Chapter 131 - Win Again

Game start.

Thinking of Wang Li's previous experience, Qian Hansong was obviously more cautious.

Adjust the pace, do a good job of lifting hands, hands folded, like a snake head constantly spit letter.

"It's snake fist!"

"Qian Hansong's father is said to be a master of snake fist. This is a skill from his family!"

"It is said that the snake fist is strange and changeable, the angle is tricky, and it can even twist the body to make some incredible attacks. Zhong Yihan is going to be unlucky!"

When Zhong Yihan saw his starting gesture, he immediately became interested.


Qian Hansong's mouth made "Sisi" and "Sisi" sounds. With the continuous advancement of his two fists, it felt as if he was facing a ready-to-go double-headed snake, which made him unable to guess his moves.

This is the snake fist, which disrupts the opponent's fighting rhythm through the interference of sound and gestures.

Qian Hansong sneered. He and Zhong Yihan had no resentment, but who asked the principal's secretary to find him?

He doesn't know how this guy offended the principal. The principal's secretary even told him personally that he had no mercy in this battle, it would be best to make Zhong Yihan disabled!

If he succeeds, he would be able to get five rewards of energy and blood potions, and the tilt of school resources next!

Qian Hansong's family is also very good. Although he does not take these five energy and blood potions too seriously, why not?

Moreover, he really does not like Zhong Yihan at heart. This kid has been too high-profile recently. As a senior, he must give him a lesson to let him know the cruelty of society!

Zhong Yihan crooked his head and watched Qian Hansong playing there for a while, could not help but frown slightly.

It's not that he looked down on this kind of snake fist, but that Qian Hansong has performed too silly, and it seems to him that this battle is a steady victory, and in such a posture, his purpose is still to show off.

Zhong Yihan was unwilling to spend so much time with him.

He now had a fire in his heart, eager to vent.

So Zhong Yihan rushed up first.

Qian Hansong's eyes flashed a beam of joy, he wanted Zhong Yihan to attack first.

Seeing Zhong Yihan's fist open, Qian Hansong immediately hid from the side. Snake fist has never been opposed to the enemy, but seized the opportunity, a hand flying to the point of Zhong Yihan's temple!

With his strength, if this trick is done, he can instantly kill the opponent!

Many students in the audience immediately exclaimed when they saw how powerful he was.

Li Xinyu and others even stood up in shock.

Seeing that Qian Hansong was about to fight the enemy with one blow, at this time, Zhong Yihan did not move forward and rushed forward!

This move is fast. Qian Hansong only felt a flash in front of him, and a figure hit his chest. At the same time, a huge force came. He felt like he was hit hard by a giant truck. Blood spurts in the air, even step back!

And would Zhong Yihan miss this opportunity?

Keep up with a side kick, even though Qian Hansong subconsciously blocked it with his hands, but with Zhong Yihan's current strength, this foot is that a small tree can kick in two. How can he stop it?


Another muffled sound, Qian Hansong directly flew down the ring platform, fell to the ground a few meters away, sprayed blood, and then breathed out, and passed out.

Win again!

The students around the ring were quiet for a few seconds before bursting into applause.

"Zhong Yihan is simply awesome! Win again!"

"I'm sure Zhong Yihan has hidden strength. If he has only 1.9 vitality, how could he kill Qian Hansong in seconds."

"It's so handsome, I feel like I'm going to be a fan of Zhong Yihan."

As for Li Xinyu, they were directly stunned.

Zhong Yihan beat Wang Li, and now he beat Qian Hansong again!

Fan Dali couldn't help but sighed: "How strong is he now?"

When he was close to Zhong Yihan, it was because of his talent in the archery hall that he felt that the other party was worthy of friendship.

When Zhong Yihan has a vitality of only 0.8 and Fan Dali talks to him, he still has some sense of superiority.

But in less than three months, the opponent has grown to the existence he needs to look up to.

This made him suddenly fortunate. Fortunately, he made friends with Zhong Yihan early. If it was changed to the present, Zhong Yihan would probably not look at him squarely.

Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan have the same feelings as Fan Dali. They are the top students in the class and the top masters in the school. They feel that the blink of an eye is left behind by Zhong Yihan.

Li Xinyu blinked a pair of beautiful eyes, subconsciously and Ming Jiajia looked at each other, they saw the shock in each other's eyes.

Xiong Bo, who was watching the battle with the crowd, had bright eyes, and for the first time showed war will against Zhong Yihan.

Song Deqiu, who was staring at the monitor, did not expect Zhong Yihan to win again. He was angry and threw the tea cup in his hand directly to the ground.

The beloved tea cup was just broken into pieces.

"Impossible! Impossible! This kid must have eaten medicine! Exactly! He must have eaten medicine!"

The secretary stood trembling, shocked by the picture of Qian Hansong being shot on the monitor. Although he had already overestimated Zhong Yihan's strength, he never expected that he would even win Qian Hansong easily!

Is his strength so strong? !!

The secretary suddenly regretted it.

For such a strong student, with the strength he showed, the third grade was beaten by him. Of course, there are certain reasons for Qian Hansong's carelessness, but Zhong Yihan's own strength must not be underestimated!

At least the level of the top five in grade!

It is said that it is definitely a good thing for such a strong student to appear in the school, but because it is inconsistent with the principal's philosophy, such a student has to be suppressed by the school and has to stand on the opposite side of the school ...

Of course, the secretary just thought about it and didn't say it at all.

Because he knew that Song Deqiu would never tolerate it.

Song Deqiu broke a few cups one after another, and then sat down panting again, watching the horrified secretary, "If Zhong Yihan wins the next match, do you know what it means?"

"I if Zhong Yihan wins the semi-finals, it means that he will come to the stage to receive the prize, and it is not easy to cover up the things we don't give him the reward."

Song Deqiu and his secretary are well aware that suppressing a rookie who has just emerged and suppressing a talented player who reached the finals are two concepts.

Song Deqiu didn't want to get in trouble because of dealing with Zhong Yihan.

So the next semi-final will be the last chance.

"Principal, please be calm and impatient, Zhong Yihan will soon be disappointed. His next opponent is Xiong Bo. Xiong Bo has been ranked second in the grade. No one is his opponent except Wu Sikong!"

Song Deqiu's face was gloomy and he said, "After the first two matches, I have no confidence in Xiong Bo's steady win. In the next game, no matter what method you use, be sure to let Zhong Yihan lose!"

"Yes! I'll do it!"