Chapter 132 - Fighting with Xiong Bo

Qian Hansong was taken away by the school doctor and rushed to the hospital.

According to the school doctor's temporary diagnosis, Qian Hansong's injury was more serious than Wang Li's. His internal contusion was seriously injured, which almost endangered his life. And if he wants to recover, he needs at least half of the year-so he is destined to miss the college entrance examination five months later!

The eyes of the students looking at Zhong Yihan changed.

Because Zhong Yihan has made great strides, he has fought with three people on the ring.

Yun Chao, Wang Li, Qian Hansong.

These three people, one was broken hand bones, one was injured his arms, and one was severely injured ...

All three are expected to miss the college entrance examination this year!

"Is he so powerful?! Three people fought against him, all three of them were injured! Fortunately, I haven't provoked him before!"

"It's terrible! Look at Zhong Yihan's eyes, cold like a piece of ice!"

"All are classmates, why he fights with such a heavy hand?"

"I dare not provoke him, otherwise you should talk to him?"

But someone also helped Zhong Yihan speak.

Ming Jiajia shouted angrily; "This thing is obviously Qian Hansong's fault. He just went straight to Yi Han's temple. If he succeeds, Yihan would be dead! It was normal for him to fight back a bit more. If Qian Hansong didn’t faint, I would have to ask him for an explanation. "

"Did you think that these two games of Yihan today are very strange? And Yihan's status is a little different?"

Li Xinyu felt that she find the reason, but because of the lack of key factors, she was unable to smoothly link the two games together.

Yang Yuan analyzed: "It is a bit strange. Yihan has been practicing his daily life. He knows only a few of us. It is impossible for him to avenge others. However, regardless of Wang Li or Qian Hansong, They are all deeply hostile to Zhong Yihan, seemingly anxious to frustrate Yihan. Zhu Fat, did Yi Han offend them by accident? "

Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan are good friends and live in a community, and he knows all the Zhong Yihan's affairs.

Zhu Zhenxing thought about it again, and was a little dazed: "No, Yihan hasn't even seen them before today."

"That's weird."

The people were silent for a long time and fell into deep confusion.

And Zhang Shou, who knew the whole truth, stood in the crowd at this time and looked at Zhong Yihan with some anxiety.

The reason why the two of them came up to deal with such a heavy hand to Zhong Yihan must be someone's instructions, but Zhang Shou did not expect that as a principal, he could do so!

Zhong Yihan's next opponent is Xiong Bo.

As Xiong Bo's teacher, Zhang Shou knows the strength of Xiong Bo, and he is definitely the second place in the grade!

If he was also abetted by the principal ...

With Zhong Yihan's current strength, even if he can win, he is afraid he will be hurt.

At this moment in a corner of the playground, the principal's secretary called Xiong Bo over and said kindly: "Xiong Bo, you must have seen Zhong Yihan's performance just now. His strength is much better than you think. Knowing that you have to be strong and don't like losing to others. In this way, I have a set of needles in my sleeve. You only need to tie it to your arm, you can shoot fine needles at any time, and you win. "

Xiong Bo watched the needle in the sleeve handed over by the secretary and did not take it, but said coldly, "What do you mean?"

The secretary still has a certain understanding of Xiong Bo's temperament, knowing that he only practices Kung Fu, so he cannot force the order.

And the most important thing is not to expose the idea of​the principal.

The impact of leaks must be considered.

So he thought for a moment: "Of course I want you to win, don't you always look forward to fighting Wu Sikong? Then you can't let Zhong Yihan be your stumbling block, and it's better not to consume even extra physical strength. Win him in the first place so that you can fight Wu Sikong in the perfect state. "

Xiong Bo didn't speak, so he just looked at the secretary and kept watching, and the latter sneered: "Of course, if you can win Zhong Yihan, there will be five extra bottles of energy and blood potions, this thing is hard to buy anywhere other than the official channel, and it must have some effect for you. "

Xiong Bo looked at him coldly, and the secretary who looked at him panicked and said with a smile: "I'm doing this for you..."

"Good for me?" Xiong Bo sneered, "Did you think I was a fool who only knew Kung Fu?! Wang Li and Qian Hansong, you also instructed them to target Zhong Yihan? I don't know where did offend you, or in other words, offend someone behind you. But I know that he is a rare good opponent, and I look forward to playing against him! "

"But you might lose!"

"lose? It doesn’t matter!" Xiong Bo raised the collar of the secretary and exclaimed loudly. "What's the point of winning without losing? You are insulting my Kung Fu morality! If you dare to say it, believe me now I ruin you?! "

The secretary's frightened legs shook.

He is just a little Kung Fu learner whose vitality has just broken through 1.5, and Xiong Bo's vitality is already as high as 2.52, which is a gap of nearly 1 point. The secretary feels that the angry Xiong Bo is as terrible as a wild black bear!

Fortunately, Xiong Bo just yelled at him, and then gave heavy snoring, dropped him, and left on his own.

Looking at the back of Xiong Bo's departure, the secretary wiped the sweat from his forehead, and the expression on his face was uglier than crying: "What am I doing wrong?"



After the semi-finals, in order to enhance the viewing, both sides generally use weapon wars.

When Xiong Bo brought his weapon to the ring, Zhong Yihan was already standing there waiting with a sword.

When he saw the other person's self-confidence, he also felt a high spirit of war.

"Zhong Yihan, I did not expect that one day you would stand here and become my opponent. Originally I thought that before the college entrance examination, only I was qualified to stand here."

This is the first time in three years of high school that Xiong Bo has spoken to Zhong Yihan.

From Zhong Yihan's advanced archery hall to the 150-meter field to the battle with Yun Chao, Xiong Bo has seen it, but at that time in his view, the other party was just an ordinary person who progressed slightly faster.

Even until now, Xiong Bo only admitted Zhong Yihan's qualification to stand in the ring, but he did not think that the other party was qualified to become his opponent.

Although he did not accept the needle of the secretary, the other party was right in saying that Xiong Bo worked hard this semester with only one goal, which was to defeat Wu Sikong.

And Zhong Yihan is just an obstacle he needs to remove before reaching his goal.

Zhong Yihan's eyes flashed an inexplicable light: "I know you are very strong. For the entire two and a half years since high school, most of the time I have to look up at you. In fact, I originally planned to do this today I didn’t want to do anything with you either, but now I change my mind. So Xiong Bo, you just stop here! "