Chapter 87 - The Lotus Is Powerful

After coming to the spirit world, Liang Jie found that the spirit here was much stronger than expected.

Coupled with the influence of various blessings, and the spirit veins, the spirit world is really much stronger than the lower world. Liang Jie does not want to go back!

Xuanyu gave a piece of jade to Liang Jie to let him know something about the spiritual world, and then he comprehended the second volume of Jiuyang exercise.

"Master, let go of the lotus!"

"Having her is a great help in concealing your identity, but she may have to find a place to break through. You can think about where to go."

"Then add Xuanyu, even if you say that you are the master of the hidden family in the spiritual world."

Li Mengyao is very concerned about Liang Jie's safety. Everything she does is to protect Liang Jie from life threats.

As for Yuanbao, he knows the whereabouts of the ancient spirit vein, but it is not easy to find it immediately, so it is inevitable to stay in the spirit world for a while.

"Well, that's right!"

Liang Jie released the lotus. After seeing the outside world, she calmed down, then calmed down. She already knew that this was the spirit world.

"Master, do you have any instructions?"

Lotus is due diligence, naturally will not resist Liang Jie's order.

When summoned, she felt that it was the master who had something to do with her.

"Is such that……"

Liang Jie informed Lotus about her thoughts, and she immediately agreed, without any other opinions.

For her, it is her duty to serve the master. As for the rest, she doesn't need to care too much.

After the Xuanyu memorized the second volume of the exercises and realized, he appeared again in front of Liang Jie.


Xuanyu looked at Lotus, and he didn't expect that after a while, Liang Jie made a puppet.

Judging from every move of this puppet, she is indeed a very special puppet, with not only the body but also the core of cultivation.

It's almost like a living person. It doesn't make much difference. These technologies are amazing.

"This is Lotus, the administrator of the third-floor medicine garden in Nine Regions Ring, and she will follow us in the spirit world." Liang Jie smiled and introduced.

Xuanyu believed a few his words, said: "Boy, you are looking for death, do you know? Can Nine Regions Ring and Tripod casually show people?"

At this point, he had calmed down the inner fluctuations, otherwise, he really wanted to kill and win the treasure.

"Please pay attention to your words. It is your pleasure that master is kind to you."

"Otherwise, be careful. I bombard you with the nine-strike thunderbolt."

"If you don't believe it, you can try it!"

After speaking, lotus took out a spell from her storage ring. The spell was simple and majestic, and he could feel the powerful power above.

Xuanyu was startled.

It turned out that it was a nine-strike thunderbolt! It is absolutely genuine and there is no falsehood.

"be careful! Do you want us all to rise together?"

Xuanyu hurriedly apologized, "It was just that I was disrespectful to your master. I'm sorry!


At this point Liang Jie was aggressive, and a spell actually scared the monk in the illusory period.

Lotus is the strongest person! And it is the kind of extremely protect master.

"Master, I have some sympathy for you."

Yuanbao's neck narrowed, and he never dared to think about those maids.

Such a violent maid is really blessed to endure, even if he is very uncomfortable with this spell.

"That's it, you'll follow me later!"

"I promise you something, and neither the Holy Medicine nor the ingredients of the fairy materials will be given to you."

"You think about it, I don't have much time, and I have to do it!"

Liang Jie's smirk-like expression made Xuanyu real hesitant.

This is soliciting him, but he really feels that Liang Jie is not very reliable, even if he did have this thought before, but now he doesn't want to.

"Master is talking to you. Do you agree or disagree?"

"It is my responsibility to protect the master's safety. If you don't agree, I will use this spell to bombard you."

"Even if I fight this life, I want to protect the master's thoroughness. You better not play tricks."

Waiting for Xuanyu to answer, Lotus has already pulled out the nine-strike thunderbolt, and it looks like she is going to directly kill Xuanyu.

At this moment, not only Xuanyu was dumbfounded, but even Liang Jie was dumbfounded.

It's too domineering, there is a maid like Lotus, Liang Jie's prestige as the master is gone, but Liang Jie dare not talk back to her, so he can only look at it like this.

Xuanyuwanted to cry, he is unlucky.

As the master, Liang Jie is extremely shameless, and Lotus, as a maid, is extremely overbearing. It is really a match!


Squeeze the spell, and be ready to sacrifice the spell.

At this moment, Xuanyu was more uncomfortable than eating flies, and he was threatened by a gold pill period maid.

There is also a spell that threatening the monk in the illusory period. he may really die here.

"I'm afraid of you, I agree! Come on! Put away the spell."

Xuanyu had compromised. Anyway, he had a relationship with Liang Jie, and this matter could no longer be hidden.

Along with Liang Jie, anyway, he can still look forward to the Holy Medicine and the materials of the fairy level. If he doesn't agree with him, he will die today.

"That's it, sign a deed!"

With a smile on his face, Liang Jie couldn't wait.

This is the first time he has seen a master who is complacent because of his domineering maid.

"Well, the spirit deed is also signed. What do you think you are doing in the spirit world!" Xuanyu looked unhappy and wanted to ask for an understanding.

However, as soon as Lotus' eyes were cold, she would sacrifice a spell.

With a twitch of his eyes, Xuanyu hurriedly changed his mouth and said, "What do you want to do next?"

Liang Jie said with a grin: "I came to the spirit world to steal a spirit vein to the lower world, and I am ready to open sect."

"What did you say?"

Xuanyu, who thought he had heard it wrong, swallowed and asked seriously.

Liang Jie had a serious expression on his face, and said lightly, "I'm here to steal the spirit pulse."

"I'm quitting, you are killing me!"

Stealing the veins is really crazy.

Most of the spirit veins in the spirit world have been occupied by sects,you want to steal the veins to be against the sects.

To be able to open the sects, their sects definitely have monks with the illusory and real periods, and they are definitely no less than five such masters.

Even nine lives are not enough to lose!