Chapter 111 - The Heart of the Strong

Li Chenmin took two steps back, pointing at the students who were still carrying mud and blood, and said unbelievably, "You ... are you pretending to be dead ?! Our teachers are so worried about your safety, you are still pretending to be dead ?!" Deceive my feelings ?! "

Du Tianqing said with a lip: "Do you care about our safety? You care about your own future, and it has nothing to do with our safety!"

"Yes," Yang Yuan sneered, "Although it is normal for a teacher to classify a student into a class of three or six or nine, but sacrifice the poor student in exchange for the safety of the good student- Although I am the one you are protecting, I really feel shameful! "

"If it comes to the last step, you may have no problem doing this ..."

Having said what Zhang Bo said, he immediately angered a group of people, so he gave himself two mouths, raised his hand and surrendered, "I mean, the situation is far from that bad, but you In order to save trouble, finding the so-called safest method for myself is indeed chilling. "

With a look of despair, Li Chemin didn't expect that the students who he wanted to protect would criticize him.

The fat man sneered, "Do you know why? The reason is simple. If you really want to protect us, then we have to remember this feeling anyway. But are we really trying to preserve it? No, what you want to preserve is just the rich and talented students. "

"So, it seems that you are keeping us. In fact, once this kind of thing happens again, and when there are more wealthy, more powerful, and more talented students than us, you will definitely choose to keep them. Not us. At that time they will be Group A, and we will be assigned to Group B and Group C. You said, why do we thank you? "

Li Chenmin looked desperately at the only girl present and trembled: "Li Xinyu, do you think so?"

Li Xinyu sighed: "Director Li, do you know that Zhong Yihan, who was listed by you as Group C, has become our savior. All of us were fascinated by Qiao Cheng with drugs, and then tied, only Zhong Yihan got out of sleep, and it was also the person who shot Qiao Cheng in the last arrow. You shouldn't have so much prejudice. "

Li Chenmin was completely desperate.

At this time, Zhang Shou took a step forward and said loudly: "Director Li, I now have enough evidence to prove that you disregard the life and death of students, and even consciously let some students die, so I asked the Kung Fu Association to investigate you!"

Liang Jinfeng said: "Apply for approval!"

Li Chenmin sat on the ground.

He knew he was done.

Because the words he said when he was out of control just now have nailed him with shame-even his puppet principal will never admit the rationality of those words.

Because there are things you can only do, you can't say!

At this time, Liang Jinfeng also reported the news of Qiao's death through the communicator, ended the encirclement of Twin Mountains, and then transferred a few medical flying vehicles.

After all, there were too many students, and Zhang Shou’s car is too small.

Then, Liang Jinfeng asked what happened.

After learning that Zhang Li had betrayed them and helped Qiao Cheng, Liang Jinfeng snorted, "She deserved it! How did she die?"

"Qiao Cheng knew that he could not survive, he took Zhang Li and died."

Liang Jinfeng nodded, sneering: "This is the end of the traitor, it's not wrong to die!"

Then he walked to Qiao Cheng's body, examined his wound carefully, and then frowned slightly, looking at Zhong Yihan, and said, "Arc arrow?"

Zhong Yihan froze and said, "President Liang has good eyesight!"

"This eyesight is nothing to brag about. This arrow apparently shot into the ribs from the side, and there is an obvious arc mark. So, you made it?"

Zhong Yihan nodded his head, but Zhu Zhenxing was proud at this moment, and quickly came over to tell the story of what happened just now—but obviously he didn’t wake up and he listened to others.

Liang Jinfeng admired: "Good! Lao Zhang, it's you, in that case, you need to use arc arrows to bypass Li Xinyu to kill Qiao Cheng, can you do that?"

Zhang Shou shook his head and said, "It's probably a 50% chance, but to be honest, I don't dare to do this, because if I missed a little ..."

Liang Jinfeng also said: "Yes, I would not dare to do this."

He looked at Zhong Yihan: "Boy, you never thought you would fail?"

Zhong Yihan thought for a moment and said, "I will not fail!"

"Fantastic!" Zhang Shou gave a thumbs up. "You have a strong heart, and this strong heart, when you look at the whole first High school students, probably only Wu Sikong has. "

"Wu Sikong?"

Hearing this name, all the students present were stunned.

This name is famous in Anping County No.1 High School and even in Anping County.

Because he was the No.1 genius of the county's first High school and high school, and he is a civilian genius invited by the principal to offer a very high scholarship.

Wu Sikong's family is very ordinary. His parents are ordinary workers, but he was able to show his powerful talents at an early age when the family could not provide him with sufficient resources.

Then rely on his strong talents and achievements, get scholarships every year!

No.1 in the High school entrance examination, and then in the third and third years of high school. Every test, he is the No.1!

In the last test, his vitality has reached 2.4, leaving everyone else far behind. It is said that the resources awarded to him by the school every year are equivalent to more than 500,000 yuan.

In addition, he also received endorsements of several commodities, relying on his own strength and efforts to complete a counterattack from a poor boy to a successful one.

Zhong Yihan can be said to have grown up listening to the legend of Wu Sikong. After all, for him, Wu Sikong is the child of someone else's family of the parent's mouth.

At this time, Zhu Fat asked curiously: "Heart of the strong, what do you mean?"

"The heart of the strong is a state of mind, a kind of strength, and once it is shot, it is bound to win."

Liang Jinfeng explained: "This strong heart is difficult to cultivate, and it must be maintained undefeated for a long time to develop. Under the blessing of this mental state, his desire for victory will be extremely strong and can show a superpower in actual combat. "

Zhang Shou added: "I tell you a secret, you just listen."

"At the beginning of this year, the second, third, and fourth-graders were Xiong Bo, Geng Yueguang, and Qian Hansong, and they challenged Wu Sikong at the same time. Because the three of them had spent two months in summer vacation. The strength has advanced, so they all want to defeat Wu Sikong's undefeated myth. "

"And the two of them had more than vitality 2.2 and one was close to 2.2."

"As a result, Wu Sikong let them come at the same time. He battled with three and won easily, and the strength he showed was completely crushed!"

"This is the blessing of the strong heart because he knows he can win!"