Chapter 88 - Wealthy


Lotus is about to come up with nine-strike thunderbolt, made Yuanyu angry.

Even one day, he was threatened by a junior in gold pill period, his old face was completely lost.

"Oh, I'm just kidding."

Xuanyu laughed and gave a glance at Liang Jie.

This guy was so arrogant that he wanted to give him two feet, but thinking of the nine-strike thunderbolt in the hands of Lotus, and the elf of Nine Regions Ring and Tripod, he would never dare to do so.

After leaving Xuanyu place, he doesn't need to come back here, but Xuanyu doesn't care. He has already boarded the thief ship, and it doesn't make sense to think about it.

The spiritual world is much larger than Liang Jie imagined, and the place where the peoples gather is similar to the lower world, and they all live in the city.

However, the buildings in the spirit world are more retro, and the service people wear is more special.

Most people wear ordinary burlap sackcloth, while monks mostly wear various gowns, and rich and powerful people wear various brocade clothes, just like the ancient aristocracy.

Their clothes are not ordinary clothes, they are all magic clothes, each of which is very valuable.

The pattern of golden thread, mountains, and rivers, etc., each person's clothing has different embroidery, but the materials are all excellent, which makes Liang Jie feel upset.

Because he was wearing the clothes Xuanyu gave him.

"Are you so poor? Anyway, you are so powerful, why do you have to wear that kind of clothes? You see what you gave me, just like a beggar."

"Walk with me, don't you feel ashamed of yourself?"

"Haven't you seen them look at us as if they were looking at a beggar?"

Liang Jie was full of complaints and was very dissatisfied with his dress.

Even her own maids dress better than themselves, which is amazing! People who don't know would think they were robbed!

"Not satisfied, you can let Lotus prepare your clothes for you!" Xuanyu rolled his eyes and said.

Liang Jie said, "I think so! But the clothing item level is too high, I'm afraid of being snatched."


Looking at Liang Jie, Xuanyu really wanted to pat him with his hands.

You are rich, and you are also the master of the Nine regions Ring. Do you have to be proud of every time?

"Master, there is a shop over there, where you can buy clothes."

Lotus stood next to Liang Jie and called him the young master according to his instructions.

Knowing that he wanted to change clothes, she quickly found a suitable shop, whether it was the store decoration or the display of finished clothes, it all showed that this shop is extraordinary.


Nodded, Liang Jie walked towards the shop.

The ordinary people and ordinary monks around have already noticed this wonderful combination earlier.

A middle-aged man who was obviously a guard, and a beautiful woman dressed as a maid, followed a young man dressed so plainly, which completely overturned their common sense.

"What to see? Do you envy me?"

"my handsome is born."

"It's no use trying to stab me, it's quite necessary for my men to be at the same level as him, otherwise impossible at all. Why? Disbelief? Believe me or not, I will kill you with spirit stones?

Liang Jie made up his mind to pretend to be a rich and arrogant guy from a big family.

So he tried hard to perform and took out a bag of high-grade spirit stones. There were hundreds of them, which immediately made those angry people dumbfounded.

They still felt that the person in front of me was boresome, but now they dare not show it, because this young man is too arrogant, and they can't provoke them.

"Boss, show me the best clothes in your shop."

"I don't need to be practical, I just need to look good, you know?"

"Don’t worry about the spirit stones. I'll give more if these are not enough."

Liang Jie performed very well, and even Li Mengyao nodded.

She and Yuanbao were both sitting on Liang Jie's shoulders, but no one could realize their existence, even if it was the existence of real period.

As an artifact elf, this ability is nothing at all.

"The young master please upstairs."

The shopkeeper saw Liang Jie's high-quality spirit in his hand, his face was full of smiles, and he led Liang Jie upstairs.

So rich and generous, he naturally dared not neglect, especially the middle-aged monk, whose unpredictable strength made him dare not to care.

Coupled with the perfect maid of the gold pill period accompanied by Lotus, Liang Jie's status has already been determined in his heart, which is definitely the young master of the big power family.

"Our shop is the best shop in the spirit world and only sells clothing-like magical instruments."

"It's absolutely not wrong for us to find the clothes you need for this young master. There are definitely clothes on the fifth floor that will satisfy you."

"And ..."

The shopkeeper introduces his own shop, which is no different from usual shopping.

However, there are indeed a lot of clothing-like instruments here. There are five floors in the shop, and the quality of the instruments on each floor is very different.

Even the worst, it was the solid foundation period, that is, those sold on the first floor of the store.

"My master is not short of money. If my master is not satisfied with the clothes you brought out, don't blame me for being rude to you." Lotus was domineering and looked coldly at the shopkeeper, scaring the other side to sweat.

"Rest assured that we will make this young master satisfied."

The shopkeeper's strength is not weak. He is a monk in the gold pill period, but he has no temper in the face of Lotus.

Not to mention the other party's identity, her completed gold pill period strength was enough to shock him.

Even if there is a master in the shop, there is still a middle-aged man! He is the real existence that cannot be provoked!

"Lotus, be gentle with yourself, don't be too rude."

"When I am unhappy, I serve people with morality."

"People who are dissatisfied, beat them until they are convinced!"

Liang Jie said with a smile, then the shopkeeper's legs were softened, this master is not nice!

There is no murderousness in the words, but this practice makes him sweat.

"You can rest assured that this young master, we have no dissatisfied guests in our shop."

However, based on the self-confidence of his shop, the shopkeeper is not very panicked.

As long as they have money to make, even the most difficult customers, they will serve them wholeheartedly. Masters like Liang Jie, they have seen a lot.