Chapter 130 - Weird Atmosphere

In the principal's room, the principal Song Deqiu looked at the picture on the monitor and a hot tea spurted out!

Then he shouted incredulously: "How is this possible, how is it possible ?!"

"Wang Li has a vitality of 2.3! How much is Zhong Yihan? 1.9! How could he have so much power? He flicked Wang Li in one punch!

Looking at Song Deqiu's roaring irritability there, the secretary's face was also horrified.

Unlike Song Deqiu, who only knows a little about Kung Fu, he has no vitality even 0.5. As the principal's assistant, the secretary also has at least the apprenticeship of Kung Fu, although it has just passed 1.5 not long.

So he also saw more than Song Deqiu. Zhong Yihan's punch just now, in terms of exertion skills, is not an ordinary person.

Even from a hostile stand, he had to admire that Zhong Yihan's punch was just so handsome!

Fierce and invincible!

And more importantly ...

The strength and vitality of Zhong Yihan's fist is absolutely crushing against Wang Li!

The secretary still knows the top students of the grade, so he knows that even Wu Sikong, who is the first grade, may not be able to make such a punch.

He quickly told the headmaster of his findings, and Song Deqiu frowned, saying, "You mean ... Zhong Yihan concealed his strength before ?!"

Seeing the secretary nodding, Song Deqiu was furious: "Too much! How could there be such a student ?!"

At this time, the phone of the principal's office rang, and Song Deqiu took a few breaths, connected the phone, and his face became even more ugly.


Song Deqiu slammed the phone on the table and yelled: "Zhong Yihan! The doctor who was present said that Wang Li's hands and arms were badly injured, at least three months to recover! There will be a college entrance examination in five months... "

Song Deqiu's face was so scary, he suddenly found that he had never understood the student Zhong Yihan, and that the student was abnormal. Which normal student would deliberately conceal his strength?

Everyone is eager to show their 200% strength!

Only in this way, Song Deqiu suddenly had a feeling that things were out of control.

He must not let Zhong Yihan win again, and he must figure out how much strength he has hidden!

"Who is the next person to fight Zhong Yihan?"

"It's Qian Hansong."

The secretary explained the details of Qian Hansong to Song Deqiu.

Qian Hansong, vitality 2.48, this time ranked third in the physical test. Although the actual combat experience is not as good as Xiong Bo and Wu Sikong, it is much stronger than Wang Li. Although it does not reach the level of crushing but wining Wang Li should still have no problems.

There is another word that the secretary did not say, that is, there is a better candidate than Qian Hansong, and that is Geng Yueguang.

Unfortunately, he was frightened and forgot about it.

Song Deqiu was silent for a while, and the secretary waited silently.

This silent atmosphere lasted for a few minutes. Song Deqiu suddenly decided and said, "Tell Qian Hansong to let him win by any means. As long as he can win, I will reward him with five extra bottles of energy and blood potions, and the resources that follow will incline him especially. "

These five bottles of energy and blood potions are Song Deqiu's own personal goods, originally intended to be reserved for Li Chenmin, but as long as Zhong Yihan is prevented from winning here, it can be considered to reflect its value.

Song Deqiu was completely hostile to Zhong Yihan at this moment!



In the first battle, several daisies ended very quickly. Because the gap was a little big, the weaker side did not want to be injured on the ring. So apart from Zhong Yihan, they felt that there was no chance to win, and almost gave up on their own.

Since Zhong Yihan's defeat of Wang Li, the whole body exudes the momentum of not being bothered, which has discouraged some students who want to get close to it.

Even Zhu Zhenxing, Li Xinyu, and others are very strange to Zhong Yihan's state.

For the first time, Li Xinyu and others saw Zhong Yihan so violent. Zhong Yihan has always been introverted and peaceful, and it feels that he has little interest in anything except practice.

But today, they clearly felt that Zhong Yihan's eagerness to fight seemed to be venting, and seemed to want to prove something.

Zhu Zhenxing wanted to say something but was stopped by Li Xinyu's eyes.

Half an hour later, the eight-for-four game began.

Zhong Yihan walked to the platform and stood opposite Qian Hansong, now the top three in the school.

Qian Hansong hadn't dealt with Zhong Yihan before, but when he stood opposite the ring platform, Zhong Yihan clearly felt the malice on him.

He saw Qian Hansong licking the corner of his mouth, showing a somewhat perverted smile, saying: "Boy, you are unlucky to me today, I will not be merciless. If you do not want to make yourself disabled, I advise you to admit defeat in advance."

Zhong Yihan's current mental attributes are as high as 2.61. Although there is no comparison of this data, looking at the entire Anping County No. 1 High School, and no one can compare with him.

Therefore, Zhong Yihan clearly felt the malicious and murderous intentions of Qian Hansong.

Zhong Yihan laughed suddenly and said, "Excellent, if you can't take the college entrance examination, then you don't bother me!"

Qian Hasongn praised with joy, saying: "It is better for us to sign a letter of exemption. No matter which side loses, no matter how serious the injury is, even if it is dead, we will definitely not ask the other side for trouble."

"Sign it!"

The audience on the stage watching them suddenly go to sign the exemption clause, they are all silly.

How much resentment and resentment do these two guys have, and why did they sign the exemption clause? !!

The referee on the stage couldn't help but look down at the stage, but when he saw the head principal's assistant nodded, he didn't stop all this.

The principal's assistant sneered, and this time when Zhong Yihan was disabled or killed, no one could say anything.

Zhu Zhenxing and others under the stage also panicked, and they whispered.

"How do I feel like something's wrong?"

"Yeah! This kind of end-of-term competition is not a serious battle, or a few top grades to show off. Why did it suddenly become a life-and-death battle?"

"If fighting for life and death, has Yihan ever win Qian Hansong? That guy has a vitality of nearly 2.5. Now if he is allowed to go to the college entrance examination, he can almost be admitted to the key Kung Fu college!"

"Did you find out that the teacher's response was also strange. It is said that it is January, and there are only five months left until the college entrance examination. The teacher will never allow the students to fight too fiercely, so as not to delay the college entrance examination. But the referee on duty didn't even mean to oppose it? "

"It's really weird!"

But their argument had no way to influence the situation on the ring, and at this time, a crisp bell rang.

Game start!