong was not bad, saying: "There will be a chance."

Wu Sikong nodded and left, and other students also left. Ordinary students are thinking about quickly taking out such a big gossip to share with others, and students with deeper ideas have begun to figure out what to do next.

"President Liang, thank you very much for today. I will never forget this kindness."

Zhong Yihan doesn't say too many words, but he never forgets the kindness of others. Although with the strength of Liang Jinfeng, there are not many places he can help, after a long time, I believe there will always be opportunities.

Liang Jinfeng patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder, squeezed his arm, and then smiled with satisfaction: "Yes, the body is really strong, can defeat Xiong Bo, prove that you have a good combat ability, how about it, have you considered to come to Kung Fu Association? "

Compared with the last one mentioned in the last experience, Liang Jinfeng is obviously much more direct this time.

Zhu Zhenxing was not surprised by this. With the strength that Zhong Yihan now shows, anyone who comes will be amazed.

Zhang Shou originally planned to wait for Liang Jinfeng to leave and talk to Zhong Yihan about the third high school. However, he did not expect the other party to invite him. He immediately said, "President Liang, Yihan is still a high school student, and it is the most important year. Even if he is going to Kung Fu association, it is not necessary to be so early, it is better to wait for Zhong Yihan to be admitted to the university in the future, and then let him make a decision.

Liang Jinfeng immediately laughed when he heard: "Isn't it bad to go to the Kung Fu Association in advance? I can still teach those things taught in the university. Our association is a serious institution, not only with a good salary but a bright future. You know, many people have broken their heads and wanted to enter the Kung Fu Association, but they had no opportunity. "

Liang Jinfeng's words immediately made Zhang Shou even harder. When Zhang Shou saw Liang Jinfeng made up his mind and wanted Zhong Yihan, he could only use his eyes to signal Zhong Yihan not to answer it.

With a smile, Zhong Yihan did not see Zhang Shou but said to Liang Jinfeng: "President Liang, thank you for your kindness. I know that the Kung Fus Association is a good place, but I already have my own goals. That is to do my best to see if you can enter the Top Four. "

This is the first time that Zhong Yihan has said the "Top Four" goal in the presence of everyone.

However, now that he said such words, no one around him would laugh at him anymore.

Because he has already proven his strength now, of course, the most terrible is his speed of progress-there are still five months before the college entrance examination, who dares to say that in these five months, Zhong Yihan can not go further? !!

Liang Jinfeng also laughed and said, "Top Four? Well, it's a good goal. Since that's the case, I won't say much more. If you have time, come to the Kung Fu Association. If you change your mind, I welcome anytime."

Next Liang Jingfeng talked with Zhong Yihan for a few more words and then left.

Without the pressure of Liang Jinfeng, Du Tianqing finally dared to say, "Yihan, where are you going next? We just discussed it and are ready to go to the next school with you."

Zhong Yihan was surprised: "Are you really ready to drop out? Isn't this necessary?"

Yang Yuan said with a smile: "Why is it unnecessary? The first high school is now rotten. You think, three of the school's fighters, Teacher Lu was promoted and transferred, Li Chenmin was arrested, Teacher Zhang also resigned. Instead, Song Deqiu stayed here. What future does it have to stay here? "

"The most important thing is that we are brothers. Since we said we are going to drop out, we must drop out!"

Zhong Yihan originally wanted to persuade them not to drop out. After all, they dropped out for himself, which would make him stressed.

But after Yang Yuan's explanation, it seems to make sense.

Although the students are basically fighting on their own, if they can learn in a better environment, it is better.

Zhong Yihan nodded his head, and stretched out his hand, "Share the joys and sorrows!"

Li Xinyu, Zhu Zhenxing, Fan Dali, Ming Jiajia, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, Zhang Bo, several people, and Zhong Yihan surrounded a circle, folded their hands together, and then said in the same voice: "Share the joys and sorrows! "

Zhang Shou was moved by Zhong Yihan's brotherhood and could not help clapping and applauding, "Yes, yes, you are all good. In this case, then come with me and go to the third high school."