Chapter 12 - Differences in the 100-meter Field

There are not many tracks in the 100-meter field, and now there is only one empty. Zhong Yihan had no choice but came over with his bow.

Then he saw a girl standing next to a track.

Li Xinyu.

The most beautiful girl in the class is also a strong contender for the most beautiful girl in the school.

A crisp short hair, close to the height of one meter seven, a pair of slender long legs, almost perfect body contour ...

The breast is a little smaller, barely a B-but this is the most appropriate ratio for a female who learns Kung Fu.

After all, if it is too big, it will affect the action-the legendary Amazon female warrior will cut off one of her breasts for the convenience of bow and arrow shooting!

No matter how small ... what else is there to say about a pair of A's?

Therefore, the size of B is not too small, just right.

As for the face, it is also the kind that makes people feel amazing at a glance.

And she doesn't seem to get along well.

When Zhong Yihan came over, she just glanced at him, then went back and continued her practice.

It seems that there is a cat or a dog.

Zhong Yihan didn't put his mind on her, admittedly, he admits that he had a crush on this girl. It can't be said that crush, that is, when young people see beautiful girls, they will like her, this is also human nature.

But after calculating a bill with Zhu Zhenxing, he dismissed the idea of like.

Because this girl can spend too much!

People in this society practice Kung Fu, but this kind of physical exercise, after all, men will have some advantages in nature. As for the top ten students who take Kung Fu training in the third grade of our school, eight are boys, and the number of girls is only two.

Moreover, one of them is the kind of girl who looks more like a man.

Therefore, there are still not many girls like Li Xinyu who are powerful, beautiful, and tall and perfect in this era.

After all, Kung Fu will inevitably lead to muscle swelling, thick joints, and inevitably thicker bodies.

Therefore, if you want to increase your strength and maintain your slim and slender figure, you must take a special medicated bath after exercise, and then massage it by a professional masseur, and use special essential oils and medicines to Activate the body and clear the muscles.

Moreover, once or twice is not enough. Twice a week is a start. Families with conditions even arrange a medicated bath and massage once a day for their children!

Coupled with daily nutrient intake, etc., the cost of a day starts at thousands of yuan.

Zhu Zhenxing's younger sister is just such a person. She is two years younger and has been raised this way since she was a child. The annual expenditure on the body alone will be hundreds or even tens of millions.

The girl in this kind of family, a normal person thinks about this overhead, it is very wise to retreat.

Zhong Yihan knew that he didn't have much strength, and his looks were not very handsome, so he never thought he could have any intersection with this goddess.

Gathering his mind, Zhong Yihan did not delay time, took out an arrow and shot it out. As a result, the arrow began to deviate from a straight line far from the target and finally shot on the ground.

It seems that the power of the 50-meter field is not enough for the 100-meter field.

Zhong Yihan's second arrow stretched the bowstring far beyond the force required for the fifty-meter field, making his arms tremble slightly.

Zhong Yihan gritted his teeth and shot the arrow at the target.


The moment he shot it, he realized that the arrow would not hit the target.

Any slight jitter has a serious impact on the accuracy of the bow and arrow.

The arrow brushed over the target and hit the sponge mat in the back.

This made Zhong Yihan realize that with his current strength, it is still difficult to hit the target in a straight line.

But his accuracy of 50 meters is still there. If he uses an arc, he may hit the target.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan fired an arrow in an obliquely upward direction, about thirty degrees.

The arrow drew a long arc in the sky and finally landed on the third ring of the target.


Zhong Yihan fisted to celebrate, a little excited in his heart.

Li Xinyu at the side saw this scene a little accidentally.

When she first advanced to the 100-meter field, she spent the whole afternoon shooting her first arrow.

Zhong Yihan did it with only three arrows.

"This guy's archery talent is pretty good."

Of course, this thought flashed in her heart, and then Li Xinyu turned her attention to the bow and arrow in her hand.

Raise her hand with an arrow, it is a seven ring.

And compared to Zhong Yihan's arrow just fluttered to the target, her arrow was firmly "pinned" to the target, and the tail of the arrow was still shaking.

"Well, great power!"

Zhong Yihan thought of the test not long ago, Li Xinyu's overall score ranked among the top five in the class. He didn't remember the specific value, but it was at least 1.6.

In other words, Twice as many as him.

Zhong Yihan asked: "How many pounds is your bow?"

Li Xinyu's eyebrows frowned slightly, but she still answered, "80 pounds."

Zhong Yihan was a little bit stunned, and the average girl only used a 40-pound bow, and she was already 80 pounds.

Sure enough, high vitality is powerful!

After all, the vitality of 1.6 has already entered the level of Kung Fu apprentices. At this level, 100 meters can run for ten seconds, and the strength of her arms can reach 100 or 150 kilograms, which is already the limit of ordinary people before the world merges!

Far from being like Zhong Yihan who has less than 1 vitality.

This makes Zhong Yihan also envious:

"If I had vitality and archery like her, I wouldn't care about the tooth canine beast."

However, Zhong Yihan also knew that this kind of thing could not be envied. He adjusted his mindset, and then he continued to try different angles and strengths and finally made the arrow fall on the target to reach the fifth ring.

This best grade stayed until the afternoon bow and arrow lesson.

He was already satisfied with it.

Other students were even more surprised by this. A group of people gathered around Zhong Yihan and asked in a chatter:

"Zhong Yihan, did you find the trick? How can you advance to the 100-meter field so fast?"

"I heard that you only hit the 100-meter target with just three arrows."

There are also a few girls in the class talking about things like "Which direction is your family in", "Can you teach me in private", "If you have time on the weekend, do you want to hang out together?"

Even if he has time, he has to hurry to practice in Different World. Now he is a grade three student in high school. These people are thinking about playing.


After school, Zhong Yihan hurried to his home. He had to sell the two purple energy grass quickly.

"Hey, why are you running so fast!"

Don't look back, Zhong Yihan also knows who this voice is.

Zhu Zhenxing rushed up from behind in the next second, holding his neck with a fierce look: "Boy! Say! Have you recently taken medicine, how can you progress so fast!"

Zhong Yi said: "I just found some tricks."

"By the way, I saw you talking to Li Xinyu in the afternoon. You dare to talk to her?"

Zhong Yihan shrugged his lips. He knew that Li Xinyu is Zhu Zhenxing's dream lover, and deliberately provoked: "What, jealous?"

"I'm so jealous!" The fat man hammered two punches on his arm, "She even talked to you, no way! I have to work hard! If things go on like this, I'm afraid my goddess will like you, and I will never allow this to happen, so I will try to enter the 100-meter field."

Zhong Yihan said: "You work hard, rest assured, I will never like her! I can't afford such a too expensive girl."

"It's okay, my family has too much money, don't be afraid!"

"Don't forget that you have a younger sister. If you marry her, then you will have two expensive girls at your house. Are you sure?"

The fat man's face changed drastically: "His ... It seems a bit dangling."

The two boys didn't notice that their voice was a bit loud, and was heard by several girls on the roadside.

Several girls exchanged weird glances. After the two went away, one girl took out her mobile phone:

"Hey, Xinyu ..."


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