Chapter 129 - Beat Opponent with One Punch

"Teacher, I think that if we really want to transfer, with our strength, Yazun High School will want us, why must we go to the No.3 high school?"

Zhang Shou was choked when he heard this.

Yes, with Zhong Yihan's current strength, even if he goes to Yazun High School, the vitality of 1.9 is the top, but the school leaders there will never say no.

He originally wanted to go to the No.3 high school because he knew that he and Zhong Yihan had walked so that Song Deqiu would not give up and that only Lu Wu in Anping County could resist Song Deqiu's pressure.

But he now found himself blindfolded.

Song Deqiu in Anping County's education system is indeed a great bull. Few people don't sell his face. He first thought of Lu Wu.

But compared to the "top" schools in the three cities like Yazun high School, Song Deqiu is a fart!

So being questioned by Zhong Yihan, Zhang Shou was a little hesitant at once.

Zhong Yihan smiled and said, "Mr. Zhang, think again. Don't rush to make a decision. I'll go back first."

"Go back? Where are you going?"

"Back to the ring, there will be my game next!" Zhong Yihan sneered, "In fact, I didn't intend to play this game well. People are afraid of being famous! But now I changed my mind! If I didn’t punch through the ring today, he also thinks I can be bullied! "

Zhang Shou still wanted to say something, but suddenly felt the momentum erupting in Zhong Yihan's body, his face suddenly changed.

Then, looking at the back of Zhong Yihan's departure, he suddenly laughed and cursed: "Good boy, you are hiding your strength!"



Zhong Yihan's first opponent was Wang Li. This time, with a vitality of 2.3, he ranked seventh in the school.

Zhong Yihan didn't say hello to this person, he just heard people say that he is impolite.

Sure enough, the two just entered the ring, and when they started warming up, Wang Li provoked: "You are Zhong Yihan? I heard that you were quite proud during this time? Come, let me give you a lesson and let you know that if you are born and family like you, don’t have any unrealistic illusions. Isn’t it good to be an unknown person honestly? ”

Zhong Yihan glanced at him and ignored him.

Wang Li continued to ridicule: "Today I will let you know how big the gap is between you and the true genius. I also let you recognize reality. Don't think that you have made progress, just think you can sit on an equal footing with us. You are still far behind! "

At this time, someone below the ring was gloating: "Zhong Yihan was miserable and met Wang Li, he is expected to be blown out."

A person asked, "What do you say?"

"Wang Li ’s mouth has always smelled bad, and he has always believed that school enrollment should be elite and take away all the garbage that is useless so that resources can be concentrated and supplied to these top students. So as for children of civilian families, as well as students with low talents, he always had a very bad attitude. He can often scold others fiercely because of a little thing, and he will also intentionally hurt the other party during discussions. "

"What? No one cares?"

"What do they care about? At first, Wang Li knew what he was doing. Those ordinary students who had no background or qualifications, and only had minor injuries, it was not easy to control. Second, Wang Li He has been ranked in the top ten of the school, and now has a vitality of 2.3, and his family is good. The school will not punish him. "

"And what Wang Li hates most is those students who are of an ordinary family but high in strength, because he provoked to Wu Sikong, who is the No.1 in grade, and was beaten by Wu Sikong, so he would not allow the second Wu Sikong appeared. It is estimated that Zhong Yihan will be knocked out by him! "

At this time, the principal's secretary also returned to the principal's office, respectfully saying, "Principal, it's already arranged."


"I told Wang Li to let him go and fight. Anyway, it was normal for him to play without any seriousness, and what Wang Li hated most was the talented civilians like Zhong Yihan, so he would definitely do it. Better than expected. "

The principal nodded with satisfaction, saying nothing, but a flash of fierceness flashed in his eyes.

A student of a civilian family should have been cleaned up long ago!

Ten minutes later, the battle on the ring side officially began.

Zhu Zhenxing, Fan Dali, and others crowded in the crowd, and they were all flustered when they heard that the news was unfavorable to Zhong Yihan.

But what they think is simple.

In their view, after all, this is just a competition between students, or an exercise, even if Zhong Yihan can't beat Wang Li, it is not a big deal to surrender.

At this time, the referee rang the bell, announcing that the two were on stage, and the semi-finals of the hegemony were about to begin.

The two walked up to the ring. Wang Li's eyes flashed fiercely, and he whispered, "Boy, I can just that you have a bad life!"

Zhong Yihan ignored him all the way, and at this moment felt the murderous effusiveness on the other side, just a sneer in his heart.

The referee looked at the two and rang the bell for the fight.

Wang Li sighed and took the lead. He rushed over like a thunderbolt, shot with both palms, and went fiercely. It is a stance that intends to destroy the enemy with one move!

The audience suddenly exclaimed, and Zhu Zhenxing and others stood up in horror.

But at this moment, Zhong Yihan suddenly looked bright, and his temperament suddenly changed!

At first, he seemed to have no sense of standing there, but at this moment, Wang Li only felt as if he was being stared at by an extremely fierce beast. Zhong Yihan just gave him a look, but he felt a little overwhelmed!

"not good!"

Wang Li was shocked and quickly wanted to change his moves.

But at this time, it was too late, and when Zhong Yihan took a half step, he was able to hit the palm of Wang Li's palm with a single punch.


A muffled sound.

Wang Li seemed to have been hit by dozens of tons of trucks. He directly screamed and flew out of the blood. He flew seven or eight meters straight out of the ring, and then fell heavily on the ground, not moving at all.

He didn't die, just because he was out of breath.

Up and down the ring, the crow and bird were silent.

After a few seconds, there was a commotion!

The referee jumped off the ring as if he was crazy and ran to Wang Li, only to find that he was not dead, but passed out. This relieved him.

But after examining Wang Li's body carefully, the referee's face suddenly became a little ugly.

Because Wang Li's arms were injured by the punch just now, the bones were slightly fractured, and the veins were greatly damaged. This injury needs to recover for a hundred days, which meant that Wang Li needs to take a rest for at least three months to recover!

But the problem is, less than half a year is the college entrance examination, Wang Li will waste most critical time lost for three months!