Chapter 137 - Family

Many students didn't know Liang Jinfeng, but some people knew, and the students were immediately excited.

This is Anping County's Kung Fu Association, recognized as the first master of Anping County-a true Kung Fu fighter. In such an era of Kung Fu supremacy, a big Kung Fu fighter, in this county, is the most dazzling star!

Song Deqiu frowned, looking at the secretary, meaning why this guy is coming? !!

The secretary also sweated on his forehead. He didn't know why, so he had to greet him and said with a grin, "President Liang, why are you here?"

Liang Jinfeng smiled and said, "I heard that there is a 16-strong hegemony match today, so I discussed with my colleagues and came over to see if there were any good seeds."

Then he looked up at Zhong Yihan on the ring, his eyes lit up, and he smiled: "Zhong Yihan? Doesn't your standing on the ring mean that you are also in the top 16? Good!"

The students were suddenly surprised again, because the experience, except for a few parties, outsiders basically did not know the details, naturally, they did not know that Zhong Yihan and Liang Jinfeng knew each other.

At this moment a voice sounded and shouted: "President Liang! Yihan has now reached the final! But some people slandered him for taking a drug!"

It is Zhu Zhenxing.

Some people look at Zhu Zhenxing with the same stupid look, thinking that you are hurting your brothers?

Zhong Yihan's use of banned drugs, once confirmed by the Kung Fu Association, then his future will be ended!

Liang Jinfeng's face looked surprised, and said, "Zhong Yihan is taking a banned drug? Who said?"

There are more people answering at this time, at least dozens of people are pointing at Song Deqiu above the ring at the same time, saying the same thing: "The principal said!"

The smile on Liang Jinfeng's face gradually faded, and in the next second, Liang Jinfeng came to the ring and stood face to face with Song Deqiu.

Liang Jinfeng's height was already very high, more than 1.85 meter and Song Deqiu was just a short old man who had not reached 1.7 meters. So Liang Jinfeng stood in front of him like this face-to-face, coupled with his head upright and his hands on his back, there was a feeling of condescendingly overlooking Song Deqiu.

"Mr. Song, it ’s not empty-mouthed about taking banned drugs? You need to have evidence, if you don’t have evidence, it ’s called slander, so you have a serious crime. So, do you have evidence?"

Song Deqiu scolded in his heart, Liang Jinfeng opened his momentum at this moment. Where can he withstand the momentum of a big Kung Fu fighter? Had it not been for the strength of his whole body, he would have been trembling now!

Liang Jinfeng dismissed a smile, saying: "Principal Song, what about the evidence?"

He had to wink at the secretary and said, "What about the evidence ?!"

The secretary was stupid, but under the pressure of the principal's eyes, he had to face up with a bitter face and said, "Yes ... it is an anonymous report, and there is no firm evidence."

"No evidence ?!" Liang Jinfeng raised his voice sharply, angrily, "Can you speak without evidence ?! Do you know how much this way will have on a student's reputation? And If this student is a future strongman, do you know how much damage this sentence will bring to his future ?! Can you afford this responsibility? "

The big Kung Fu fighter was angry. Where could a secretary carry it?

No one in the whole gym could resist it, and suddenly the crow was silent, and the secretary collapsed to the ground in fright, looking at Song Deqiu for help.

But where does Song Deqiu care about him? Just gave him a stern look.

The secretary smiled bitterly, knowing that he was finished this time.

He decided, and the best result was that he completely buckled the shit basin on Zhong Yihan's head, then he was not considered stigmatizing.

So he cried out: "The best evidence is that Zhong Yihan's strength has improved so fast! He started at the beginning of high school a few months ago and was still at the bottom of the grade, ranking last one thousand, he has now defeated Xiong Bo, so he took the banned drugs.

"Furthermore, during the physical examination before, his vitality was only 1.9, but now the vitality he is showing, I am afraid that it is almost the same as Xiong Bo! People will lie, and the data will not lie! If he is not drugged, why should he Improving so fast ?! "

The words of the principal and secretary made those students who were jealous of Zhong Yihan suddenly grasped the life-saving straw, and they agreed without hesitation.

"Yes, Zhong Yihan was at the bottom of the year class a few months ago, but now he has defeated Xiong Bo. Even a genius like Wu Sikong cannot improve so much in a few months!"

"If you think of it this way, maybe Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao's rivalry also used banned drugs. Otherwise, he only had 0.8 vitality at that time, how could he defeat Yun Chao with 1.3 vitality?"

"I did not expect Zhong Yihan to be a recidivist. We strongly urge the principal to punish Zhong Yihan severely!"

Human imagination is always the most abundant. Those students who were jealous of Zhong Yihan not only speculated that he might use drugs for many times but also made up many details.

In fact, at this time, for them, it is not important whether Zhong Yihan is taking banned drugs or not. What is important is that the rise of Zhong Yihan has turned all of them into waste and caused serious imbalances in their hearts. This time, the principal support them. These people must step on Zhong Yihan!

Liang Jinfeng looked at Zhong Yihan with an interest, and he remembered the last field experience, that is, he killed Qiao Cheng by a magical arc shooting.

Liang Jinfeng was deeply impressed by his performance at that time, and he felt that it would be a matter of time before this boy would be strong and powerful.

He just didn't expect that after two months of not seeing him, he would be able to beat Xiong Bo, who was second in the grade.

And looking at the fresh blood stains on the ring, it seems that Xiong Bo has suffered a minor injury.

Liang Jinfeng still knows a lot about Xiong Bo. This is one of the only geniuses he is optimistic about, and the other is Wu Sikong.

Of course, this was in the past. Now Liang Jinfeng's optimistic list, add another Zhong Yihan's name and put it on the top.

At this time, Song Deqiu turned his eyes and said loudly: "President Liang, maybe you don't know yet, Zhong Yihan's father went to prison because he intentionally hurt someone, and the victim was an innocent girl. Like his father, who has no boundaries, what moral values can Zhong Yihan have?"

"I'm not surprised that people like this take banned drugs to gain strength!"