Chapter 122 - Two Months

Two months passed.

For the past two months, Zhong Yihan returned home from school every day and then locked himself in the practice room to study the formation.

After two full months, the total value of the materials he discarded exceeded three million.

Fortunately, Ying Nanyan is generous. These materials are sent over without talking about money. At most, a price list is attached, and then the money is deducted directly from the next income of the medicated bath bag-and, Still only half deducted each time, and will leave money for Zhong Yihan's life and mortgage repayment.

In the past two months, Zhong Yihan researched the formation method so madly that his training progress has fallen a bit.

After two months, his vitality has reached 2.5, and "only" has increased by 0.5.

Of course, if you say this, you will be beaten. What is meant by "only 0.5"?

Even if children of superior families such as Du Tianqing and Li Xinyu, with the help of a large number of resources, the vitality that can increase by 0.1 on average in a month is already good, and the growth of 0.3 in two months is already a great improvement!

However, compared with Zhong Yihan's first jump from 0.8 to 1.2 in the first month, later, went straight to 1.9 and nearly 2.0 ...

This progress is indeed less.

On the one hand, it is because Zhong Yihan puts a lot of thought into the practice of formation.

On the other hand, there is indeed a certain bottleneck.

There are also three reasons for this bottleneck.

The first reason is that although he is more comparable in the predatory hunting in Different World, the difficulty is not reduced.

On today's islands, the tooth canine beasts acted in groups, and they are smarter. Now they have learned to be scattered, and there is basically one for every 40-50 meters.

As soon as he found Zhong Yihan, the two-footed beast, howl immediately, and then other tooth canine beasts swarmed.

Including that Beastmaster.

In this way, Zhong Yihan could only sneak up in the Different World in a sneaky night. If he was lucky, he would kill a dozen, but if he was unlucky, he would find two or three.

So it greatly affected his hunting progress, and the speed of obtaining system points has always been relatively slow.

Zhong Yihan was also very annoyed by this and even found a chance to attack the Beastmaster.

But the Beastmaster is obviously strong.

With Zhong Yihan's strength of up to 170 kilograms, plus full-level basic archery, three arrows were shot consecutively one hundred meters away, and the Beastmaster seemed to have a certain induction. It escaped in advance, It just hurt its body.

But for the thick and bulky Beastmaster, this arrow is not very harmful to it.

Zhong Yihan had no choice but to retreat by the shuttle before the tooth canine beasts rushed forward.

Actually speaking, Zhong Yihan has a way to kill the Beastmaster.

The easiest way is to use poison-quench the poison on the arrow.

As long as he finds Ying Nanyan, it is not a problem to get some highly toxic substances such as potassium cyanide. Zhong Yihan also believes that even the beastmaster cannot resist this kind of poison.

But at this time Zhong Yihan tangled again.

In his opinion, he must kill the Beastmaster in a fair and honest manner!

After all, if he can't kill it with fairness, Zhong Yihan feels it will affect his Kung Fu progress.

By small means, he himself will despise himself!

Therefore, the matter of the Beastmaster is still to be determined now. Zhong Yihan got stuck with the tooth canine beasts on the entire island. Anyway, this small island is not large, and the entire tooth canine beasts can be two thousand.

He will kill a little today, and a little tomorrow. Over time, it will not be long before those tooth canine beasts can be killed by him. At that time, if only the Beastmaster is left, Zhong Yihan ’s current strength plus a piece of equipment, he will not be afraid to fight with it!

But in this way, he now earns not much system points every day. In a month, he only earns seven or eight hundred system points.

The second reason is that the Different World has already entered winter at this time, not to mention that many tooth canine beasts are hiding and not easy to find. Even Zhong Yihan himself has fewer trips to the Different World.

Because it's so cold!

Now in the night of the Different World, the temperature is below minus thirty to forty degrees can be said to be dripping into ice.

Zhong Yihan is now just a Kung Fu learner. Although he has much higher vitality than ordinary people and is more resistant to cold, it is still far from completely immune to the cold and heat.

Especially after two recent snowfalls, the snow was as thick as a person.

So in the past month, Zhong Yihan hasn't gone to the Different World much.

He is not so resistant to freezing.

Moreover, he does not go to the Different World, and Xia Ling will certainly not go-in fact, Xia Ling is more afraid of cold than him-in the case of lack of energy, the supply of medicated bath bags for this month is nearly half.

Fortunately, the quality of the medicinal materials has come up. At present, it is still barely enough. Zhong Yihan also promised to resolve it as soon as possible, so Ying Nanyan said nothing.

The last reason is that in the system mall, the fruits of the four attributes can be directly added, which has been eaten by Zhong Yihan.

That is the four attributes of strength, spirit, agility, and physical fitness.

Of course, there are other things in the mall, such as:

[Flame fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to traces of fire (a little). Price: 100.]

[Ice fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to ice (a little). Price: 100.]

[Thunderbolt fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to lightning (a little). Price: 100.]

[Toxic fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to trace poisons (a little). Price: 100.]

[Eagle eye fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), can improve vision after taking it (a little). Price: 200.]

[Listen to fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), and improve hearing after taking it (a little). Price: 200. ]

[King Kong LV1 (limited to 3 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the body's ability to resist blows and make skin, muscles, and bones firmer. Price: 300.]

[Qualified fruit lv1 (limited to one), after taking it, you can improve your qualifications. Price: 1,000.]

[Recovery Fruit LV1 (Limited 1), after taking it, it can improve the recovery speed after physical injury. Price: 1,000.]



These fruits left in the mall are limited.

There are to add resistance, add five senses, and some add other attributes, but the added attributes are not as intuitive as the previous four fruits.

This month, the only thing Zhong Yihan exchanged was the "qualified fruit".