Chapter 127 - Song Deqiu

Fan Dali raised his ears and quietly looked back, and found that the two girls were not bad, and they were full of youth.

It's just that the conversations between them are a little bit explosive.

"You are daydreaming. There are so many people want to be Wu Sikong’s girlfriend. How can you get it? Besides, he is already standing on the top. Stop dreaming."

"ok, what's the background of Zhong Yihan, I've never seen it on the list before, I always feel his name is familiar."

"You must be familiar. You forgot. Two months ago, there was a battle, one of them was called Zhong Yihan."

"It turned out to be him! Wasn't his vitality very low before? It's only been two months now and it's 1.9, which is too exaggerated, right?"

"It's because your news is too backward. The vitality of people has exceeded 1.3 two months ago. Some girls in our class have already begun to inquire about this person's situation and want to climb up the relationship. Do you want to try? You can’t chase Wu Sikong, but such a new genius may have a chance. "

"Try it ..."

Later, Zhong Yihan did not know because he and Fan Dali had already left here and gone to the battle bulletin board.

Walking to a distance that the two girls couldn't hear, Fan Dali finally couldn't help but said, "Yihan, you are really popular now, you really don't plan to find a girlfriend?"

Zhong Yihan shook his head and said with no interest: "I don't intend to find someone to waste time. I might as well practice at this time."

Fan Dali's expression was stagnant and he didn't know what to say.

But yes, if Zhong Yihan wants to find a girlfriend, that's not Zhong Yihan.


There are also many people on the battle bulletin board.

This bulletin board shows the top 16 students in grade three of high school. Wu Sikong's name comes first, and the font is one size larger than other names so that people can see it at a glance.

Everyone's enthusiasm has not diminished because their names are not on the top. Instead, many people talked enthusiastically about what will happen this time.

"This match, the first place must be Wu Sikong."

"Just the gap in vitality, Wu Sikong has won steadily, not to mention he has rich practical experience. And have you heard of it, Wu Sikong some time ago even defeated the masters of Vitality 3. "

"I've heard about this too. Wu Sikong can be famous now. Depending on his talent and vitality, maybe he can be admitted to the Top Four!"

Zhong Yihan listened to everyone's discussion, and a little interest arose in his heart.

Looking at the whole school now, the only person who can make him interested in fighting is probably Wu Sikong.

It's just that Zhong Yihan didn't want to show his true vitality.

One thing is that he has improved too fast recently, so it is better to hide a bit, which is why he restrained his vitality during the test.

Secondly, he also heard that Wu Sikong's path is a difficult and powerful road.

By always being No. 1 in order to temper the heart of a strong person, to ensure that he has a strong combat power.

This strong heart is difficult to raise, but it is very easy to destroy.

That is, defeating him will make him doubt about his practice-especially Zhong Yihan, who was previously unknown if he defeats Wu Sikong, he is afraid Wu Sikong will doubt his life!

But honestly, Zhong Yihan didn't want to do that.

He and Wu Sikong have no injustice and resentment, why is he going to break the road?

Besides, Wu Sikong was also a child of ordinary people. He just relied on his talents and his own efforts to reach this stage. Frankly speaking, Zhong Yihan still had some admiration for him.

The announcement board also announced the top three rewards for this competition.

The first place rewards ten energy and blood potions.

The second place rewards five energy and blood potions.

The third-place rewards three energy and blood potions.

In addition, the remaining thirteen students have a reward for energy and blood potion.

These rewards may be valuable to other students, but they are also true to Zhong Yihan.

He already had a medicated bath bag, and the effect was far better.

So this time, Zhong Yihan didn't plan to show too much. He was ready to lose the game in the first game.



Just then, the principal's office.

Principal Song Deqiu frowned as he looked at the list of the top 16 in his hand.

Zhong Yihan!

How did this name appear in the top 16? !!

He certainly couldn't forget the name.

That training interruption two months ago was interrupted by fugitives who arrested students as hostages. It was because of Zhong Yihan that his original seamless plan was destroyed!

His nephew, Li Chenmin, is still squatting in jail.

He was charged with "collude with the enemy" and attempted to betray the lives and safety of students.

Song Deqiu and the county's Kung Fu association can’t get along well with. This time, they have offended the Kung Fu association again, so the Kung Fu association seized the opportunity to chase after it, and Li Chenmin was thus called a victim.

This incident made Song Deqiu long unforgotten!

Because Li Chenmin is his nephew and a fighter—don't look at Song Deqiu who looks down on the fighter, but he is also very clear in his heart. Now, this era is the world of Kung Fu. He just lacks his qualifications and misses the best times, he cannot be a fighter.

Therefore, he valued his nephew very much and hoped that Li Chenmin would inherit the glory of the entire family in the future.

However, he did not expect that because of such a thing, there were huge stains on him, and it was impossible to work in politics in this life.

So Song Deqiu naturally got angry at Zhong Yihan.

Now seeing his name on the top 16 list, and the principal himself is going to give him a reward, he is so mad.

Taking a look at the secretary waiting for his signature, Song Deqiu's finger tapped gently on the table, saying:

"This one is called Zhong Yihan, and his reward was canceled. As for the reason, his Kung Fu morality is bad, and he injured the students at school, so he got a demerit and no reward."

The secretary crossed his head and said, "Yes!"

Zhong Yihan broke the principal's plan. Now which teacher in the school doesn't know?

So at this time, basically no one will stand up and help Zhong Yihan speak.

Except for one person.


At this moment, the door of the principal's office was kicked, Zhang Shou angrily stood at the door of the principal's room, angrily:

"Song Deqiu! You are too much!"