Chapter 86 - Penetrate the World

Three days later.

The things on the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring are really shocking, and Liang Jie has not calmed down yet.

The magic instrument is still being refined. He only intends to use that stick, but Lotus insists that it is not allowed. In the end, he can only compromise by making a dry branch of the tree of life.

"Liang Jie, the formation is set up, you can penetrate the world!"

Time is just right, Xuanyu is ready.

Although the magic instrument has not been refined yet, there is no fear, he has Nine Regions Tripod, the refined magic instrument will never be too low-grade.

"Master, put your body in the tripod."

In order to be safe, Yuanbao can do his best.

Even if Liang Jie had received so many maids, he didn’t give him one, but he could barely accept the idea of stealing the saintess from the spirit world.

There is a lot of space inside Nine Regions Tripod, and Liang Jie's body can be put into it to avoid accidents.

Then, Li Mengyao held the superb spirit crystal in her hand and absorbed it all into her body. Her body slowly turned into a normal person.

Full breasts, long jade legs, long hair, and waist, with a faint light on her body, Liang Jie eyes straight.


Nine Regions Ring is floating in the middle of Li Mengyao's hands, she opened a pair of beautiful eyes, injected all the spiritual power into the ring, and then it turned into a streamer and shot into the void.

At the moment, Wang Jing, who was far away from school, and Xuan Xiao, the ghost king of Wolong mountain, felt horrified at this moment. How could they never imagine that Liang Jie really dared to penetrate the world?


Ghost King Xuan Xiao's face showed an excited look.

He still likes crazy kids like Liang Jie.

It's just that he did like this, things may not be so simple, he just hopes that Wang Jing can finish it for him! Otherwise, Liang Jie might really die this time.

However, he did not do anything. he raised his hand for a while, and a huge spiritual power covered Shangzhou City, which actually blocked the heaven mystery here.

"Well ... making trouble!"

Wang Jing smiled helplessly, feeling very powerless about Liang Jie's move this time.

Things that penetrate the world may not be known by too many people, and only those who have reached the state of him and Xuan Xiao will know, but people in the spiritual world will certainly know.

Regardless of the length of time, this is an inevitable event. At that time, Liang Jie is likely to die.

"I haven't moved for a long time, and I just went to see my old friend during the summer vacation." Wang Jing stood up and disappeared directly from the principal's room.

Liang Jie, who had already penetrated the world, had no idea what kind of shock his move caused. When he knew it, it would be a bloody storm.

War will erupt between the spirit world and this world!


Nine Regions Ring bombard the spirit boundary, without any fluctuations, because it has the ability to penetrate the world, but this world can not sense that does not mean that the spiritual world will be fine.

After all, when the spirit boundary is broken, there must be a certain shock in the spiritual world, but Xuanyu sits beside the formation, and when he senses a force coming through, he immediately starts the prohibition and uses his powerful spirit banned the entire place to prevent any fluctuations from spreading.

Xuanyu was very excited at this moment. He did not expect that Liang Jie actually came through.

With the power of the Nine Regions Ring, the spirit boundary was broken like paper.

A quaint bronze ring floated in the sky array, Xuanyu's eyes widened, his heart beating violently because he saw a flawless body emerge from the circle.

First with a pair of hands and then with the whole body, she is like a fairy. Xuanyu is actually attracted by the ethereal fairy of the other party.

The beautiful fairy of the size of a normal person suddenly turned into a villain. Although it was reduced in proportion, Xuanyu did not respond for a moment.

Later, a simple bronze big tripod appeared from the ring, and Liang Jie was released by Nine Regions Tripod.

After seeing all, Xuanyu gave himself a slap before waking up. He thought he had read it wrong. It turned out to be Nine Regions Ring and Nine Regions Tripod!

What did I see? Oh my god? One person actually owns two Nine Regions Artifacts.

He gave himself a few slaps, and Xuanyu couldn't wait for it to be a dream.

At first Liang Jie also said that he had Nine Regions Ring and Nine Regions Tripod, but Xuanyu only believed that he had the ring and thought he was bragging, but actually gave Xuanyu a slap.

"Uh ... you're Xuanyu? What's wrong with you?"

Liang Jie looked at the middle-aged man in front of him and immediately realized his identity.

Just slap yourself as soon as we meet, this is a bit too much! Looks like I haven't done anything!

"I want to strangle you."

Xuan Yu looked at Liang Jie with a fierce look.

He was hit hard, both psychologically and spiritually.

How lucky is one person to get two Nine Regions Artifacts at the same time!

"Um, I didn't provoke you!" Liang Jie shrank his neck. Although he knew the other was joking, he could feel the murderous look in his eyes.

"Where is the second volume of my Jiuyang exercise? Bring it!"

Glancing at Liang Jie angrily, Xuanyu was too lazy to care about this kind of lucky person.

When he saw Liang Jie, Xuanyu was ready to calculate his past, but it was useless at all. He could not see the past or the future in his body.

"Senior, the second volume of Jiuyang exercise."

"Don't call me senior, do I know you well?"

"Um, we are a cooperative relationship."

"I'm going to be killed by you, do you know?"

"Since you know you are going to be killed by me, you dare to speak so arrogantly."

"I really want to strangle you directly."

After taking the second volume Jiuyang exercise handed by Liang Jie, Xuanyu really intends to go far and has nothing to do with the guys.

If this guy's identity is exposed, there will no doubt cause chaos in the spiritual world. Two Nine Regions Artifacts are here!

"In fact! I have mastered the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring."

"There are endless medicine fields, and the mature medicine and holy medicine of 100,000 years are counted in thousands."

"Not only that, but there are also fairy refining materials ..."

Liang Jie deliberately said these words in order to seduce Xuanyu.

He has a cooperative relationship with himself, and naturally cannot do anything against it, and now he knows more, he can't run away completely.

Xuanyu with wide eyes pointed his finger at Liang Jie and said, "Don't you dare to brag more? I don’t believe in your evil, you are a bad boy."

Two people are now a grasshopper on a rope. If he dares to talk about Liang Jie, he should not even want to live, he is even more afraid than Liang Jie!