Chapter 123 - Zhong Qiaoyue's Happiness

After eating the qualified fruit, there was no feeling at that time, making Zhong Yihan once thought he had bought fakes.

However, when practicing "Kung Fu 72 styles", swordsmanship, archery and the like, Zhong Yihan obviously felt that he had a deeper understanding of this practice than before.

In the past two months, he has completely trained the first eighteen styles, and his progress has advanced to the twentieth style!

In other words, he is now a real "Kung Fu learner"!

And other areas have also improved, for example, the basic knife and basic footwork have also reached the full level, the advanced is the elementary knife, elementary footwork, only the boxing is a little worse, but the proficiency has also passed 900.

Now Zhong Yihan's panel in the system is as follows.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 2.78

Dexterity: 2.23

Constitution: 2.44

Spirit: 2.61

Comprehensive vitality: 2.515


Elementary Archery: 693/5000

Elementary Knife: 372/5000

Basic Boxing: 923/1000

Elementary footwork: 133/5000

In another grade physical examination conducted a few days ago, Zhong Yihan exposed only a vitality of 1.9, but this vitality was also in the top 15 of the whole year.

And Wu Sikong, who is the No.1, has reached 2.77 vitality. If it is not unexpected, give him another one or two months to definitely break 3!

Therefore, Wu Sikong is now the baby of Anping County No.1 High School. Everyone is optimistic about him and can become the third genius in Anping No.1 High School to be admitted to the Top Four!

The No.2 is Xiong Bo, who is in a class with Zhong Yihan. After a few months, his vitality has also broken 2.5, which is exactly 2.52, which is slightly higher than Zhong Yihan.

The original No.3 Geng Yueguang did not come to participate in the assessment because he was out of school, while the latter one, Qian Hansong, had a vitality of 2.48.

In other words, if Zhong Yihan didn’t hide his true strength, his vitality is now the top three in the school!

And this time, it is not far from the New Year-and the winter vacation is coming.

And Zhong Yihan's research on the formation has finally succeeded!



Today is January 20, 2041, Sunday.

Tomorrow is the final exam and then winter vacation. On January 31st, it will be New Year's Eve.

The Great Cold is the last of the 24 solar terms, and today's weather is right. It started to snow since midnight yesterday.

By morning, the world was white.

Of course, the villa has central air conditioning and the heating is on.

Because there was no class today, Zhong Qiaoyue fell asleep until nine o'clock before she was called by her mother, then yawned and went to the next floor to find Zhong Yihan for breakfast.

When passing through the corridor, she was blown by the cold wind outside. Zhong Qiaoyue, who was wearing only a piece of clothes, felt cold, and then quickly entered the house next door. The air-conditioning warm air surrounded her again.

"Good happiness!" Zhong Qiaoyue stretched a lazy waist and said with a happy face, "Although it was a bit troublesome, I used to call my brother to eat only one call, but now I have to run to a building to call him. But comfortable, it is finally not necessary to sleep in the cold bed in winter, rely on a hot water bottle for heating!"

When she thinks about the previous days, even when dad was there, unless it's very cold, they would turn on the air-conditioning or power-consuming heating device.

And there is no heating in their dilapidated community, so when everyone is in winter, they can only close the doors and windows tightly, and then squeeze them into the quilt and use the hot water bottle for heating.

Fortunately, the brother has the ability now, and they will never live in poor again!

A few days ago, during the Laba Festival, she went to prison with her mother to visit her father.

Dad's complexion is also very good. Although they have known that dad was transferred to a single cell, and he is not worried about food and clothing, the mother spent money and make the prison guards treat him better.

The prison guards were also very polite. There was even a time when the warden came out to talk to mother in person, those didn't know they thought they were old friends for many years!

Last time they went to see dad, dad also smiled and said that he was entrusted with his son's blessing. During this time, he ate well and slept well. He didn't need to work hard, and no one disturbed him.

Zhong Qiaoyue has never looked forward to the future like she does now.

She also tested the vitality before, with a full 0.81. In the second grade of their school, she can be regarded as a hero-this figure is higher than before Zhong Yihan got the system.

Zhong Qiaoyue's vitality was 0.65 more than three months ago, which has already been regarded as relatively high in the grade, and these three months have increased by 0.16, which is already a well-deserved No.1 in grade.

But this speed scared the school teachers!

Because the students in the second year are not fully developed, the growth rate of vitality is very slow. Most people can increase vitality by 0.1 a year, even if they are relatively good students.

The teachers thought she had used a taboo method to squeeze the potential, and quickly took her to the hospital for a physical examination, and determined that her body was completely free of hidden injuries, and they were relieved.

Only Zhong Qiaoyue knows that her strength is growing so fast. First, the medicated bath bag is too magical, which allows her to continue high-intensity practice without worrying about the accumulation of injuries. Second, it is also rich at home. She could eat nutritious food.

Now every meal that mom makes has meat. Brother asked the outside restaurant to make a batch of exotic foods from the restaurant, and the nutritional medicine kept on, and the nutrition had already caught up.

In these three months, she has grown two centimeters in height alone!

And there are a lot of beautiful new clothes in the closet. Last month, she celebrated her birthday. Brother not only took her directly to the most luxurious hotel in Star City for a super dinner but also gave her a set worth 90,000 yuan combat suit, including combat uniforms and boots-a luxury she never dreamed of before!

She will always remember going to school to take the test while wearing this combat suit.

For those classmates who used to be that she was an ugly duckling, especially those young ladies with a wealthy family who had been looking up to herself, for the first time, they were extremely surprised, envious and jealous.

She discovered for the first time that she had such a thing as vanity.

But that feeling ...

Really good!

So, life now is so good that Zhong Qiaoyue occasionally has a feeling of being less real. Sometimes she dreams that she has returned to the poor life of the past, and is awakened by fright.

When she woke up, she turned on the bedroom lights to the brightest and cried while holding the quilt.

On one occasion, the mother next door was shocked and comforted her.

All this stems from the brother, not only invented a magical medicated bath bag but also his own strength is also advancing by leaps and bounds.

It is said that at the last school physical examination, his vitality has reached 1.9, which is already the top 15 in Anping No. 1 High School!

She is really proud of him!

Zhong Qiaoyue thought so and came to Zhong Yihan's room and found that the door was open and no one was inside.

She isn't surprised that her brother has been very hardworking, especially in these months, he stuck in the training room every day.

So she went to the training room on the third floor. After opening the door, she saw that he was playing with something there.

Then, among those messy things that she couldn't call name, there was a very strange flower.