Kung Fu Beyond the World

Author: Dapeng Translator: Firefly Description: Heaven and Earth Change, Energy Revival The purple moon is in the sky, the two worlds merge This is an era when only those who learn Kung Fu can stand on the top Zhong Yihan obtained the "Supermall System", and with his own hard work, he became stronger step by step in this era. Finally... Kung Fu Beyond the World!

Chapter 1 - Kung Fu Era

"Mom, I'm back!"

Zhong Yihan was playing with the translucent stones picked up by the road, and opened the door in a bad mood.

Today's physical test results are still very bad. After testing, his vitality has only reached 0.8, which is less than 0.02 more than a month earlier.

Could he only study liberal arts?

"Yihan is back. Rice is in the pot. Help yourself."

His mother, Zhang Aimei, was cleaning the house, and she seemed to have a cold.

"Mom, are you okay?"

"It's okay, just a little sick."

Zhong Yihan returned to the room and glanced at his mother before closing the door. Seeing that mother was secretly wiping her tears, Yihan took off his schoolbag, closed the door and knocked on the wooden board, and asked, "Qiaoyue, what happened today? "

Zhong Yihan and his sister Zhong Qiaoyue's room are adjacent. The middle wall is separated by wooden boards, so the sound insulation effect is very bad. Yihan and Qiaoyue can communicate directly through the wooden boards.

Zhong Qiaoyue replied, "Mom went to see Dad today."

"You went too?"


Zhong Qiaoyue is now in grade two of junior high school, and she has no night lessons. Zhong Yihan has a lot of lessons in his third year of high school, so it is not surprising that Qiaoyue accompanied their mother to see father. 

As for his father, Zhong Guohai, he was sentenced to ten years in a case three months ago and is now in prison.

The count was for intentional injury. It was said that Zhong Guohai had severely injured a young man, and the hospital identified it as a third-level disability.

But what happened was that several drunk young men were preparing to rape a girl on the road, and they were met by Zhong Guohai, who drove a taxi at night, so Zhong Guohai rescued the girl who was crying for help and disheveled clothes. He also quarreled with the young people and pushed one of them down in a hurry.

Coincidentally, the young man drank too much. When he fell to the ground, his head fell on the stone. It is said that the young man became silly because his head fell on the stone. 

By the same coincidence, the young man’s family was not only rich but also powerful.

Next, because of the young man's family, Zhong Guohai was accused in court, and then the girl who was almost raped at the time also denied everything at the time.

So Zhong Guohai went from helping others to intentionally hurt them and was sentenced to ten years.

This incident dealt a heavy blow to the Zhong family. Although they appealed several times, no one paid attention to them at all.

To put it simply, compared to the rich second-generation family, the Zhong family has no money and no power, and no one will hear them.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan's hand holding the translucent stone clenched his fists, showing his anger at this time.

If he can be admitted to Kung Fu college, he will be able to make justice for his father!

Last year, Ye Fan, a neighbor next door, was admitted to Xiangshui University, the No. 1 Kung Fu college in the province. As a result, the magistrate came to visit in person, and his father was directly promoted from a small staff member in a county to office manager.

Xiangshui University is the No. 1 Kung Fu college in the province. It is said that the Kung Fu Strong cultivated each year can account for a quarter of Xiang Province.

It's been two decades since the Different World and the earth have merged. Because the world rules on both sides are different, the two sides have always been unable to conquer each other.

Gunpowder and electricity in the human world have all lost their effect in the Different World.

In the same way, the witchcraft and divine power of Different World will directly collapse when they enter the earth.

Only pure Kung Fu can be used on both sides at the same time.

It is precise because of this that the status of Kung Fu talents will rise.

Outstanding graduates of Xiangshui University, if they are in politics after graduation, at least start at the deputy division level.

Even if they do not enter Xiangshui, but enter the second or third lesson Kung Fu college, it is also rare talent for Anping County.

Therefore, as long as Yihan was admitted to the Kung Fu college, he would be able to get attention, and it would be easy for him to make a grievance for his father.

But thinking of the vitality of 0.8 just measured, Zhong Yihan suddenly felt downcast.

Vitality is a comprehensive data based on the strength of the body's muscles, blood, bones, and internal organs after scanning the body through a special life detector.

Zhong Yihan's 0.8 vitality is not low before the two worlds merge. He is already a professional athlete. At a speed of 100 meters, he can easily run in 11 seconds.

But now, all the people are learning Kung Fu, and many resources from Different World are used in human Kung Fu practice.

Therefore, the vitality of 0.8, in the third grade of Anping County No. 1 Middle School, can only be ranked outside the thousands, and even 10th lowest in the class.

There are more than 1,300 senior high school students in Anping County No. 1 Middle School, if he can’t even enter the top 1,000, that is too bad. The vitality of 0.8 makes Zhong Yihan see no hope for the future.

The admission standard of Xiangshui University last year, it needs a vitality of 2.5 or more!

Of course, Xiangshui University, as the No.1 Kung Fu college in Xiang Province, naturally has very high admission requirements, but even the worst Kung Fu college in Xiang Province has an admission requirement of 1.5 or more.

It is only less than a year away from the college entrance examination, let alone raise the vitality from 0.8 to 2.5 and reach the standard of Xiangshui University, even if it is the minimum standard of 1.5, Zhong Yihan knows that he does not have that ability.

There is no way. For so many years, Zhong Yihan also knows that his qualifications are mediocre, but more importantly, Kung Fu's practice requires a lot of resources.

Not to mention, just the effective nutrition that he ingests every day, he can only be supplemented by eating, and the meals are the most common and lowest nutritionally effective foods, such as rice, noodles and the like.

And when his father was jailed unjustly, his family can only eat meat once in a long time.

However, for those rich families, they consume daily special nutritional medicines and even animal flesh from Different World.

These nutritional medicines and flesh and blood of the Different World are rich in vital energy and blood and effective nutrients, and the nourishing effect on the body is far beyond the ordinary crops produced on the earth.

Zhong Yihan sighed, but he did not confess his fate, because he knew that in this era, only by practicing Kung Fu and becoming stronger can he succeed.

So even if the hope is slim, he will never give up until the last minute.

After hurriedly eating two large bowls of rice, Zhong Yihan shouted to his mother, "Mom, I'm full, I'm out to practice!"

Zhang Aimei looked at her son in distress, and said, "Don't practice too hard, if it's impossible, you can take a better liberal arts school, and you will not worry about eating and drinking in the future."

Zhong Yihan made a relaxed look and laughed: "Mom, I'm fine, I have 0.8 vitality now! I have eight months to go to the college entrance examination, and if I increase by 0.1 every month, I can exceed 1.5. By then, I will take a good Kung Fu college so that others will never dare to bully our family! "

After speaking, Zhong Yihan pushed the door and left.

Soon, the sound of punches came downstairs.


Chapter 2 - Supermall System

Taking a bath to remove the stinky sweat from his body, Zhong Yihan was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling and couldn't sleep.

He hasn't visited Dad for almost two months.

He didn't know how his father was now.

Since entering the third grade of senior high school, the pressure of learning has come up, coupled with the need to work hard to improve the Kung Fu foundation. In the past, he also took the time to do part-time work, but now he has no time.

If his talents can be better, or like those Kung Fu geniuses in the school, even if he did not enter the university, he still attracts much attention.

Maybe his Dad's case could be appealed long ago.

After all, he's still too weak.

Turning off the light, Zhong Yihan was preparing to sleep and suddenly found that in the darkness, there was a green light on the desk, like a firefly.

Zhong Yihan sat up, turned on the lamp and took a look. There was nothing special on the desk except the transparent stone he had picked up.

This stone was walking on his way home after school at night and suddenly hit him from the sky.

He also felt very strange, because at the time he was walking on the road, there were no trees on either side, and he did not know where the stone came from. Only he saw that the stone was transparent like a crystal, and felt that it looked pretty, so he picked it up.

Unexpectedly, how could this stone shine at night?

"Isn't it radiation ?"

Zhong Yihan was nervous. His liberal arts scores were very good. He remembered that in the book, most of the stones that can emit light by themselves are harmful substances with radiation.

But looking at the stones on the table, the green light is shining in the darkness, faintly like the green liquid flowing in the stones, The green liquid glows and dims, like a microscopic universe.

Zhong Yihan couldn't help but reached out, took the stone in his hand, and wanted to watch it carefully.

But at this moment, the surface of the stone suddenly cracked, and the green liquid in it immediately dipped into Zhong Yihan's skin.

Zhong Yihan was startled and turned on the lamp in a hurry to check. There was nothing abnormal in his right hand, and his body did not have a strange reaction, but the transparent stone disappeared without a trace, leaving no fragments.

What happened?

Zhong Yihan was shocked. At this moment, a blue light curtain of light and shadow suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. There were large characters on the light curtain:

Supermall system!

"What the hell ?"

Zhong Yihan scratched in front of him a few times but found that his hand easily passed through the light curtain, but his palm did not feel any touch.

At this time, a few lines of words appeared again on the light curtain.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 0.8

Dexterity: 0.7

Constitution: 0.8

Spirit: 0.9

Comprehensive vitality: 0.8


Zhong Yihan has seen some web novels, but such things are still unbelievable.

Just when Zhong Yihan was surprised, another line of words appeared on the light curtain:

[ Congratulations to the owner for binding this super mall system, and a special novice gift package is provided. Please choose to accept or reject it. ]

There are 2 options below.

Zhong Yihan hesitated for a moment. The matter before him had exceeded his cognition for more than ten years, but one thing he was sure of was that this was by no means mischief with him, because no one had such ability.

Looking at the vitality of 0.8 displayed on the light curtain, Zhong Yihan was determined.

"Even the devil? I have nothing to be deceived except for my life. I decided to try!"

He reached out to accept, a blue light flashed, and a yellow, rune-like thing appeared in his hand.

[ Shuttle lv1: You can shuttle to a place that has already been positioned. Use times: 3/3 (already positioned). ]

Zhong Yihan was very surprised. Is this the legendary space teleport prop?

"How does this thing work? Where will I go?"

"Never give instructions," Zhong Yihan held the Shuttle and thought "Can I just say the word" Teleport " in my mind?"

Thinking about it this way, Zhong Yihan suddenly felt nothing, and when he was conscious, he found himself sitting in the grass, looking around, surrounded by some low bushes, and didn't know where he is.

But because it is night, the sight is not good, and a little further away is darkness, making Zhong Yihan unable to confirm where he is.

Zhong Yihan raised his head subconsciously, trying to recognize the direction, but he felt scared when he looked up.

In the sky, a huge "moon" hung there, showing a strange purple color.

This purple moon occupies a small half of the sky. Although the purple light is not dazzling, it looks strange and abnormal, reflecting the entire world into a faint purple.

"The purple moon is in the sky ..." Zhong Yihan looked frightened, "This is the Different World ?"

He looked at the yellow rune paper in his hand: "This shuttle rune has actually driven me to the Different World ?!"

In the Different World, human civilization is even the greatest enemy of earth civilization ever.

Twenty years ago, space wormholes suddenly appeared on the earth. These wormholes led to a Different World, which is commonly known as the "Different World".

In the Different World, there are many strange and weird beasts, there are also horror creatures as tall as the mountains, and more powerful "gods".

In the past two decades, there have been countless battles between the earth and the Different World.

The earth has seized some strongholds in the Different World, and the terrifying creatures in the Different World have also come to the earth from the wormhole in the space to destroy it.

Human beings are no stranger to the Different World.

Zhong Yihan has seen countless times in various textbooks and news about the photos of "Purple moon in the sky" in Different World.

That purple moon that occupied a small half of the sky was the vast majority of human beings' first impressions of the Different World, so when saw the purple moon, Zhong Yihan immediately determined that he was now transported to the Different World by the shuttle.

This made Zhong Yihan nervous.

Too careless, he did not expect that the method of using shuttles is so simple.

The Different World is too dangerous for human beings, because it is full of aura, even if it is an ordinary creature, its attack power is better than the beasts on the earth, not to mention the Different World also has powerful monsters, even god!

In the case of encountering these horrible creatures, Zhong Yihan knows his strength and cannot beat them.

Holding on to the shuttle in his hand, Zhong Yihan found himself a sense of security.

If in danger, as long as he is not killed immediately, he can at least escape through the shuttle.

Just then, there was a sudden shaking in the bushes ahead.

Zhong Yihan was startled, and he wanted to find something to defend himself, but then he found that he was shirtless and had only a pair of underpants on his body.

Fortunately, he doesn't have the habit of sleeping naked.

Intension, a weird creature emerged from the bushes.

This creature is gray, with a head that looks like a monster on the earth, and long ears, but a body that looks like a dog. It has very strong limbs and is much larger than a monster on the earth. It's about the size of a full-grown pug.

A pair of blood-red eyes glittered like two small lanterns at night.

It is even infiltrating.

Looking at this weird creature, Zhong Yihan didn't dare to move.

The problem was that the weird creature had locked him, showing sharp teeth, and a weird, low-pitched roar in his throat.

Then it rushed towards Zhong Yihan ...

Chapter 3 - Journey of Different World

Zhong Yihan screamed in horror, turned and fled.

But this strange monster is extremely fast. In a single jump, it easily jumps a distance of one or two meters. Almost in a blink of an eye, several ups and downs rushed in front of Zhong Yihan and then opened his mouth like a dog.


Zhong Yihan hid, but a tree branch beside him was bitten into two sections by the monster.

This biting force is afraid that even some fierce dogs on the earth can't compare!

Zhong Yihan's eyelids fluttered - What if he gets bitten?

The monster didn’t bite Zhong Yihan and rushed towards him again, this time faster and more fierce.

Zhong Yihan was less able to hide, and in a hurry, he rolled away before he could escape.

When he fell to the ground, he only heard a "bang", and turned back, and found that the monster was rushing, hitting a rock behind Zhong Yihan, and fainted.

Zhong Yihan: "..."

It’s time to do something.

Zhong Yihan lifted up the fainted monster and brought his head and stones into close contact.

Blood splattered.

The monster died.

Zhong Yihan was relieved. He heard that animals in Different World are far more ferocious than those on the earth. But how can he know that a monster is so aggressive?

However, this monster is quite fat, and it weighs at least 20 pounds in his hand.

This is a harvest, after all, this is a creature from the Different World. The meat contains a lot of vital energy and blood that can nourish the body, just take it back to eat-provided that it is not poisonous.

But at this moment, Zhong Yihan's eyes suddenly popped out of a blue option.

[A dead "evil rabbit beast" was found. The purchase price: 1 system point. Want to sell?]

"Evil Rabbit Beast?" Zhong Yihan looked at the monster with a head like a rabbit in his hand. Is this the name of this monster?

After thinking about it, Zhong Yihan chose OK.

A burst of light lit up in his hand, and the evil rabbit beast instantly turned into a light and disappeared, and a line of words appeared on the system surface in front of Yihan.

"The acquisition was successful, 1 system point was obtained, and the supermall function was officially opened."

Then the screen turned around. A supermall page similar to that in the game appeared in the field of vision. There were so many things in it that it was dazzling. The first one was a shuttle rune paper.

[Shuttle lv1: You can shuttle to a place that has already been positioned. Use times: 3/3, Price: 5 system points.]

So that's it.

Zhong Yihan probably understood the meaning of this supermall system.

This is a mall, you can buy your own loot, you can also buy things from it, and the currency needed is the system points.

He is preparing to see if there are any other things around that can be sold in the mall and earn more system points, but at this moment, more noise comes from the bushes in front of it, and the little red dots are like It was lighted up like a light bulb, and then all the evil rabbit beasts slowly walked out of the bushes, staring at himself.

Amazingly, a dozen evil rabbit beasts appeared together!

Zhong Yihan is scared. He has no weapons. The evil rabbit beast is fierce. He just solved the previous one by luck. Now a dozen or so appear together. He is afraid that they will tear himself to pieces in a few seconds!

He quickly grasped the shuttle in his hand and shouted, "Hurry up, take me out of here!"

As soon as the voice fell, the scene in front of him changed instantly.

When he calmed down, Zhong Yihan found himself back on the bed at home.

Zhong Yihan breathed a long sigh of relief and fell to the quilt.

Although the previous experience was short, it was the closest to death in his life. Now he just feels that his strength has been drained and his body is trembling a little.

Lie for a while, find a pack of unpacked cigarettes in the dark compartment of the drawer, and Zhong Yihan lighted the cigarette without opening the window.

Under the stimulation of nicotine, his mood finally calmed down, and then the system was called out.

[Shuttle lv1: You can shuttle to a place that has already been positioned. Use times: 1/3 (already positioned).]

It seems that each shuttle will consume the number of shuttle symbols, and each time will be counted once.

"This is too bad!" Zhong Yihan said, depressed. "I used it twice as soon as I came back. I knew I would be ready to pass before. Now there is only one chance left. I can't go back if I go. But fortunately, it can still be bought in the mall. "

Zhong Yihan opened the business page, his eyes grew brighter and brighter.

[Nutrition medicine lv1: can provide basic nutrition intake for practitioners. Price: 1.];

[Shuttle lv1: You can shuttle to a place that has already been positioned. Use times: 3/3, Price: 5.]

[Remedy lv1: Vitality below 3 can eliminate fatigue instantly. Vitality exceeding 3 will halve the effect, and exceeding 5 will be invalid. Price: 10.]

[Basic knife method, quickly master the basic skills of the knife method. Price: 20.]

[Basic Archery, quickly master the basic skills of bow and arrow. Price: 20.]

[Strength fruit lv1, the strength increases by 0.1 after the first five doses, the effect is halved after the last five times, and it is not effective after ten times. Price (newbie price): 50.]

[Physical fruit lv1, the physique increased by 0.1 after the first five doses, the effect was halved after the last five times, and it was invalid after ten times. Price (newbie price): 50.]

[Agile Fruit lv1 ...]

[Spiritual fruit lv1 ...]

[Qualified fruit lv1 (limited to one), after taking it, you can improve your qualifications. Price: 500.]


Zhong Yihan's eyes grew brighter as he looked.

Elixirs, shuttles, exercises, as well as the fruits that directly increase attributes such as strength and physical fitness ...

There are so many things to buy!

These are all good things!

The strength and physical fruit can directly increase the attribute of 0.1 points-that the system shows that his current strength is only 0.8. According to the system description, a total of 10 lv1 strength fruits can be eaten, that is, 0.75 strength. It's almost the same strength that he has been training for more than ten years!

And 0.75 + 0.8 is the power of 1.5, coupled with other fruits ...

Admission to Xiangshui University is no longer a hopeless daydream!

But seeing the price of 50 system points behind the fruit, Zhong Yihan frowned again.

Although the system marked it as a "newbie price" and seemed to give a discount, the 50 system point was really a lot.

According to his experience just now, selling an evil rabbit beast is only rewarded with 1 system point, that is, to redeem a strength fruit, he needs to kill fifty evil rabbit beasts.

The problem is that those evil rabbit beasts are not easy to kill!

Thinking of the experience just now, Zhong Yihan couldn't help shaking.

This evil rabbit beast is fierce. With his current strength, if only one is difficult to solve, to kill the evil rabbit beast, he must rely on weapons.

But the problem is that because of the difference between the rules of the two worlds, the speed at which gunpowder burns in the Different World is greatly reduced, which results in that the firearm is basically non-lethal in the Different World.

But even if it is useful, Zhong Yihan cannot get firearms. After all, even in the age of Kung Fu Strong, the state's control of firearms is still very strict.

Looking at so many good things in the system mall, but he couldn't afford it at all.

This feeling, let alone be crazy.

"Hmm ..." Zhong Yihan suddenly looked at the name on the system panel. "Supermall system ... Since the monsters of the Different World can sell, I don't know if other things can be sold, why not try?"


Chapter 4 - The New Era

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan suddenly lost sleep.

The light in the bedroom was still on, and he got up to the desk to see if there was anything he didn't want to recycle.

As a result, after looking around, they were reluctant to sell.

His family was originally an ordinary family. When his father was in prison a year ago, his family spent a lot of money, so the family had suffered from poverty. Even if his stationery and notebooks were almost used up, he was reluctant to throw them away. Yihan decided to look outside.

Zhong Yihan put on his clothes again and stomped down the stairs.

It was late, and no one was on the road.

Zhong Yihan wandered alone on the road, picked up everything and saw it.

There were leaves, garbage bags, stones, dirt ... even Zhong Yihan found a dead mouse.

Well, no response or prompt from the mall ...

Zhong Yihan did not give up, and continued to try plastic bottles, tinctures, iron rods, flowers, cans ... even trash cans!

It was probably annoyed by Zhong Yihan, and a line finally appeared on the system panel:

[This system only purchases items of a certain value, and cannot be a living thing, please the owner not to waste time!]

Zhong Yihan: "..."

Well, he wasted so much time.

After thinking about it, he asked again, "What is a valuable item?"

The system did not respond this time.

Zhong Yihan thought that he had found a way to get rich. If he could recycle everything, he would be rich.

For example, he can open a garbage recycling plant to throw tons of tons of garbage into the system. Even if he can't earn a single system point in the system, in reality, he can make hundreds of millions in collecting waste disposal fees.

The thought had just flashed, and an angry expression appeared on the blue light curtain.

Then Zhong Yihan just felt numbness all over him, as if he was being charged with electricity. He screamed "ah" and collapsed to the ground.

A line appears on the light curtain:

[Strictly warn the owner not to have such unrealistic thoughts, otherwise, the system will severely punish the owner!!!]

Followed by three exclamation points.

Zhong Yihan lay on the ground for a long time and then recovered, thinking that this is a temperamental system.

But at this moment he did not dare to say something again, so he had to limply walk back home, re-bathed and lay on the bed, and then fell asleep.

During this time, he had a dream, dreaming that he was admitted to Xiangshui University, successfully helping his dad out of justice, and even the most beautiful girl in the school was holding flowers to confess himself.

He felt so good in the dream.

He was dreaming, only feeling that his arm was shaking.

A familiar big voice rang in his ear: "Brother! Get up! You'll be late if you don't get up!"

Zhong Yihan awakened from his dream, only to discover that her sister Zhong Qiaoyue stood beside the bed and shook him.

Disturbing dreams!

Zhong Yihan sighed helplessly: "I see, sister, I will get up."

Zhong Qiaoyue pursed her mouth and mumbled, "Good intentions are not rewarded!" Then she went to breakfast.

Zhong Yihan watched his sister leave, and meditated in his mind: "System."

A familiar blue light curtain appeared before him, which relieved him.

Just the dream was destroyed, but the system is still there, this is not a dream.

It's not a dream ...


The first high school in Anping County.

Zhong Yihan studies in this school and it is the best public high school in the county.

The culture lesson in the morning is over, and the afternoon lesson is a Kung Fu lesson that makes many people cry.

The education reform of more than a decade ago stipulated that the ratio of Kung Fu and culture lessons in public high schools was 1: 1, which caused great controversy at the time. Many old professors believed that this practice would ruin the development and progress of human civilization.

But these years of development have proven the decision to be correct.

This is a war between the two worlds. Imagine that if human beings have no power to protect themselves, civilization will be extinct directly. What development and progress are we talking about?

What's more, the results of the popular practice of the people over the years also show that learning Kung Fu is a comprehensive development of the human body, not only to strengthen the body. The more powerful the warrior, the faster the brain can operate, and the stronger it is in memory and other abilities.

What an ordinary person can learn in about three years may be completed in one year for a warrior, and it is better than ordinary people.

Therefore, the popularization of Kung Fu not only cultivated a large number of stronger for human beings but also promoted the rapid development of civilization.

Of course, war with the Different World is also an important driving force for the development of civilization.

However, laziness is the nature of most people, and today's Kung Fu courses are not like physical education lessons decades ago. The Kung Fu teachers in the school are severe.

First a warm-up run of three kilometers, and then a standing pile of twenty minutes ...

This is a required course every day.

Then there are exercises such as boxing, equipment, squad battles, arrays, etc. The lessons are different every day.

Every month, the school also organizes students to go out into the field for two to three days of survival training and practical exercises.

Most of the surviving countries in the world today are almost all like soldiers and people practicing.

Otherwise, occupied West Africa is an example.

The current West Africa region is a scorched soil because now the world ’s largest space channel appears there, and countless powerful beasts and even gods are pouring out of it, directly destroying the traces of local civilization.

If it were not for the five million coalition forces of human nations to form a strong line of defense, if the ground had not been washed several times with nuclear bombs, human civilization might be disappeared.

The pressure of the Different World is on top of all human beings. Many people are still willing to work hard and improve themselves under pressure.

Of course, there are hundreds of different people.

Zhong Yihan is a model who is not very qualified but works hard in the Kung Fu course.

The person next to him is the other extreme.

"Come, Yihan, drink water!"

During the rest of the Kung Fu lesson, a kind-hearted fat man handed a bottle of drink to Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan frowned as he looked at the drink: "Lao Zhu, thank you."

This drink is specially made, which works well, can quickly restore fatigue, and does not have any hormones.

Of course, the price is not cheap, a bottle costs more than 100 yuan.

In Zhong Yihan's current family environment, he can only earn two or three thousand yuan a month through his mother's hard work, and he can't afford such an expensive thing at all.


Chapter 5 - Make A Bet

The fat man said: "You are my brother, don't be polite with me, I still expect you to become a warrior to protect me! This is regarded as my investment in advance."

Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly and did not continue to refuse. He took the drink and took a big sip.

This fat man is named Zhu Zhenxing. He is a tablemate and a good friend in his high school for three years. He is a rich second- generation in a very rich family. Although the grades are at the bottom of the lesson, his grade is worse than Zhong Yihan, but has a good personality, with Zhong Yihan also get along very well.

Since Zhong Yihan's father was put in prison, Zhu Zhenxing often finds various reasons to give Zhong Yihan some benefits. For example, he brought more food at noon and accidentally bought an extra bottle when he bought drinks ...

He never gave Zhong Yihan money, but he always helps him with small things.

This makes Zhong Yihan very grateful.

But Zhu Zhenxing also has a very significant disadvantage-that is laziness.

Every time in the Kung Fu lesson, he looks as if he were going to be executed. He can find a reason not to run for three kilometers. The teachers also know that his family has money. He may be better than most people learning Kung Fu in the future. So teachers are often less strict, as long as he comes to the lesson.

So the fate of life is really helpless. Some people from birth to stand at the end of the struggle of many ordinary people in life, this is useless even if envious.

Watching Zhong Yihan drink a half bottle of drink, Zhu Zhenxing said: "Yihan, I think you are a little different today?"

"Huh?" Zhong Yihan asked. "What's different?"

"I can't say it, it just feels a little different, as if you are more confident and cheerful."

Zhong Yihan put down the drink bottle, thought about it, and smiled.

That's right since he got the system last night, he has found a bright avenue.

Although he has been determined before, he must be admitted to the Kung Fu Academy, even the first Xiangshui University in the province.

But even if the slogan resounds and the determination is resolute, in fact, he also knew his qualifications, if he was admitted to the worst Kung Fu college, he would be lucky.

As a result, he is under a lot of pressure and rarely smiles, especially after his father is in prison.

But now, there is a system in hand. Although it is very dangerous to hunt monsters in Different World, at least, he sees the way forward.

Even if this way out requires life-threatening--but what the world really despairs most ordinary people is that you have nowhere to go.

The appearance of the system made him see the hope of becoming stronger, so Zhong Yihan's performance was naturally a little different from normal times.

Zhu Zhenxing glanced at him and said with a smile: "Although I don't know what happened to you, it is a good thing to come, then I would like to congratulate you in advance to achieve your wish, and you must be admitted to Kung Fu Academy!"

"Thank you! I will!"

Zhong Yihan lifted the drink bottle in his hand and toasted with Zhu Zhenxing.

But at this moment, a teasing voice next to him sounded: "You want to be admitted to the Kung Fu college? Dream it! What was the result of the physical test yesterday? did it reach 1?"

The two frowned at the same time and saw a young man in a white exercise suit standing behind them, with an unabashed irony on his handsome faces.

Yun Chao.

A guy who has always looked down on each other with Zhong Yihan.

The reason for the discomfort is simple.

Some people may not get along well with each other, even if there is no intersection, they will hate each other.

Of course, there is a more important reason.

The rich second-generation, who was accidentally injured by Zhong Yihan's father a year ago, is Yun Chao's cousin.

The reason is enough.

Especially that incident also caused a lot of influence at that time. Many people came to Zhong Yihan to inquire, and Zhong Yihan directly said that his father was innocent and that someone had reversed the black and white by virtue of power.

In fact, the crowd did not care about the truth of the matter, but this statement itself made everyone more curious.

Therefore, Yun Chao is unhappy and has been bullying Zhong Yihan.

Yunchao laughed and said, "Just like you, you want to enter the Kung Fu college. Why do you really think that even if you are admitted to the Kung Fu college, you will be able to appeal for your father? As for your family, this life is also the life of a taxi driver! "

"Did the taxi driver offend you?" Zhong Yihan responded, "We make money by our ability, and we are justified and honest. Unlike you, you dare to reverse black and white with a little money, aren't you afraid of retribution?"

"Retribution?" Yunchao laughed, "What time is it now? Kung Fu time! People who have learned Kung Fu who has never killed anyone? There are people who believe in retribution! If there is retribution in this world, how can there be the invasion from Different World? "

Zhong Yihan snorted coldly: "Heaven does not punish you, I will punish you! When I become a warrior, I believe you will not laugh!"

"You? Warrior? Are you still dreaming? A bottle of drink is given to you by others, and you want to become a warrior? You must surpass me before saying this!

Having said that, Yun Chao deliberately made a pity look, "Well, I don't see this opportunity in your life."

Before Zhong Yihan spoke, Zhu Zhenxing next to him was angry, and stood up and cursed, "Yun Chao, you are too arrogant. Believe me or not, I will cost 100,000 yuan. Even if I can’t invite a warrior, and I will invite warrior apprentice. Watch out when you go home for the night! "

Seeing Zhu Zhenxing supporting Zhong Yihan, Yun Chao was a little scared.

Because he knew that Zhu Zhenxing's family was stronger than his cousin's.

Although it is in the Kung Fu era, it is still good to have money. If Zhu Zhenxing is annoyed, he really spends money to find a few thugs, and he will certainly be miserable.

But He can't lose face in front of Zhong Yihan, Yun Chao looked at Zhong Yihan and said, "You can only rely on someone to support you, You are really useless, I don’t want to talk with you!"

After speaking, Yun Chao was about to leave, but Zhong Yihan shouted from behind.


"Why, what else do you want to do?"

"Don't you say that I can't beat you in my life?" Zhong Yihan stood up and stared at the other side. "Then we bet."

"What bet?"

"Two months, no, within a month, I challenge you. The teacher witnessed the duel, and the loser kneeled in public and shouted three times that I am the turtle son! Dare ?!

Both Yun Chao and Zhu Zhenxing were stunned.

Zhu Zhenxing quietly pulled Zhong Yihan for a moment, seeing that he gave himself peace of mind, and didn't ask much at once.

Yun Chao laughed and said, "Okay! If you want to be a turtle son, then I will give you a chance! Within a month, I am waiting for you to challenge!"

After a pause, he said again: "And you can rest assured that I will definitely inform the whole school and come to witness!"

Chapter 6 - Borrowing Money for Equipment

After saying this, Yun Chao left with a big smile, and his arrogant laughter attracted the attention of many people.

Zhu Zhenxing pulled Zhong Yihan anxiously and said, "You are crazy! Although Yun Chao is not a genius, it is at least the top 300 in the whole grade, top 20 in the lesson. In the last test, his vitality is already 1.3, and your vitality is less than 1, how can you defeat him in a month? "

Zhong Yihan exhaled deeply and said, "Relax, I have my own plan, and ... I really need to force myself."

Zhu Zhenxing: "?"

"But I want to win him. I really need something here."

"What is it? Just say, as long as I can help!"

"Lend me some money!"

Zhong Yihan sighed, this is the first time he opened his mouth to borrow money.

There was only one last chance for the shuttle, but in fact, his heart was quite uneasy.

Because yesterday's experience has told him the danger of the Different World. So if he was teleported, he will not be able to return without killing at least five evil rabbit bests.

So he struggles all day today.

The original plan was to train a little bit more, improve some physical qualities and fighting skills, and be fully prepared to explore in Different World later.

But the appearance of Yun Chao made him suddenly understand a truth-this life may never be fully prepared, and sometimes people have to force themselves.

So he decided, tonight, he will use the last chance of the shuttle to enter the Different World again!

Of course, this time he must be fully prepared-at least some props, weapons and the like.

But the problem is that these things are asking for money. According to Zhong Yihan's current family conditions, he really can't take out the money.

Zhu Zhenxing was very happy and patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder: "I told you long ago that learning Kung Fu is very costly, let you borrow from me first and return it when you are stronger. You just didn’t borrow money from me before! Say, how much do you want to borrow, although I didn’t have too much, so if it is more than 300,000, I will go to my father to ask! "

"You are so rich!"

Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes gloomily: "Don't do that much, lend me one ... no, 30,000 yuan. I will pay you back as soon as possible."

"It's only 30,000 yuan?" Zhu Zhenxing was obviously a little lost. "I thought you opened mouth to borrow money. At least you need to borrow a million yuan, 30,000 yuan. I'll transfer it to your mobile phone."

When he was talking, he took out his mobile phone. After a while of operation, a "ding" sound, Zhong Yihan received the message that 30,000 yuan was received on the mobile phone.

"Thanks, I will pay you back."

"Okay, You can pay me back any time you want!" Zhu Zhenxing said, "Yes, you are so confident that you can beat Yun Chao down in a month?"

"Actually, I'm not sure." Zhong Yihan sighed and stopped what Zhu Zhenxing was going to say. "But, in this era, if you don't force yourself, maybe one day, when you want to It ’s too late to force yourself. "


After the Kung Fu lesson in the afternoon, Zhong Yihan first went to the Internet cafe to inquire about the information about the "evil rabbit beast".

He really finds something.

At the largest "Kung Fu Forum", there are many materials collected by predecessors of Kung Fu about the Different World, including animals and plants, minerals, geography, and meteorological distribution of the Different World, which can be said to be very detailed.

However, some of these materials are free, but more of them are paid, while others require advanced permissions to view.

This is also normal. After all, a lot of information is detected and collected by the Kung Fu Strong at great cost. It is reasonable to charge.

But the good news is that there is no charge for information about evil rabbit beast, perhaps because the evil rabbit beast is too low-level.

"Evil Rabbit Beast: the Very ordinary beast in Different World, an omnivorous animal, likes eating fresh meat and grass, has a certain aggressiveness, fast speed, intelligent underground, social creatures, sour meat, non-toxic."

Zhong Yihan learned about the classification of Different World creatures on the Kung Fu Forum, which was divided into ten levels.

Levels 1-9 are powerful fierce beasts, and evil rabbit beast is not in these nine levels at all, but belong to creatures that have not even reached the first level.

"Such a fierce monster can't even be rated at one level. What a terrible place in the Different World?"

Zhong Yihan was sighed, continued to check some information posts on the forum, and then carefully recorded some key information in the small book.

Although he has decided to go to Different World again, the purpose is to become stronger, not to die.

He still has his mother and sister to take care of, and his dad to redress the grievance. He also owed 30,000 yuan to Zhu Zhenxing, he couldn't die there casually, so he must be fully prepared.

After an hour, Zhong Yihan left the Internet cafe and went to the commercial street in the city center.

The last lesson told him that with his current strength, going to the Different World with no weapons is completely dead, so he needs to prepare some equipment for himself, which is why he asked Zhu Zhenxing to borrow money.

Since the prosperity of the Kung Fu, although the state's control of firearms is still strict, the control of knives has gradually been liberalized.

As long as you are over 16 years old, you can purchase cold weapons on your own with a valid ID.

There are many shops in the commercial streets in the city center that sell military-related items.

So in a luxurious mall, don't be surprised to see things like weapon shops with swords and armor shops with various protective equipment.

Because the style of Kung Fu has become the mainstream of today's society.

Zhong Yihan walked into a weapon shop called Leng Yue Zhai, looked around, and the more he looked, the tighter his brow frowned.

The most common edged steel knives cost between 1,000 and 5,000.

The material of this steel knife is just ordinary steel. According to the Kung Fu Forum, the damage of this low-grade steel knife is very limited, because most monsters in Different Worlds have thick skin and thick bones Ordinary steel knives can easily be rolled.

Therefore, this ordinary steel knife is generally used for novices to practice, and the actual combat ability is very poor.

If want to go to the Different World, at least you need a knife with special treatment and a specially coated steel knife.

Of course, it is best to use special alloy knives, but the price of such alloy knives is too outrageous, even the most ordinary, it must start at 100,000.

Zhong Yihan didn't know anything about the price of weapons because he knew he couldn't afford it even if he knew it.

A little understanding and found out ...

Fortunately, he asked Zhu Zhenxing to borrow 30,000 yuan.

If it were 10,000 yuan, he couldn't even afford a better knife!

Ignoring the enthusiastic propaganda of the sales lady, Zhong Yihan picked it up for a long time and finally bought 17,000 coated steel knives.

The knife is one meter long and weighs 4.3 kilograms. The Tang knife system is relatively lightweight. It is not as heavy as a ring knife and can be easily swung with one hand. It is not easy to break with modern metallurgy and forging technology.

This kind of Tang knife is Zhong Yihan's favorite for a long time.

Then 10,000 yuan bought a set of leather protective gear, the boss also sent a set of tights combat clothes, this tight worn on the body, can cover the whole body without revealing a trace of gaps, and the material of the tights will automatically breathe. It will look too stuffy.

Wear leather protective gear, including hoods, breastplates, arm guards, leg guards, etc., to effectively prevent injuries-the boss also specifically performed it, chopped it off with an ordinary steel knife, and only left a mark on the armor.

Looking at himself who was fully equipped in the mirror, Zhong Yihan finally felt a little more secure.

In this well-equipped situation, can damn evil rabbit beast bite him? !!

Chapter 7 - Exploration of Different World

In the end, Zhong Yihan also wanted to buy a strong crossbow, but this kind of crossbow is controlled by officials. It is not available for ordinary people. There are bows in the weapon shop, But the problem was that Zhong Yihan knew that his bow and arrow level was totally inadequate, so he gave up.

In the end, Zhong Yihan bought traps and cages, as well as some medicines and some necessities for survival in the wild.

After spending 30,000 yuan, Zhong Yihan packed all the equipment in a large travel bag and returned home.

Then while the mother was cooking and the younger sister was not at home, he sneaked the bag into his bedroom.

Nothing happened the night.

After finally waiting for mother and sister to fall asleep, Zhong Yihan looked at the time, at half-past eleven.

He quietly put on all his equipment, carried his travel bag, and finally checked for any omissions.

After confirming it twice, Zhong Yihan held the shuttle in his hand and used it.

The vision changed, and he returned to the forest before.

The shuttle in his hand turned into a bit of light and disappeared into the air as if it had never existed.

Holding the Tang knife in his hand, Zhong Yihan squatted on the ground and watched carefully.

Although this time he came to the Different World with the mentality of doing his best, he certainly didn't want to die, so everything must be careful.

The Different World is still purple, and the visibility is not high.

Zhong Yihan originally wanted to buy an infrared night vision device, but the forum said that there is an energy in the Different World, which will destroy the operation of electronic equipment, so no matter what electronic equipment has no effect in the Different World, he gave up.

After a slight movement of his body, Zhong Yihan calmed a lot this time, chose a direction, and began to crumble.

The forest is not very dense, and there are several flowers and plants that are unknown.

Zhong Yihan did not go far before he saw an evil rabbit beast eating.

It can be seen that what was struggling in the mouth of the evil rabbit beast was a large, mouse-like thing, but after a few struggles, it was bitten and swallowed by the evil rabbit beast.

Zhong Yihan held his breath, took out the trap and set it in place. Then he held the steel knife and carefully backed towards the other side.

One step, two steps ...

Suddenly, Zhong Yihan stopped.

Because when he backed up behind a stone, he found that the side of the stone was just squatting another evil rabbit beast.

Zhong Yihan stared at this weird rabbit, and the rabbit looked at him.

Sweat swept across Zhong Yihan's forehead.

This is awkward.

The next second, the evil rabbit beast sent out a sharp roar and rushed towards Zhong Yihan.

Zhong Yihan's response was also extremely fast, and hacking directly with a knife.

However, he did not think that the evil rabbit beast was extremely agile, and even avoided this knife, and bit it directly on his calf.

There was a painful burst of pain, but Zhong Yihan couldn't care about the pain, and he slashed down at the rabbit again.

It is indeed a 17,000 coated steel knife, which cut the evil rabbit beast biting on his leg into two pieces directly.

But this evil rabbit beast was extremely fierce. Although it was split in half, the only vitality left was to bite it on Zhong Yihan's leg.

And the movement here has alarmed the evil rabbit beast in front of him, the rabbit rushed towards Zhong Yihan like crazy.

To make matters worse, two more evil rabbit beasts emerged from the bushes beside them and began to besiege towards Zhong Yihan.

Three evil rabbit beasts made Zhong Yihan frightened, and then turn around subconsciously and run away.

At this time.

"Pop", followed by a crisp sound, followed by the mourning of the evil rabbit beasts.

Zhong Yihan turned his head and was surprised to find that an evil rabbit beast actually fell into the trap, was caught in the leg, and was madly struggling and mourning there.

There are two left, not that there is no chance of winning!

Zhong Yihan only reacted. He ran away just because of his instinct, but in fact, he couldn't escape even if he wanted to run away—because the speed of the evil rabbit beast was much faster than him.

And now that he has no shuttle, he can only fight.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan turned around holding the knife and shouted at the two evil rabbit beasts:


The two evil rabbit beasts rushed towards Zhong Yihan from two directions. Zhong Yihan chose one of them and lifted a knife to hack, but failed.

However, Zhong Yihan had some experience this time, knowing that the speed of this evil rabbit beast was extremely fast, so he lifted the knife to hack again.

The evil rabbit beast fended off the attack, and at this moment, Zhong Yihan had another severe pain in his leg.

The other evil rabbit beast bites in his left arm but immediately jumped away.

"Fuck! This beast even attacked both sides!"

Zhong Yihan cursed, but he kept the long knife in his hand, not stop the attack, although there was no rule, the knife is long enough, the attack range was large, and the blade was sharp.

This time he finally saw blood.

An evil rabbit beast beeped, and it was clear that a hole had been wiped from its body. Although not fatal, it also greatly reduced its flexibility.

Zhong Yihan was very happy, continuing the previous operation, a set of swords hacked at the intact evil rabbit beast.

Although he didn't have time to inspect the wound at this time, he could vaguely feel that the two bites that were bitten by the evil rabbit beast before should not have been able to bite the armor, only bruises. So he became braver.

He waved the one-meter Tang knife, although it was far from being airtight, it was enough to deal with two evil rabbit beasts and one of them was injured.

Not long after, Zhong Yihan seized an opportunity and slashed at the injured evil rabbit beast, splitting it directly into two sections.

The other evil rabbit beast uttered a wailing, glanced at Zhong Yihan with a grudge, and then ...

Turn around and run!

Zhong Yihan was stunned and looked at the evil rabbit beast that ran away. A few ups and downs got into the bushes and there was no figure, and his heart was horrified.

The IQ of this rabbit is a bit high, right? How could it know that if it can not beat others and then run away?

Fortunately, there was one left—the unlucky one, the evil rabbit beast caught by the traps.

Zhong Yihan glanced at the trap, and was shocked to find that the caught evil rabbit beast was actually scratching its hind legs!

It seems that it would rather bite off its hind legs and escape from the trap!

Zhong Yihan was really shocked, this rabbit was too hard for itself-biting the hind leg by itself, so painful!

Ok, let it die.

Seeing Zhong Yihan coming with a knife, the trapped evil rabbit beast strove hard and made a "hehe", a low roar that sounded like anger.

It seemed to warn this human being not to approach.

Zhong Yihan ignored the intimidation and went directly to kill the evil rabbit beast.

The forest was immediately restored to its previous purity.

At this time, Zhong Yihan was sitting on the floor, panting heavily, sweating all over.

After breathing for a while, he looked down at his calf, and there was a rabbit head hanging on it!

The rabbit's head was carefully taken off, and Zhong Yihan carefully examined the bite.

Fortunately, although there is a deep tooth mark on the leather armor, it has not been bitten.

Take off the pants to check the wound. The skin is no broken, but the biting force is huge, but there are two light marks, one deep and one shallow. The deep one is bitten by the first evil rabbit beast. The wound is already purple and bruised.

Zhong Yihan put some medicine on the wound and exhaled.

Although long known the fierceness of monsters from the Different World, from the perspective of data, fighting with monsters is a totally different experience.

Just killed three evil rabbit beasts. It was so dangerous. It seems that the system point is really not easy to earn at all!


Chapter 8 - Crisis and Harvest

Zhong Yihan rested for a while, and after recovering some physical strength, he stood up and moved on.

Just killed three evil rabbit beast, and only got 3 points in total, plus the previous 1 point, at least kill one more evil rabbit beast can get a shuttle.

But Zhong Yihan is not as nervous and frightened as before.

After all, the actual fight is great for improving courage.

The evil rabbit beast is nothing more than an animal with the same attack power as an ordinary fierce dog. He is armed with armor and has a sharp knife with a length of more than one meter. This is a human advantage.

After all, students in this era have started to practice basic equipment since junior high school. After so many years, Zhong Yihan's "knife practice" was good.

Although only the simplest hacks, chops, cuts, and other moves are possible, as long as don't panic in heart and ensure the stability of shot, there is actually no problem in dealing with the evil rabbit beasts that stay alone.

Of course, whether the other party will run away or not is beyond his control.

After all, the wisdom of the evil rabbit beast is not low, knowing that if one can not beat the enemy, they will run away, it will be caught by the trap, and it can even bite off its leg ...

This IQ is probably almost the same as the fox on the earth.


Beasts are beasts, and even if they are a little wise, they are still beasts. Don't expect to rely on that poor brain capacity to fight with humans.

Zhong Yihan walked a while and found another evil rabbit beast.

He hid behind the tree and threw the bait to the side of the big tree.

The bait was specially made, with a strong fragrance, and soon attracted the attention of the evil rabbit beast, and ran over.

The rabbit is a bit cautious. It waited for a while and made sure that it was not in danger.

At this moment, Zhong Yihan jumped out from behind the tree and attack the rabbit!

Harvested another!

In this way, Zhong Yihan subsequently killed four evil rabbit beasts, and the system points reached 8.

Zhong Yihan quickly bought a shuttle.

Now, finally, he felt more secure.

But good luck is not that long.

Next, Zhong Yihan also wanted to use bait to lure evil rabbit beasts, but this time directly attracted three!

Then there was a hard fight.

After first killing an evil rabbit beast by a sneak attack, Zhong Yihan finally cut off the other two evil rabbit beasts by the protection of leather armor.

But it also paid the price.

It was bitten several times. Although it was protected by leather armor, it must have been bruised, and the most serious thing was that the leather armor on the trouser legs had been bitten through a hole.

Next, Zhong Yihan killed several evil rabbit beasts.

A rabbit stays alone and there are two together.

The system point broke ten for the first time.

Moreover, he is now getting more and more proficient, and the efficiency of killing these evil rabbit beasts is getting higher and higher.

Psychology is also very important.

From the beginning panic and helplessness, until now calm, can even predict the trajectory, at the most appropriate time, kill them with a knife.

Zhong Yihan feels that he may have made more progress in fighting this night than he did last year!

"Real fight is the most effective!"

Then killed several evil rabbit beasts, the system point reached 15 points.

At this moment, "whine" sounded like a wolverine suddenly not far away.

Zhong Yihan's face changed, and he hurried to find a strong tree and climbed up.

Hiding in the dense foliage and looking down, six weird, but some creatures like hyenas appeared in groups nearby.

They had a hyena's body and head but had a lizard-like tail. The most eye-catching was the fangs in the big mouth. Two of them had fangs like wild boars. looks threatening.

Zhong Yihan knows that this weird creature is called a "tooth canine beast". When he checked the information in the "Kung Fu Forum" before, he saw the illustrated book of this creature.

Speaking of, for the naming of creatures in Different World, monsters with two significantly different biological characteristics appearing on the body at the same time will be collectively referred to as "xx" species.

Then it named it specifically with one of its most significant features.

It's like the "evil rabbit beast", it's a rabbit's head and a dog-like body.

This "tooth canine beast" is a hyena-like head, wild boar tusks, and a lizard's tail combined.

Looks weird.

Although in the illustrated book, this "tooth canine beast" is still classified as a low level. Looking at the appearance of these beasts, this creature is definitely more dangerous than the evil rabbit beast.

A simple way to compare.

The evil rabbit beast is only the size of an adult pug and weighs only 5 kilograms.

However, these tooth canine beasts are as large as adult wolf dogs and weigh at least 25 kilograms.

The larger the body, the greater the strength and the greater the bite force.

This is a common truth in the biological world.

Therefore, Zhong Yihan can not guarantee that the armor on his body can prevent their mouths.

Not to mention these beasts are gregarious animals. They are used to acting out in groups. Zhong Yihan knows his strength and understands that if there is only one beast, he may still be able to fight with one, but so few together, the only thing he has to do now is hiding in the leaves and pray that he won't be found.

Otherwise, he will be dead.

Fortunately, these beasts only walked under the tree and found no prey, so they left.

But Zhong Yihan on the tree was still afraid to move. After waiting for a while, he confirmed that the tooth canine beasts did not return, so he quietly came down from the tree, and then found the opposite direction to run away from this horrible beast.

There are more creatures in the forest than Zhong Yihan imagined. He not only saw some strange birds, but also many weird looks. He also encountered two snake-like creatures.

However, this snake-like creature was very alert. When Zhong Yihan found them, they immediately went into the grass and disappeared.

This made Zhong Yihan more vigilant and did not dare to act lightly, and he was cautious along the way.

He only kills evil rabbit beasts and doesn’t kill other insects and snakes. When he hears the sounds of tooth canine beasts, he immediately turns around and runs away.

In this way, another hour passed, and another five poor evil rabbit beasts died under Zhong Yihan's sword-of course, more were run away, and there were a dozen.

The system point of the mall also reached 20.

After a while, Zhong Yihan saw an evil rabbit beast again.

But unlike before, the evil rabbit beast dragged into the cave by biting the body of a big mouse.

Zhong Yihan quickly stomped near the cave.

The evil rabbit beast did not notice any human being approaching at all, and half of its body had been drilled into the cave.

Zhong Yihan took a chance and attacked from behind!

The poor evil rabbit beast was directly killed with this knife.

Zhong Yihan recovered the corpse of this evil rabbit beast and harvested 1 system point again. As for the big mouse, sorry, the system doesn't want such a low thing and will not be recovered.

"In other words, what is this cave? Rabbit nest? Is there food stored in it?" Zhong Yihan looked at the cave. "Or is there a rabbit in it?"

If that's the case, wouldn't he be able to make a fortune?

Zhong Yihan thought, excitedly reached into the Tang knife and measured the depth of the cave. As a result, the entire Tang knife and the length of the arm could not be detected.

So deep!

Zhong Yihan found that the soil around the cave was loose and soft. He first used a Tang knife to destroy the surrounding soil, and then threw the cave away with his hand, which was about two or three meters deep, and finally dug to the end of the cave.

There were no rabbits or stored food at the end of the cave.

Some are two grass with dark purple leaves.

"This is ... purple energy grass?!"

Chapter 9 - Summary after Fight

[Found low-level energy grass: two "purple energy grass",  recycling price: 3 system points, want to sell?]

Looking at the light word on the screen, Zhong Yihan frowned.

Add these two purple grass together, and the recycling price is only 3 system points?

This price is a bit low!

Although it is the first time that he has seen the real thing in person, he has a good memory. He had previously seen the introduction of the illustrated book in the "Kung Fu Forum", and still vaguely remembered it.

Purple energy grass, an exotic herb in Different World.

It takes one year to form and three years to have medicinal power. The longer the year, the purpler the color, the stronger the medicinal power.

Level: Not reach level 1, dark purple energy grass may be close to level 1.

Function: It contains less energy, but it is slightly toxic. It may cause diarrhea when taken directly by people who learn Kung Fu.  Ordinary people may damage the liver and cannot be eaten directly.

After processing and detoxification, it can be cultivation medicines to improve physique and speed up cultivation.

The forum also said that generally speaking, a five-year purple energy grass can sell for one to two thousand yuan, and the five-year purple energy grass has been seen by Zhong Yihan, both in color and size, can not compare with the two he collected.

Can these two purple grass be recovered systematically for only 3 points?

A price with three evil rabbit beasts? !!

This is really unreasonable.

The problem is that there is no place to make sense of this silly system. Zhong Yihan thought about it and clicked "Cancel".

Rather than let the system recycle, it's better to keep it for sale.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan decisively refused to recycle, and carefully put the two purple energy grass into his pockets.

He was going to go back and sell the two purple energy grass. The carcass of the beast was not easy to sell, but this energy grass was still very easy to sell.

After all, he still owes 30,000 yuan to Zhu Zhenxing!

Next, Zhong Yihan found four evil rabbits and his system points reached 25.

At this time it is 6 am Earth time and school time is 7:30.

"Catch it for another half an hour and go back."

Zhong Yihan felt that he could continue to catch, he suddenly heard that there seemed to be a slight noise around him.

He immediately became alert, carefully crouched down to hide, while holding the shuttle in his hand, ready to use at any time.

Intuition tells Zhong Yihan that this time it is most likely not an evil rabbit beast.

A slight sound came from all directions, and Zhong Yihan finally found that it was the six tooth canine beasts just now. They have formed a circle, and surrounded him!

"Oh no, careless!"

Zhong Yihan and one of the tooth canine beast faced each other, and the undisguised bloodthirsty under the beast's red pupil made his scalp.

Seeing that the six tooth canine beasts were getting closer, Zhong Yihan wants to go back immediately

Quickly shouted: "Teleport me back!"

Soon the surrounding scene became a familiar bedroom.

Zhong Yihan breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed on the bed weakly.

Because it is early winter, the sun outside has not yet risen.

In the darkness, Zhong Yihan opened his eyes, thinking about his gains today.

Counting the five system points consumed for the first level shuttle, he earned a total of 31 system points this time.

It can be said that it far exceeds expectations.

In the beginning, Zhong Yihan was worried that he would not be able to redeem the shuttle. He did not expect that 25 points would be left as a result. This is a huge gain.

However, in comparison, Zhong Yihan felt that the greater gain was that he had lived one night in the Different World.

This spiritual gain is great, especially in the frontal battle of the evil rabbit beast, which greatly improved his courage and courage.

There is a feeling of sublimation.

He knew very well that before yesterday, he was just a person who had not seen blood-like most students.

But after yesterday night, now he can barely be regarded as a soldier.

"But there are still many problems!"

Zhong Yihan was lying on the bed, recalling all the experiences just now, and summing up some experiences.

First, his preparation is still not enough. If it is not a shuttle as a hole card, then he has been killed by the tooth canine beasts;

Second, his attack method is still too simple, only simple traps and knives, especially the lack of effective long-range attack methods.

Imagine if he had a strong crossbow in his hand, at least tonight's harvest can be more than a dozen system points.

Because the monsters of the Different World are not low in IQ. If they find that they cannot beat them, they will turn around and run-Zhong Yihan can never catch up.

Moreover, if there is a long-range attack method, then even if several evil rabbit beasts come together, he will not be afraid.

One or two can be shot at a long-range, and the rest can be solved.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan opened the mall system, and after searching for it, set his sights on "Basic Archery".

["Basic Archery" can help newbies quickly master archery skills and can be reused. A "Basic Archery" adds 100 proficiency. Price: 20 system points.]

In the mall system, in addition to "Basic Archery", there are "Basic knife Techniques", "Basic knife Techniques", "Basic Gun Techniques", "Basic Footwork" and so on ...

Although Zhong Yihan wanted to learn basic knife skills, he realized through the battle last night that in cold weapon battles, the attack distance was important.

Today, several evil rabbit beasts escaped from under the knife of Zhong Yihan, but he was powerless and could only watch the system points flying away. If he could shoot arrows, this would not happen.

Even in the face of tooth canine beasts, maybe he could fight with them.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan decisively exchanged for "Basic Archery".

The 25-point system point turned into 5 at once, which made him feel distressed.

It's hard to make money. It's fast to spend money... He can feel this kind of bitter experience.

After the purchase, Zhong Yihan chose to study directly.

At this time his character panel also changed.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 0.8

Dexterity: 0.7

Constitution: 0.8

Spirit: 0.9

Comprehensive vitality: 0.8


Basic archery: 330/1000, (in progress).

Basic knife method: 272/1000

Basic Boxing: 253/1000

Basic footwork: 130/1000


"Is there a skill bar on the character panel?"

Zhong Yihan carefully studied his skill bar. The high ones, whether it is archery, knife, boxing, footwork, etc., are all "Entry" evaluations, and proficiency is from one hundred to two, or more than two hundred.

After thinking about it, Zhong Yihan understood the meaning of these values.

Because in the school before, the teachers of archery, knife method, and boxing skills were taught. They have also studied for several years, so their proficiency is reflected.

However, after spending a few years, proficiency is only one or two hundred ...

Zhong Yihan was instantly ashamed.

Looking at the "In progress" behind "Basic Archery", he doesn't know what's the use.

However, Zhong Yihan remembers that the practice content of Kung Fu class today is archery, so he can try it at that time.

Looking at the time, it was already over five in the morning.

Zhong Yihan grabbed the rabbit all night, covered with stinky sweaty and tired. Now he quickly took off his armor and the Tang knife and hid under the bed. Then he took a shower casually and took time to sleep.

There are classes today!

Chapter 10 - Archery Class

In the morning culture class, Zhong Yihan slept in the class and slept on the table for two lessons.

Then he felt less sleepy.

The senior teacher's control of students was not so strict.

Students with poor grades often sleep in the class, and good students occasionally sleep once or twice.

Zhong Yihan belongs to the middle grades category. He doesn't have any sense of presence in the class, so no one cares about him.

In fact, he can use 1 system point to exchange a bottle of nutritional medicine to relieve fatigue.

But Zhong Yihan was really reluctant.

That's an evil rabbit beast!

He had lunch with Zhu Zhenxing at noon and then continued to take a nap in the classroom. The afternoon archery class began.

Archery lessons need to be learned in a dedicated archery hall.

Each class needs to be scheduled to go, so Zhong Yihan cherishes the opportunity once a week.

Their Kung Fu teacher, Zhang Shou, learned Kung Fu for a long time and is highly respected in school.

Because Kung Fu represents status in this era, most students must be more afraid of Zhang Shou than a class teacher who is not even a Kung Fu apprentice.

Apart from that, students make mistakes and get kicked-there is no rule of corporal punishment in this age-but the problem is that the headteacher who was not a Kung Fu apprentice was kicked, that is, shot the ash on the buttocks, was completely painless.

But kicked by a man who learned Kung Fu for a long time, even if he controlled the strength, but…… you will feel painful for a week!

Therefore, most naughty students in the school did not dare to naughty in front of Zhang Shou.

At the gate of the archery hall, Zhang Shou stood in front of the class with a list.

"Our class now has four people in the 150-meter field, Xiong Bo, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan and Yun Chao. There are 14 people in the 100-meter field and 35 people in the 50-meter field. According to the results of last week, Look, Li Xinyu and Zhang Bo are the most promising to advance to the 150-meter field, and Peng Ming and Fan Dali are the most promising to advance to the 100-meter field. "

"So students, come on!"

"Yes!" The students answered weakly.

The school's archery class is similar to the rules of the archery hall and belongs to the advanced course.

Every 50 meters, as long as you can reach eight rings with ten or more rounds and higher, you can advance to the next stage.

"You are already in senior three. There still are so many people who stopped at the 50-meter field. This is unreasonable. I hope you will cheer up from today. Don’t think that archery is an elective course and you can fool around. Now fooled, wait until you are crying in actual combat! "

Zhang Shou's reprimand made everyone trembled.

At this time Zhong Yihan just wanted to try the effect of "Basic Archery" earlier, and he didn't hear Zhang Shou's words at all.

Zhong Yihan noticed that someone was looking at himself, and he looked back and found that Yun Chao, who was standing tall.

Yun Chao was so proud at this time, which made Zhong Yihan very unhappy.

Seeing Yunchao holding his hand behind his chin and gesturing at Zhong Yihan with an archery posture, the meaning is obvious, that is, threatening.

Yunchao has reasons to be proud of. Although his vitality ranks a dozen in the class, he does have talent in archery and is the fourth person in the class to enter the 150-meter field.

Zhong Yihan gestured him to cut his throat and then looked away.

Isn't it a 150-meter field, he will soon enter.

It didn't last long, Zhang Shou brought everyone into the hall.

Lined up to receive his bow and arrow, Zhong Yihan came to his place.

Archery is easy to learn, as long as you master the basic posture, anyone can shoot a few arrows, but if you want to be successful, you need a lot of practice.

This can't be achieved by taking supplements.

Zhong Yihan's hunting recurve bow weighs 50 pounds and is a standard practice bow.

Girls practice lighter bows, but they weigh 40 pounds.

Under normal circumstances, Zhong Yihan's limit is twenty consecutive arrows, after which he will start to feel obvious difficult.

And his accuracy is not very good, and he often misses even at a distance of 50 meters.

"Yun Chao is amazing! It's the eighth ring again!"

In the next position, a girl exclaimed.

Yunchao is lazy in general training, but archery training is the most serious.

It is heard that he spends at least five days a week in the Archery hall, and there is a personal archery instructor who personally teaches. If the archery is not good, it is a strange thing.

Seeing that Yun Chao was surrounded by a group of girls, with a contented look, Zhong Yihan didn't feel anything, but Zhu Zhenxing scolded unhappily: "It's just eight rings, What to be proud of."

After that, he took a bow and fired an arrow ...


Missing the target caused a group of people to laugh.

Zhu Zhenxing squatted depressed, his head almost tucked into his crotch.

Zhong Yihan also laughed, raised the bow in his hand, and took out an arrow to pose.

An inexplicable familiarity emerged as if he had done this gesture thousands of times.

At this point, Zhang Shou just passed by Zhong Yihan and saw that his posture was somewhat unexpected. Judging from the posture alone, it was enough standard.

It seems that Zhong Yihan did a lot of hard work in private.

Zhong Yihan fired an arrow ...

0 ring!

"Oh my god! You surprised me. I almost thought you were about to hit ten rings in your posture just now." Zhu Zhenxing said.

For some reason, it was only one night that he had not seen, but he felt that Zhong Yihan seemed to have changed a lot.

Zhang Shou shook his head aside and left without saying anything.

Zhong Yihan didn't say anything. The sense of familiarity when he pulled the bow just now can't be fake.

But at the moment of the arrow, he was so distracted that he didn't control well, so he missed.

Zhong Yihan took out an arrow and put it on the bow again, this time his focus was completely on the target.

Pull bow and shoot arrows.

Nine rings!

[Basic Archery, Proficiency +1]


Suddenly received a system reminder to Zhong Yihan.

How can proficiency in basic archery be increased this way?

"It must be luck!" Zhu Zhenxing widened his eyes beside him.

Zhong Yihan ignored it, and he picked up another arrow and shot it again.

Eight rings!

The eight rings were shot this time, but the system did not remind.

It seems that he must shoot more than nine rings to increase proficiency.

This time, Zhu Zhenxing was a bit surprised. He hit more than eight rings twice. Zhong Yihan has never done it before!

If three consecutive rounds hit more than eight rings, wouldn't it mean that Zhong Yihan's archery is about to break through the level of 50 meters?

The idea of Zhu Zhenxing just rose, he only heard a sound of breaking air again, and he hurriedly looked at it.

[Basic Archery, Proficiency +1]

It is almost in the same position as the previous one!

"Yihan, you honestly explained, did you practice secretly?"

Zhong Yihan didn't hear what Zhu Zhenxing said, and he was excited at this time. He did not expect that the increased proficiency in Basic Archery was so obvious.

If he perfects the entry-level proficiency, then what effect will it have.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan had some vague expectations.

Next Zhong Yihan fired three arrows in succession, one with eight rings and two with nine rings.

Increases basic archery proficiency by two points.



"Seven out of ten, damn it, almost to upgrade to next stage."

On the side of the arrow, someone looked at his own performance and scolded dissatisfied.

This person's name is Peng Ming, who is the most crowded person in the entire 50-meter field.

Because almost everyone is optimistic, he is the next player in the class to break through the 50-meter field and advance to the 100-meter field.

Peng Ming's limit was only thirty arrows. After the first ten arrows were fired, although it was better than the last time, the results did not satisfy him.

Only seven of the ten arrows hit more than eight rings. Although the other three arrows also had six or seven rings, he had not been able to break through this step for a month.

Just now, if want to enter the next stage, you must ensure that eight of the ten arrows hit eight or more rings.

Therefore, Peng Ming was very depressed, because the progress of this round stuck him for more than a month, preventing him from entering the next stage.


Chapter 11 - Leap Forward

Seeing that Peng Ming's face was not so good, a few people on the side comforted him:

"Peng Ming, you don’t need to feel bad, so how can we live even if we can't reach the target?"

"That is, relax occasionally. There is no need to push yourself so tightly in each class. Anyway, there are still eight or nine months before the college entrance examination. It is a matter of time to advance with your strength.

"I bet we will be the next advanced in the 50m field. It must be Peng Ming!"

Eight or nine months is short?

Peng Ming ignored them. He cleared the data on the counter, took a deep breath, and was ready to continue.

Just then, a shout came from me:

"Seven out of ten! Awesome Yihan, you will enter the next stage!"

This exclamation suddenly caught Peng Ming's attention. He frowned and found that many people were talking beside Zhong Yihan, who was talking beside him.

"Why is Zhong Yihan in such a good condition today? Is it possible to take a ban?"

"Seven out of ten, I can proud of it for half of the year."

"You said, is it possible for Zhong Yihan to advance to the 100-meter field today? No one has advanced in the 50-meter field for a month?"

"I think impossible, we all know Zhong Yihan's previous results, it is estimated that his current status can not be maintained for long."

Seven out of ten!

Peng Ming looked at the display on the counter beside Zhong Yihan, only to find it incredible.

From the first year of high school, he has not relaxed in every archery class. Until now, he has barely made seven attempts.

But Zhong Yihan, maybe he is one of the hardest students in the class, but his Kung Fu talent is notoriously poor.

Even if quantitative change can cause qualitative change ... it should be him Peng Ming!

Of course, Peng Ming's talents are just average, otherwise, it won't be so long, or mixed in the 50-meter field.

Of course, Peng Ming's talents are just average, otherwise, it won't be so long, or stayed in the 50-meter field.

But sometimes people are like this, even if their level is just average, but as long as it is not the last, there are always a few people who can give him psychological comfort.

Unfortunately, whether it is Zhong Yihan or Zhu Zhenxing, for people like Peng Ming, this has always been the last person.

Didn't expect that today, the last person is going to stand up? !!

Zhong Yihan did not pay attention to the surrounding situation, he was completely immersed in his feelings at this time.

Ten out of ten middle schools may start to be a surprising achievement for other students.

But Zhong Yihan knew that he could do better.

The skill book "Basic Archery" brought him an improvement, not only a little proficiency but also a powerful muscle memory.

The coach also said that the basic archery is posing.

But for the novice, it is difficult to find the correct posture, and it needs many exercises.

The purpose of this "Basic Archery" is to help him improve his muscle memory in the correct posture.

Zhong Yihan took out the new arrow, put it on the bow, and silently felt the memory on that muscle.

Behind him, more and more people gathered unconsciously.

Nine rings.

Nine rings.

Eight rings.

Ten rings.


Everyone silently counted, each achievement above the 9th ring will add more expectations.

Ten arrows were fired, ten rings at a time, nine rings at eight times, and eight rings at once.

Increased basic archery proficiency by 9.

The basic archery proficiency reached 343.

"Ten out of nine!"

"Oh my God, Zhong Yihan has advanced!"

"It's awesome, I knew that Zhong Yihan would work so hard and he would achieve results!"

In a marvel of praise, a furious voice sounded:

"Impossible! You cheat!"

It was Peng Ming who spoke.

He ran over to see Zhong Yihan's counter. Unbelievably, he just felt a jealous flame burning in his heart, and it didn't make him feel good.

Everyone thinks that the next advanced person must be him, but he did not expect to be robbed by Zhong Yihan!

Envious of the jealousy, he couldn't help but talk and said that Zhong Yihan cheated.

"You talk nonsense!"

Whenever this time, Zhu Zhenxing must be the first one to stand up and help Zhong Yihan.

He yelled at Peng Ming who was dysfunctional: "So many people look at the 50-meter target, how can you cheat?!"

Peng Ming regretted it after speaking.

As Zhu Zhenxing said, this kind of thing is impossible to cheat at all.

But Zhu Zhenxing's scolding was unpleasant, and he couldn't help but fight back: "I remember Zhong Yihan's best result last week didn't seem to be even five out of ten, and this week's time was nine out of 10? Isn't this cheating?! "

This will not only be Zhu Zhenxing, but other people will also scoff.

Can't he improve fast?"

"That is, the facts are there. So many people look at him and he can't do anything to cheat!"

"Peng Ming is too jealous."

"That is, he is jealous."

"Hey, can't he be jealous? Originally, he thought he must be the next one to break through the 50-meter field, but he didn't expect to be snatched by Zhong Yihan."

"If you are not strong enough, you must recognize the reality."

Everyone was talking eloquently, and Peng Ming's face was blue and red, and the most embarrassing thing was that the students who had been standing behind him, were far away standing outside, no one helped him to say a word at all.

Zhong Yihan's heated discussions also attracted the attention of the 100-meter field and the 150-meter field.

"It's just a little achievement in the 50-meter field, there is nothing to discuss."

Yun Chao shrugged his lips, he still doesn't like Zhong Yihan.

After all, the difficulty of the 50-meter field is not at the same level as the difficulty of the 150-meter field. He doesn't believe Zhong Yihan can catch up with him.

Finally, some other people turned their heads after a few glances and did their work seriously.

After all, it was just a student who broke through the 50-meter field. For them, it was nothing.

"Zhong Yihan didn't cheat."

Just then, Zhang Shou's voice came over.

The crowd separated, Zhang Shou came in and smiled at Zhong Yihan:

"I just saw that when I was standing in the distance. There is no cheating operation in archery. You can practice in the 100-meter field, and it is good."

He didn't think of Zhong Yihan's advancement at all, but he knew how hard the student worked on weekdays, so he was only relieved.

Hearing that he had advanced to the 100-meter field, Zhong Yihan was not too excited. He was ready for this situation.

In the envy, jealousy, and complicated sight of the classmates at the 50-meter field, Zhong Yihan came to the 100-meter field.

Zhu Zhenxing is sincerely happy for Zhong Yihan.

Zhu Zhenxing knew about Zhong Yihan's family situation. Unlike him, he was born and won.

Therefore, seeing the improvement of his brother's strength, Zhu Zhenxing is sincerely happy.

But there was a hint of doubt in his head.

After all, since yesterday, Zhong Yihan has changed a lot, and today he has made rapid progress and didn’t know what happened to him.

And then again, Zhong Yihan suddenly became strong, wouldn't it be related to his 30,000 yuan?

Zhu Zhenxing looked weird and immediately rejected the idea.

The money that Zhong Yihan borrowed yesterday was too scary if he became stronger today.

This is not a game, it becomes stronger when you charge.

Other classmates also discussed one by one, wondering why Zhong Yihan progressed so fast. Of course, this kind of thing is not discussed.

People talked a lot and threw Peng Ming directly there, and no one came forward to talk to him at all.

Only Zhu Zhenxing gave him a disdainful look, then left with a big laugh.

The lethality of this look made him more uncomfortable than scolding him.

Peng Ming returned to his place silently, picked up the bow and arrow and started more crazy training.

Chapter 12 - Differences in the 100-meter Field

There are not many tracks in the 100-meter field, and now there is only one empty. Zhong Yihan had no choice but came over with his bow.

Then he saw a girl standing next to a track.

Li Xinyu.

The most beautiful girl in the class is also a strong contender for the most beautiful girl in the school.

A crisp short hair, close to the height of one meter seven, a pair of slender long legs, almost perfect body contour ...

The breast is a little smaller, barely a B-but this is the most appropriate ratio for a female who learns Kung Fu.

After all, if it is too big, it will affect the action-the legendary Amazon female warrior will cut off one of her breasts for the convenience of bow and arrow shooting!

No matter how small ... what else is there to say about a pair of A's?

Therefore, the size of B is not too small, just right.

As for the face, it is also the kind that makes people feel amazing at a glance.

And she doesn't seem to get along well.

When Zhong Yihan came over, she just glanced at him, then went back and continued her practice.

It seems that there is a cat or a dog.

Zhong Yihan didn't put his mind on her, admittedly, he admits that he had a crush on this girl. It can't be said that crush, that is, when young people see beautiful girls, they will like her, this is also human nature.

But after calculating a bill with Zhu Zhenxing, he dismissed the idea of like.

Because this girl can spend too much!

People in this society practice Kung Fu, but this kind of physical exercise, after all, men will have some advantages in nature. As for the top ten students who take Kung Fu training in the third grade of our school, eight are boys, and the number of girls is only two.

Moreover, one of them is the kind of girl who looks more like a man.

Therefore, there are still not many girls like Li Xinyu who are powerful, beautiful, and tall and perfect in this era.

After all, Kung Fu will inevitably lead to muscle swelling, thick joints, and inevitably thicker bodies.

Therefore, if you want to increase your strength and maintain your slim and slender figure, you must take a special medicated bath after exercise, and then massage it by a professional masseur, and use special essential oils and medicines to Activate the body and clear the muscles.

Moreover, once or twice is not enough. Twice a week is a start. Families with conditions even arrange a medicated bath and massage once a day for their children!

Coupled with daily nutrient intake, etc., the cost of a day starts at thousands of yuan.

Zhu Zhenxing's younger sister is just such a person. She is two years younger and has been raised this way since she was a child. The annual expenditure on the body alone will be hundreds or even tens of millions.

The girl in this kind of family, a normal person thinks about this overhead, it is very wise to retreat.

Zhong Yihan knew that he didn't have much strength, and his looks were not very handsome, so he never thought he could have any intersection with this goddess.

Gathering his mind, Zhong Yihan did not delay time, took out an arrow and shot it out. As a result, the arrow began to deviate from a straight line far from the target and finally shot on the ground.

It seems that the power of the 50-meter field is not enough for the 100-meter field.

Zhong Yihan's second arrow stretched the bowstring far beyond the force required for the fifty-meter field, making his arms tremble slightly.

Zhong Yihan gritted his teeth and shot the arrow at the target.


The moment he shot it, he realized that the arrow would not hit the target.

Any slight jitter has a serious impact on the accuracy of the bow and arrow.

The arrow brushed over the target and hit the sponge mat in the back.

This made Zhong Yihan realize that with his current strength, it is still difficult to hit the target in a straight line.

But his accuracy of 50 meters is still there. If he uses an arc, he may hit the target.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan fired an arrow in an obliquely upward direction, about thirty degrees.

The arrow drew a long arc in the sky and finally landed on the third ring of the target.


Zhong Yihan fisted to celebrate, a little excited in his heart.

Li Xinyu at the side saw this scene a little accidentally.

When she first advanced to the 100-meter field, she spent the whole afternoon shooting her first arrow.

Zhong Yihan did it with only three arrows.

"This guy's archery talent is pretty good."

Of course, this thought flashed in her heart, and then Li Xinyu turned her attention to the bow and arrow in her hand.

Raise her hand with an arrow, it is a seven ring.

And compared to Zhong Yihan's arrow just fluttered to the target, her arrow was firmly "pinned" to the target, and the tail of the arrow was still shaking.

"Well, great power!"

Zhong Yihan thought of the test not long ago, Li Xinyu's overall score ranked among the top five in the class. He didn't remember the specific value, but it was at least 1.6.

In other words, Twice as many as him.

Zhong Yihan asked: "How many pounds is your bow?"

Li Xinyu's eyebrows frowned slightly, but she still answered, "80 pounds."

Zhong Yihan was a little bit stunned, and the average girl only used a 40-pound bow, and she was already 80 pounds.

Sure enough, high vitality is powerful!

After all, the vitality of 1.6 has already entered the level of Kung Fu apprentices. At this level, 100 meters can run for ten seconds, and the strength of her arms can reach 100 or 150 kilograms, which is already the limit of ordinary people before the world merges!

Far from being like Zhong Yihan who has less than 1 vitality.

This makes Zhong Yihan also envious:

"If I had vitality and archery like her, I wouldn't care about the tooth canine beast."

However, Zhong Yihan also knew that this kind of thing could not be envied. He adjusted his mindset, and then he continued to try different angles and strengths and finally made the arrow fall on the target to reach the fifth ring.

This best grade stayed until the afternoon bow and arrow lesson.

He was already satisfied with it.

Other students were even more surprised by this. A group of people gathered around Zhong Yihan and asked in a chatter:

"Zhong Yihan, did you find the trick? How can you advance to the 100-meter field so fast?"

"I heard that you only hit the 100-meter target with just three arrows."

There are also a few girls in the class talking about things like "Which direction is your family in", "Can you teach me in private", "If you have time on the weekend, do you want to hang out together?"

Even if he has time, he has to hurry to practice in Different World. Now he is a grade three student in high school. These people are thinking about playing.


After school, Zhong Yihan hurried to his home. He had to sell the two purple energy grass quickly.

"Hey, why are you running so fast!"

Don't look back, Zhong Yihan also knows who this voice is.

Zhu Zhenxing rushed up from behind in the next second, holding his neck with a fierce look: "Boy! Say! Have you recently taken medicine, how can you progress so fast!"

Zhong Yi said: "I just found some tricks."

"By the way, I saw you talking to Li Xinyu in the afternoon. You dare to talk to her?"

Zhong Yihan shrugged his lips. He knew that Li Xinyu is Zhu Zhenxing's dream lover, and deliberately provoked: "What, jealous?"

"I'm so jealous!" The fat man hammered two punches on his arm, "She even talked to you, no way! I have to work hard! If things go on like this, I'm afraid my goddess will like you, and I will never allow this to happen, so I will try to enter the 100-meter field."

Zhong Yihan said: "You work hard, rest assured, I will never like her! I can't afford such a too expensive girl."

"It's okay, my family has too much money, don't be afraid!"

"Don't forget that you have a younger sister. If you marry her, then you will have two expensive girls at your house. Are you sure?"

The fat man's face changed drastically: "His ... It seems a bit dangling."

The two boys didn't notice that their voice was a bit loud, and was heard by several girls on the roadside.

Several girls exchanged weird glances. After the two went away, one girl took out her mobile phone:

"Hey, Xinyu ..."


Chapter 13 - The First Money Made

"Mom, I'm back."

Zhong Yihan returned home, and found that Zhang Aimei was always doing housework, he watched his mother's thin back, his eyes softened.

"Mom, today I'm advanced to the 100-meter field in the archery class."


Zhang Aimei stopped the broom and looked up in surprise.

"I heard that the 100-meter field is difficult. Almost half of the 50 students can advance to the 100-meter field."

"Yes, are you confident that I am admitted to Kung Fu University now?"

"I know you can do it. When did Mom have no confidence in you?"

Zhang Aimei said cheerfully.

Looking at her smile, even the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes stretched a lot.

"Brother, are you in 100 meters field?!"

Zhong Qiaoyue ran out of the bedroom, surprised.

The advanced course of junior high school archery is 25 meters, 50 meters, and 100 meters.

For Zhong Qiaoyue, who is still hovering in the 25-meter field, the 100-meter field is an insurmountable distance.

Moreover, Zhong Yihan stagnated for two years in the 50-meter field.

"yes, hey, are you envious? You're still far behind. But you don't have to worry, you can advance to the 50-meter field when you reach high school."

"You're talking nonsense, that's because there is no 25-meter field in high school, isn't it? It's just 100 meters. What's so great, when I advance to 150 meters, you will still be 100 meters. "

Zhong Qiaoyue said.

"Let’s talk about it when you enter the 50 miters field."

Zhong Yihan's face was disdainful. Only in front of his family would he reveal the truest emotions.

And this is not a bragging statement. His progress in the past two days is even more obvious. By the time his sister goes to high school, he must have far exceeded this girl.

"Mom, look at him."

"Okay, okay, you two don't quarrel as soon as you meet each other. It's a headache for me. Qiaoyue, you should be happy when your brother gets results."

"He provokes me first."

"And you, brother need to be nice to sister."

"I know, mom."

Zhong Qiaoyue proudly stuck out her tongue, and then returned to her room.

Zhong Yihan gorged on two bowls of rice, then returned to the room to open the drawer.

Seeing two purple energy grass lying intact, he was relieved.

Zhong Qiaoyue's Kung Fu sound can be heard in the next room, and it seems that Zhong Yihan's advance in the 100-meter field has stimulated her greatly.

Zhong Yihan took off his schoolbag, took out all the contents and emptied it, and then put two purple grass in it.

He walked out of the bedroom sneakily, but before he got to the door, he heard Zhang Aimei's voice coming from the kitchen: "Don’t go to practice just after dinner. Anyway, take a break."

"It's okay, mom."

Zhong Yihan quickly opened the door and went out.

As with weapons purchases, if more than 16 years old, can now use the ID card to go to an Internet cafe to access the Internet.

Zhong Yihan quickly went to a nearby Internet cafe to open a computer, and then opened the Kung Fu Forum.

The Kung Fu Forum is the nation's largest Kung Fu exchange website, with a large base of Kung Fu Strong and complete functions.

Not only does it have encyclopedic information, but it also has online trading functions and auction functions.

Zhong Yihan searched the forum for transaction information on purple energy grass and found that the demand is quite high.

This is also normal. According to the introduction in the encyclopedia, purple energy grass's medicinal effect is useful to people below the level of Kung Fu Strong. Obviously, the base of this group is the largest.

Although there are already some large pharmaceutical groups that have started to cultivate purple energy grass on a large scale through various methods, it is clear that such herbs are better than those grown artificially.

The price of wild purple energy grass is higher.

Zhong Yihan opened a market transaction and found that it needs to be registered before it can be used.

Fortunately, he brought his ID card and bank card.

Kung Fu Forum registration is the real-name system, plus bank card binding.

However, other people cannot see personal privacy information. The only other people can see is public information such as the avatar, ID, and gender.

Zhong Yihan thought for a while and registered himself with an ID-"Blood Knife".

Is it a bit crazy?

But this can frighten others.

Zhong Yihan clicked to check ... the name is duplicated, the system automatically generates the suffix-"Blood Knife 12138".

After registration, after a series of verification and binding, and finally real-name authentication, half an hour has passed.

He opened a market transaction, and one of his posts: [A large amount of wild purple energy grass purchased, the price is fair] has more than a thousand responses.

Zhong Yihan stepped in and took a look. The post was made by a manager named Manager. His ID was followed by two diamonds, which represented his integrity level.

There are also a few posts that purchased purple energy grass. Zhong Yihan read it one by one. Although the sayings are different, the prices are basically two thousand.

Zhong Yihan returned to the first post, opened the private chat of the Manager, and then sent a message: dark purple energy grass, Do you want it?

Similarly, he opened the following private messages and sent the same message.

After a while, three or four windows popped up almost at the same time. He didn't expect these people to respond so promptly.

He opened the first shop manager's window.

Store Manager: “How dark is it? Send a picture to see it.”

Zhong Yihan sent these photos one by one to the people.

Manager: "The condition is good, but it is not as dark as imagined, and it is worth five thousand yuan. I can give you more. How about  five thousand five hundred for one?"

Zhong Yihan thought he would give a lot, but in the end, he gave five thousand five hundred?

Is this too much?

dishonest trader.

He looked at a few other businessmen, and the most one only quoted six thousand. These people are crazy?

This obvious dark purple, with open eyes, talked nonsense.

Just now he has checked the information on the forum and has a clearer understanding of the price of purple energy grass.

After all, such things as purple energy grass are too common and the price is very clear.

Zhong Yihan was a bit upset. He replied a message to the manager and other stores:

Just a word:


Manager: "Oh no, my price is not low anymore, I don't believe you go to another store, their price is definitely lower than mine."

Just at this time, the one who had quoted six thousand had changed another seven thousand.

Zhong Yihan sent a screenshot of his offer to the manager.

This time, the shop manager passed a full minute before replying again.

Manager: "It's seven thousand five hundred, it can't be any higher. I still need to earn some money."

Zhong Yihan didn't speak and sent screenshots of the manager's quote to several other businessmen.

As a result, only one quoted 8,000, and the others stopped speaking.

It seems that eight thousand is their limit price.

Anyway, Zhong Yihan still wants to try again.

So he sent eight thousand screenshots to the manager.

This time the manager was really silent.

Just when Zhong Yihan thought he was about to give up, the manager sent a message: "Brother, eight thousand five hundred, one, really can not be more. Although this color of purple grass is rare, but far from reaching the level of purple to black, that is the real best of purple energy grass. To tell you the truth, your purple energy grass is worth up to eight thousand, I give you five hundred more, just want to make friend with you, you will have to think of me if you have good purple energy grass in the future. "

Zhong Yihan was very satisfied with the price of 8,500. To be honest, he had already planned to sell them in 8,000.

So this time he did not say anything and directly agreed to the transaction.

The next thing is simple, just like the previous online shopping, find a courier to send the goods, and then send the courier order number to the website.

The store has also transferred the money out, but it is left on the website of the Kung Fu Forum. After the receipt is confirmed, Zhong Yihan will be able to get the full amount.

Chapter 14 - Vitality Improvement

It takes a while for the courier to arrive, and then Zhong Yihan catches the evil rabbit beast in the Different World for three nights.

Every time he encountered the tooth canine beast, he carefully avoided it, except that Zhong Yihan almost broke into a horrible cave when he chased an evil rabbit beast.

The results of these three days, besides, to redeem the shuttle consumption, and he redeemed the nutritional potions in the system mall to restore, a total of eighty system points.

This system point could have been higher, but Zhong Yihan realized that just killing beasts was a waste of a treasure land in the Different World, so he deliberately set aside two hours for practice during these three nights.

"Woohoo ..."

Zhong Yihan was already sweating for two hours of training. He gasped violently, clenched the knife in his hand, and split it against the deep mark on the tree in front of him.

Zhong Yihan didn't know how many times he had done this. Although his muscles were tired and even started to tremble, he still had good control, letting Tang Dao no more and no less, just cut into the deep marks and make it deeper.

[Basic Knife Proficiency +1]

This is the method that Zhong Yihan discovered to improve the proficiency of the Basic Knife Method. As long as the attack can be cut to the same place more than five times, it will begin to improve proficiency.

Zhong Yihan pulled out the Tang knife and wanted to do it again. Suddenly, he felt that his hands had begun to be weak, and his whole body was shaking as if he was crying with a heavy load.

Although it is not exhausted yet, it is also faintly reaching the limit.

Zhong Yihan put away the Tang knife and hid in the cave next to him.

This cave was discovered by him before. It originally had a nest of evil rabbit beasts, but all became his system points. The cave was spacious and dry, just as a place for him to rest in Different World.

To this end, he also brought a large piece of barbed wire and made a simple small mechanism. Just pull it gently to seal the hole with the barbed wire. He is very safe in the cave, so he will also shuttle the positioning in the Different World is set in this cave as his "transportation point".

Speaking of which, Zhong Yihan also made a small-scale exploration of this Different World these days and found that this is likely to be an island.

The method is also very simple.

Although this is the Different World, all electronic products cannot be used and cannot be detected by drones, but traditional telescopes can be used.

Zhong Yihan spent two hours climbing up to the tallest tree nearby and then looked at it with traditional telescopes.

It is found that both sides of the southeast are sea, and the other two directions are not clear, but judging by the terrain and coastline, it should be an island with an area of about ten square kilometers.

After learning that this is an island, Zhong Yihan was relieved.

Because such a small island, the species must be limited, and it is unlikely that powerful and terrifying creatures will appear.

After sealing the hole with barbed wire, Zhong Yihan opened the panel to check his condition.

Name: Zhong Yihan

Sex: Male

Strength: 0.8

Dexterity: 0.8

Constitution: 0.8

Spirit: 1.0

Comprehensive vitality: 0.85


Basic archery: 330/1000, (in progress).

Basic knife method: 300/1000

Basic Boxing: 253/1000

Basic footwork: 130/1000

"Huh? Has vitality improved?"

Zhong Yihan was surprised to find that his spirit and agility had increased by 0.1 each, and his overall vitality had increased by 0.05!

So far he has come to this island in the Different World five times in total, leaving aside the first accident, there should be only four times in the true sense.

In other words, the vitality increased by 0.05 in four days.

And before that, he worked hard for a month and only increased by 0.02!

This gap is too big!

These days of actual combat is the easiest way to increase mental strength.

And the agile improvement is also because he has become quick and swift in the battle with the evil rabbit beast.

Of course, being able to ascend so quickly must be related to the concentration of energy in Different World.

Two days ago, Zhong Yihan spent a hundred yuan to buy an energy detector to investigate the concentration of the energy on this island, and found that the energy value reached an amazing 8 points!

The energy detector works like a thermometer. It uses a special liquid to react to different levels of energy. It is not an electronic product, so it can also be used in Different World.

Someone made statistics after measuring the energy value of the earth.

The energy value in cities on the earth is generally between 0.5-1. In places with a good outdoor suburban environment, the average energy value can reach 1.5, and the good can reach 2 points.

And some famous mountains and rivers, caves and heavens have higher energy values, the highest can reach 5 or 6.

Energy is not a gas, but strange energy that is generated after the worlds merge, or in the words of a book, it is "recovered."

Energy's ability to transform organisms is very powerful, and it is beneficial to transform.

Let's put it this way, the heavier the energy, the better the environment and air, and the healthier and stronger the creatures growing in it, the same is true for humans.

Even if a terminally ill patient lives in a place with high energy, the body will gradually get better, even if the terminally ill cannot be completely recovered, but the whole person's complexion is much better than before.

Therefore, the most expensive house prices on the planet are not in the bustling metropolises, but around some famous mountains and rivers. The higher the energy value, the higher the house prices.

The energy value of this island can reach 8 points. This value is a crushing level when looking at the entire earth!

Energy's transformation of the human body is imperceptible. It is like the medicinal bath often used by human beings. It can continuously nourish the human body to improve the cultivation effect.

Just like Zhong Yihan only added 0.02 vitality to the earth a month, it can increase 0.05 in four days on an island in Different World. The rich energy played a vital role.

"If I can always follow this rhythm, then my vitality maybe 1.2 after a month!"

Zhong Yihan calculated for a moment and was a little excited.

Yun Chao's vitality is now 1.3, even if he has improved after one month, the gap between the two seems not to be very large.

However, Zhong Yihan knows that humans are not machines, and there are too many uncontrollable factors in reality, and the same rhythm cannot continue forever.

Maybe next time he comes to Different World again, he will be unable to practice by the sudden emergence of tooth canine beasts or more powerful creatures.

Fortunately, he already has 80 points of system points, and he can buy recovery potions to restore his physical strength. However, a bottle of recovery potions costs 10 system points. It is too expensive.

Just when Zhong Yihan was thinking about whether to speed up his practice by medicine, suddenly a dark shadow emerged from the nearby grass.

Zhong Yihan's eyes were swift and his hands were fast.

It was discovered that it turned out to be an evil rabbit beast.

Zhong Yihan's movement was almost subconscious, and it has completely become muscle memory.

He found that as long as he was not careless, the evil rabbit beast would not pose any threat to him.

[Congratulations to the owner for completing the "Evil Rabbit Beast Killer" achievement (killing one hundred evil rabbit beasts). Because of this achievement, the owner will unlock the first achievement, reward the pet egg.]

Zhong Yihan was about to get up and continue to practice, the sudden reminder of the system made him suddenly hesitated.


Pet egg?

Zhong Yihan did not expect that there would be an achievement function.

And achievement rewards are pet eggs.

Zhong Yihan opens the inventory to check his reward.

This is a pure white egg the size of a basketball.

[Pet Egg: You can randomly get a pet with random skills.]


Chapter 15 - Pocket-size Elf Pet

Two randoms were used in the introduction.

That is to say, the type of pets and pet skills are uncertain.

It really depends on luck.

Zhong Yihan's luck has not always been good. He never got the best items when playing games.

But if he keeps the pet eggs, it won't give birth.

Zhong Yihan ran to the beach and washed his face with seawater, then rubbed his hands, and opened the pet egg full of expectations.

"What is it? fairy dragon, angel, and all kinds of strange beasts in the mountains and seas, whatever is ok, just come here."

After speaking, Zhong Yihan chose to open the pet egg.

The pet egg slowly shook, and as the pet egg became more and more violent, Zhong Yihan's mood became more and more emaciated.

"Angel angel angel ..."

Seeing that the progress bar reached 100%, then a strong light emitted.

Zhong Yihan hurriedly covered his eyes and faintly saw a petite figure fluttering out with wings flapping.

[Congratulations to the owner for obtaining the rare pet "service elf".]

[Introduction: The service elf, a kind of elf created to serve the owner, has various skills and is proud to serve the host, but it is less courageous and maybe a little less intelligent.]

[Please name your pet.]

After three consecutive system prompts, a new pet bar appears in the interface of the system, which contains a humanoid creature the size of a palm.

This humanoid looks like a little girl, but it is less than the size of an adult's palm, green hair, some white skin, and a green skirt that looks like a leaf. There are two pairs of transparent wings like dragonflies on her back. The high-frequency vibration of the wings allows her to keep floating at all times.

It's really like the "elf" in the myth.

The elf seemed curious about the world. She kept trying to break through the barrier that she couldn't see and even hit her head in the same place three times in a row.

Is this his pet?

Looks silly.

Zhong Yihan found that if he didn't name the pet, it seemed that he couldn't see more information about the elf, so he thought about it and typed in Xia Ling.

This is the name of one of his favorite cartoon characters. The cartoon character is a female water god but is famous for her mental retardation.

Click OK and a new panel will pop up.

Name: Xia Ling

Race: Elf

Level: LV1

Character: Timid

Preferences: beautiful things

Skills: [Medicine bathing learner], [Novice masseuse]

"Well? There are skills? What are these two skills for?"

[Medicine bathing learner: Skill masters have the ability to dispense the lowest medicinal bath, and have low-level medicinal material discrimination ability.]

[Novice masseuse: through special current stimulation, can promote blood circulation and remove stasis.]

Seeing the introduction of these two skills, Zhong Yihan was overjoyed.

Zhong Yihan hasn't experienced the [Novice masseuse].

But [medicine bathing learner] is a good thing at first glance!

Before that, Zhong Yihan often heard Zhu Zhenxing's mention. His sister often used medicated baths to improve her physique, promote blood circulation and fatigue, and still maintain her figure.

However, this level of medicated bath is exclusive to rich people, because the configuration materials of these medicated baths are many rare natural plants and medicines in themselves, and a special pharmacist must match these medicines and get the best ratio.

Such a medicated bath can not only restore fatigue, maintain body shape, but also develop the human body's potential and activate the human body's vitality and blood. It is a rare good thing.

Of course, the price is also expensive.

For some medicated bath bags with good results, the price of one package can be hundreds or thousands of yuan-even thousands of them!

Even more frightening is that this medicated bath can be used once in a pack, and you need to buy it after using it.

In the case of a pack of one thousand yuan, just once a day will cost more than 300,000 to nearly 400,000 a year.

And Zhu Zhenxing's younger sister sometimes used two bags or even three bags a day. She cost a million yuan a year just to medicine bathe.

Such a horrible figure is that a rich family like Zhu Zhenxing’s can only afford it, and the ordinary middle class cannot do it.

As for Zhong Yihan, he didn't even dare to think!

If this little elf can dispense a medicated bath for him, even if it is less effective, he can save a lot of money, right?

There is also a second massage function. Seeing the introduction of the system, it seems to relieve fatigue.

This is also very important for Zhong Yihan.

In the past few days, he went to school during the day and went to practice in the Different World at night. He was tired. He had no choice but to buy two bottles of "recovery medicine LV1" from the mall.

The effect is very good. It can be said to be immediate. A bottle immediately recovers from fatigue and the body is immediately at its peak.


10 points for a bottle!

Two bottles are worth a skill book!

So after drinking two bottles of recovery medicine, Zhong Yihan was determined that if it was not an emergency, he would definitely not buy such expensive things.

With such an Elf now, should his recovery speed be greatly enhanced?

The reward this time is so good.

However, watching this elf hit the system barrier over and over again, Zhong Yihan felt that it was still necessary to let her out, or she was really worried that she would hit herself to death.

Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan clicked to summon.

A dim light lit up, and a green elf appeared in the air.

Xia Ling didn't know that she had come outside, and rushed forward without a thought, but ran into Zhong Yihan's arms.

Fortunately, Xia Ling was weak, and Zhong Yihan felt like she was tickling.

"Hmm? soft?"

Xia Ling soft waxy sounded, it sounded very cute.

She looked up strangely and found a huge face before her.

The face was so ugly and the nostril is bigger than her head.

Xia Ling screamed in horror and hurried to the sky.

When she felt that she was flying high enough, she dared to stop and look at the monster just now, only to find that it was a giant with no wings but a huge body.

"There are giants in the outside world, so terrifying!"

Xia Ling was obviously frightened. She flew around like a headless fly, and the buzzing sound of the wing vibration made Zhong Yihan's head hurt.

So the system does not tell this pet, is he the owner of the other party?

Zhong Yihan patted his somewhat irritable hands.


He didn't expect to hit Xia Ling.

"Oh no, won't she die?"

Zhong Yihan was startled, he did not expect that the other party would not hide.

He hurriedly spread out his palm, only to see Xia Ling bowing her body and covering her head, one of her wings did not move.

Zhong Yihan coughed a little, a little embarrassed.

He did not expect that Xia Ling's first threat to this world came from him.

But it's because Xia Ling's personality is too timid.

Stupid and timid.

"Don't be afraid. I'm your master. I won't hurt you."

All blame the system, this kind of thing still needs to explain it by himself.

Xia Ling slowly removed her arm, and looked tremblingly at Zhong Yihan's face, full of fear: "Master?"

"Yes, it was I who created you, and I summoned you to this world."

Zhong Yihan said, using the summon function to demonstrate it again.

Xia Ling found herself returning to the previous space and then appeared here again, and finally believed in Zhong Yihan's words.


Xia Ling happily flew to Zhong Yihan's hand, and she was afraid to die a second ago.

The system introduced nothing wrong.

The head of this Elf is really not so good.

Then Xia Ling looked at Zhong Yihan with her head tilted, and suddenly asked:

"Master, why are you so big and so ugly?"