Chapter 128 - Zhang Shou Resigns

Outside the principal's office, Zhang Shou wanted to get the reward for Zhong Yihan. However, he did not expect that Song Deqiu even canceled the reward for Zhong Yihan's top 16.

Zhang Shou couldn't bear it anymore and kicked the door open.

Song Deqiu and the secretary were startled. When they saw Zhang Shou outside the door, Song Deqiu was also angry, and stood up and shouted, "Zhang Shou! What do you mean ?!"

Zhang Shou sneered.

Since Lu Wu was promoted, Song Deqiu has been trying to weaken the influence of the Kung Fu department, and he does have some skills. Now almost all teachers are standing by Song Deqiu, and only Zhang Shou is excluded.

Withholding wages, criticizing rolls, Zhang Shou could not bear it anymore. He did not expect Song Deqiu to have such a lower limit, and even cancel the students' reward.

Zhang Shou sneered: "Song Deqiu, I really want to ask what do you mean? The country has legal protection for students' private duels. Before the duel between Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao, all the processes were reasonable and legal. You are against the law! "

Song Deqiu said angrily: "You don't need to care about this kind of thing, I'm the principal!"

Zhang Shou also lost all his patience during this time. He cursed impolitely: "Even you are the principal, so what? You can do whatever you want? Do you think others are stupid? "Who doesn't know that you targeted Zhong Yihan because he broke your plan before? Even a student you have to fight revenge. What kind of principal are you?"

"Zhang Shou!"

Song Deqiu was really angry, and he said loudly: "Zhang Shou, although you are a fighter, I am the leader in this school. You are pointing at me like this, there are no rules! Okay, I will inform you directly now, You are fired!"

Zhang Shou smiled suddenly: "Fired? Huh, I don't need you to fire, I resign myself! Isn't it just a teacher position, I don’t care."

After a pause, Zhang Shou teased and said, "Song Deqiu, for so many years, you still have the old feudal idea. In your opinion, the position of a teacher is very important? I'm sorry! Now people have the ability, they can live very well everywhere. Only you, can't keep up with the times, will attach a job so importantly! "

"shut up!"

Zhang Shou's words really made Song Deqiu intolerable.

Zhang Shou laughed: "If you disagree, come and hit me! I'll let you two hands! So, you can do nothing but make a few roars here. You think you are the principal, is it great? I left here, and I can easily find a job with a yearly salary of one million. If you leave here, you will be garbage, but also unrecyclable garbage! "

"Stop, stop, stop!" Song Deqiu smashed everything on the table and pointed at the door, "You get me out! Here is the first school, I am the principal of the first school! You are now fired from school! Hurry up! "

Zhang Shou scorned Song Deqiu, who was desperately angry and then drew a middle finger at him, leaving with a laugh.

Song Deqiu thundered wildly, smashing everything he could see.

The secretary on the side hurried away, fearing that he would be beaten.



Although Zhang Shou came out of the principal's office with a pretense of laughter, the anger in his heart did not disappear.

He never thought that as a teacher, a headmaster, he could even be so stingy, and apparently they had failed to play with their own minds, but vented the anger of failure on a student who saved the school's reputation!

Who can do such a thing? !!

Zhang Shou did not worry about his future.

He is a fighter with vitality breaking 6. He can find a good job everywhere.

He just worried about Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan is the most "lately mature" student he has ever seen. The continuous progress in these months has made him see his strong potential.

Such a student is placed in any school, even if it is Yazun High School, the school leaders will pay attention to it, but in such a place in Anping County No. 1 High School, he was hated by the principal.

Think of it as ridiculous!

Zhang Shou thought while walking and suddenly stopped.

No, Zhong Yihan can't stay here anymore.

Because God knows what else the headmaster will do, Zhang Shou can't look at these old stubborn people, and destroys a good seed!

Thinking of it, Zhang Shou walked towards the stadium.

Because the semi-finals hegemony is about to start in the afternoon,  Zhong Yihan must prepare there now!



"What? You resigned ?!"

Zhong Yihan was pulled aside by Zhang Shou and he was shocked when he heard his resignation.

Zhang Shou resigned? !!

In Anping County, there were only three teachers who had reached the level of Kung Fu fighter. Li Chenmin had been jailed before, and Vice President Lu Wu had also been transferred to Anping County No. 3 High School to serve as the headmaster. .

Now Zhang Shou resigns, and in Anping County No. 1 High School, there are no fighters!

How could the principal be so unwise?

But after hearing Zhang Shou's recapitulation of what had just happened, Zhong Yihan's face sank.

He didn't care about the reward, but the principal did something really disgusting!

Zhang Shou looked a little sorry, saying: "Before Li Chenmin's affairs, the principal has already hated you. The cancellation of your reward this time is only the first thing he did to you. What are the next tricks to target you? I also did not expect it. So, this time I came to you, I want to pull you with me. "

"Let's go ... where are we going?"

"President Lu Wu, do you know? Our deputy headmaster and director of the Kung Fu office. He was transferred to Anping County No. 3 High School as the headmaster. I decided to go to him and take you by the way."

"No. 3 High School?" Zhong Yihan showed an expression of "Are you joking?"

Of course, Zhang Shou knew what he meant, and he couldn't help showing a hint of embarrassment on his face.

There is such a nursery rhyme in Anping County.

It is called "No.1 high school is good, No.2 is not bad, No.3 are all rogues."

Anping County is not large, and the county's population adds up to 500,000 to 600,000 people. There are three high schools in total.

The first high school is naturally the best one, the second high school is relatively weak, and the third high school ...

The first two unwanted students were all stuffed into the No.3 high school.

The students in the No.3 high school fights, troubles, early love, abortion ... all kinds of negative news never ended.

Therefore, Lu Wu was previously transferred to the No. 3 High School in Anping County as the principal. Although he was regarded as the top leader, none of the teachers in the entire No. 1 High School were willing to make him fart.

It's because the environment of No.3 High school is really bad!

But now Zhang Shou wants to take him to the third High school ...

Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly: "Teacher, I think that if we really want to transfer, with our strength, Yazun High School will want us, why must we go to the No.3 high school?"