Chapter 85 - Too Many Treasures

There was nothing special about the medicine field, but Liang Jie felt his feet weak because there were so many medicines in it that he couldn't imagine.

However, not all of the 100,000 medicine fields have been used for the spirit pill. After all, they only plant holy medicine and divine pills, and they are too lazy to plant the ordinary spirit pill.

"Well, I prepared a lot of seeds for general and rare spirit pill."

"Because I am going to make pill for sale, I will bother you to plant it in the future."

"Although they are all worthless things, I still hope you can plant them well."

Liang Jie was very excited, but when it comes to general pill, the disgusted expression on the face of Lotus almost upset Liang Jie.

However, since it was the master ’s command, Lotus had to obey it, nodded respectfully and said, “Master, I will tell them to take good care of the spirit pill.”

"Master, please follow me."

Lotus took Liang Jie to the pharmacy.

This is the place where the mature spirit pill is stored. It can be seen that there are many wooden boxes made of the tree of life. All the medicinal properties are not lost.

This is the ability of the tree of life, which can retain the state of the preserved things, even if it has passed 100,000 years and millions of years, it is still the original state.

"This is a 100,000-year-old ice snow lotus with a total of 3,655."

"This is 100,000 years of fire ganoderma, and there are more than 56,700."

"This is the 100,000-year-old five-element grass, with a total of 1,680 plants."


With the introduction of Lotus, Liang Jie was stunned.

He was mentally prepared, but when he heard her, he couldn't help but be surprised by the huge amount, and it was all 100,000 years old.

These are all elixir of the holy medicine level!

"Master, don't be too excited. You can't move these pills randomly. With your current strength, you can only use at most one of each holy medicine."

Li Mengyao sat on Liang Jie's shoulders, watching his silly look and reminding him with a smile.

Although things are Liang Jie's, they must be used according to his strength. It is impossible for him to spend all.

"Hey, I'm not a prodigal, how could it be messy?"

In this regard, Liang Jie has stated his position, he does not use these things at all.

The most important thing is that although there is much holy medicine here, they are not really useful to him. After all, the gather spirit pill doesn’t need such advanced material.

When these holy medicines are really needed, I'm afraid Liang Jie has already reached the strength of the illusory period or more.

"Lotus, don't go on to introduce holy medicine and divine medicine."

"Tell me about the tree in the middle! It seems very special. Does it have any magical effects?"

"On its tree, I can feel the endless breath of life, it will not be the tree of life!"

Liang Jie didn't want to stay in the pharmacy. He continued to fear that he would commit crimes because the things here are so precious. Just take something out and sell it. It can definitely shock the spirit world.

Not to mention the monks in the illusory period, even the monks in the fit period will fight for it!

"Master, there is nothing wrong with your conjecture. It is indeed a tree of life. It has been a million years since."

"The spiritual fluid is refined from it. This space itself is built on the spiritual veins. It can autonomously absorb the heaven and earth spirit and provide the necessary spirit for the Nine Regions Ring."

"In the place where the tree of life is located, there are spirits creatures such as..."

Speaking of the tree of life, Lotus started another introduction, and Liang Jie's heart twitched, and he felt that he really knows too little.

The wealth contained in the ring is too scary.

Holding his forehead, Liang Jie hurriedly said, "Lotus, no need to go on, I already understand it. Is there anything else?"

Liang Jie had to shift his target.

Nine Regions Ring is definitely an artifact. At this time Liang Jie has understood very deeply. Getting this ring is no different from getting a treasure.

"Master, there is still a place to store the materials of the instruments. Come with me."

Lotus took Liang Jie to another place, which is much smaller than the pharmacy.

But Liang Jie was ready, and there must be a lot of peerless treasures here.

"Fairy Void Stone"

"Fairy Xuanming Stone"

"Fairy Chaos Gold"


It's all fairy-level things here. Didn't all previous masters of the ring say that they were all unlucky? Not even many people went to the third floor.

Why are you hiding so many good things?

"ok, I fully understand that I am rich."

Liang Jie knows what it means to own the ring. This is a spiritual mountain!

When seeing Liang Jie let her stop talking. Lotus stood quietly and asked Liang Jie to look at the material here. She didn't have any opinion, and she didn't have any expression on her face.

Looking around, Liang Jie wanted to find some lower-grade refining materials, but it seemed that none of them were suitable, and those materials obviously did not have low-grade materials.

Finally, he set his gaze on an ordinary wooden stick.

"This is also the material for fairy-level?"

Holding it in his hands, Liang Jie asked curiously.

This wooden stick contains a very powerful spirit inside. Obviously, it is not an ordinary thing. It must be from the spirit tree.

Lotus's eyes were dull and expressionless: "Master, that's just an ordinary stick!"


With a twitch in his mouth, Liang Jie felt that he was severely despised.

"How ordinary?"

Taking a deep breath, Liang Jie continued to ask.

He had been despised anyway, he didn't care.

"A very ordinary kind."

Lotus tilted her head, and after thinking for a moment, she gave Liang Jie a reply.

Obviously, in her opinion, this is indeed a very ordinary stick.

"Then I'll take it. I think this thing is good for making an instrument."

Liang Jie was thick-skinned and didn't care about Lotus's disgusting expression.

Then Lotus took the stick over and said with a serious face: "Master, you can use any material here to make a magic instrument, except this stick."

"No, using these materials to make the magic instrument, I guess I have to be hunted down by a group of people!"

Actually, Liang Jie wanted to! But he is not strong enough now, using these materials is waste.

Furthermore, once Liang Jie went out to wander around with the magic weapon made of fairy materials, it is estimated that the entire spiritual world wants to kill him and win treasure!