Chapter 103 - Be Trapped

Hearing the words of Zhu Zhenxing, Li Xinyu and others in the cave immediately struggled even harder.

Zhu Zhenxing could guess that, if they were able to create a little strange movement in the hole at this time, it would definitely cause Zhong Yihan's alertness.

"Zhang Li, you come in."

Just then, Qiao Cheng's intentionally lowered voice suddenly appeared in the cave.

Zhang Li's heart moved and she looked at Zhong Yihan: "Don't move, stand here. If you dare to come in, Xinyu will blame you."

Zhang Li's intimidation was very useful to Zhu Zhenxing. He didn’t move, and let Zhong Yihan stand there.

Zhu Fat said, "I guess there is something good in this cave, but after all, they discovered it first, and then came first, and we are not the kind of people with no quality!"

Ming Jiajia, who was already familiar with the crowd, couldn't help but whisper: "Fat, you really don't have any principle."

"This is called the principle!" The fat man's face wasn't flushed, and he wasn't panting. "Besides, you guys have seen them before. They are more powerful than us. They have four 1.5 or more, none of us, So even if we have Yihan, we are not their opponents.”

Fan Dali drew a middle finger on him.

It was Ning Jinshui, who thought for a while and thought, "The fat man is right, and there is a fugitive in the mountains now, so let us not conflict with classmates."

Zhong Yihan nodded and said, "Okay, you just say a few words, and we'll just wait. But I always feel a little strange. The voice just now seems to have never been heard before."

Zhu Zhenxing chanted: "Come on, you haven't heard a lot of voices. This time you have experienced so many people, you didn't know all of our class, let alone other classes."

Zhong Yihan thinks about it, seems to be the same.

He didn't remember the voices of most of the students in the class.

But it always feels weird.

But at least one thing is certain, Li Xinyu, they should not have encountered any danger, otherwise, Zhang Li wouldn't be able to stand here unscathed.

After a few minutes, Zhang Li came out of the cave again, her expression was a little weird.

She seems to laugh but tries to stay serious.

Zhang Li learned from Qiao Cheng that there was an overpowering drug zone at the entrance of the cave. As long as they brought then to that area, they could be trapped there.

Zhang Li couldn't help but feel grateful. Fortunately, she didn't choose to run away just now, otherwise, she would definitely be drugged again.

If she was caught by Qiao Cheng again, the consequences would be unthinkable.

But now, this unlucky time is Zhong Yihan's turn.

Thinking of the humiliation that Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing had brought to her before, and the situation they were about to face, Zhang Li couldn't help but want to laugh.

If it weren't for Zhong Yihan, she wouldn't have conflicts with Li Xinyu, nor would she have trouble with Liu Dong, let alone to the point where she is today!

All this is to blame Zhong Yihan!

When Zhong Yihan becomes hostage to Qiao Cheng, she must take a good bite of her previous anger, if she can ... she even wants to kill Zhong Yihan herself!

Zhang Li put on a very reluctant look, saying: "Some of you come in, hum, that is, Xinyu's kindness. But say in advance, it is the cave we found first, everything in it is what we discovered first is that if you want to grab, you must first weigh your own strengths, if you can beat us. "

Zhu Zhenxing immediately opened his eyes and smiled: "I know Xinyu is the best. She can't bear to see me raining outside, rest assured that everything inside is yours, we don't need any grass!"

After that, he walked towards the cave first.

Fan Dali, Ning Jinshui and Ming Jiajia sighed helplessly and followed.

Zhong Yihan vaguely felt something strange, but he couldn't tell where it was strange. Seeing them all passed, he followed up.

A group of five people just arrived at the entrance of the cave, and Fan Dali suddenly felt his feet soft, as if he had stepped on something, a white gas slowly rose from his feet.

"What is this?"

Ning Jinshui on the side felt that the gas was a little unpleasant. Before he could cover his nose, he felt dizzy.

"No, cover your nose!"

Zhong Yihan exclaimed, but unfortunately, it was too late to stop it.

The drug is very powerful, just a little inhalation is enough to make people fall asleep.

Zhong Yihan fell down one after another. Only Zhang Li had already prepared a rag with an antidote to cover her mouth and nose. She watched several people fall to the ground.

Seeing all five of them falling, Zhang Li walked in front of Zhong Yihan and stepped on him.

At this time, Zhong Yihan was not completely unconscious, but he was weak, and only heard Zhang Li's ridiculous voice: "Zhong Yihan, aren't you great? Presumably, you never dreamed that one day you are in my hand here, hahaha ... "

Zhong Yihan was holding on to what he wanted to say, but he couldn't say a single word, so his eyes turned dark and he fell into a coma.

At this time, Qiao Cheng came out of the cave. He held a rope made of rattan in his hand, tied all five of them strong with his unique method, and then asked Zhang Li to drag them into the cave.

Li Xinyu, who was struggling in the cave, saw Zhang Li dragging Zhong Yihan in, and his expression was incredible.

Did Zhong Yihan be trapped? !!

Soon, when all five were dragged in, Li Xinyu was completely desperate.

They don't know how long it has been in the past, Zhong Yihan suddenly felt a numbness in his head, and soon he was awake and recovered his consciousness.

His eyes opened slightly, the surroundings were dark, and only Xia Ling was crying with a worried expression.

Zhong Yihan wanted to speak, but Xia Ling hurriedly made a snoring gesture, which surprised him.

Xia Ling flew to Zhong Yihan's ear and whispered: "Master, I help you untie your rope. There are many bad giants here. Don't talk casually."

Bad giant?

For Xia Ling, Zhu Zhenxing was also considered a bad giant, but her so cautious performance still made Zhong Yihan take notice.

Zhong Yihan didn't open his mouth casually, but looked around slowly, and found that Zhu Zhenxing was lying on the ground with his body tied up on his left side and was dozing off and asleep. Ming Jiajia and others were all tied up and didn't wake up.

It seemed that they were in an ambush. Zhong Yihan remembered the last memory before the coma, which was Zhang Li's mockery.

Zhong Yihan thought that this was a scramble between the team, but when he looked back to the right, he found that Li Xinyu was also tied!

what's the situation?

Shouldn't Li Xinyu be with Zhang Li?

Zhong Yihan quickly noticed that Zhang Li was carrying a middle-aged man who had never seen it, and that middle-aged man was preparing something.

Throughout the cave, only Zhang Li and the middle-aged man were free.

Seeing that middle-aged man with a scar on his face and a bald head, Zhong Yihan was shocked.

Is this person wanted fugitive? !!