Chapter 84 - The Third Floor of Nine Regions Ring

With Liang Jie consciousness, opening the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring is effortless.

The entrance on the third floor is in a relatively hidden place, and Liang Jie glanced at it quickly and found it.

It was an underpass. After walking for about half an hour, it finally reached the bottom, where Liang Jie saw a bronze gate.

Behind the bronze gate is the third floor of the ring.

"Master, push it away!"

This bronze gate is guarded by restraints and cannot be forcibly opened with spiritual power, otherwise, the space on the third floor will collapse and everything in it will not be available.

At the same time, the opportunity to go to the next floor will always be lost.

The only way to get in is to push the bronze door with the strength of consciousness. It can be said that this is a test for the masters of the ring.


Liang Jie stepped forward and put his hands on the bronze gate.

Suddenly, Liang Jie felt a sense of weakness, as strong as the gold pill's late consciousness, and was almost drained of mental energy in an instant.

Fortunately, he wasn't weak because of this, and he pushed the bronze door with a sudden force and opened a seam.

Then, the bronze door opened by itself, exposing a long passageway, and the light could be seen in the front. It seemed that there was something to illuminate, which illuminated the third floor.

"So strong spirit."

Feeling the strong spirit in front, Liang Jie had a lot of consciousness.

At the same time, the peculiar fragrance of the spirit pills also came. Liang Jie could even feel that the consciousness had been strengthened. It can be seen that there are many unimaginable spirit pills on the third floor.

Li Mengyao and Yuanbao widened their eyes and sat forward together on Liang Jie's body.

When Liang Jie came to the entrance, he was stunned by everything in front of him. It can be seen that this is not a big space, only the size of a football field.

But here, Liang Jie can see a lot of grids of medical fields. Inside, there are medicine fields, all of which are shrinking medicine fields.

At the same time, Liang Jie can see a dozen beautiful women dressed as maids are busy, they are weeding, and the water they are pouring is not ordinary, but taken from the pool in the center of the space - spirit fluid.


When these beautiful women saw Liang Jie, they stopped working and flew over, bowing respectfully to him.

Although they are like beautiful women, Liang Jie knows that they are actually puppets. They are puppets with a physical body. The degree of realism can be faked.

If it weren't for their foreheads having a deed of control, perhaps Liang Jie couldn't tell whether they were human or puppets.

"Master, these are puppets made by the first masters of Nine Regions Ring. Their core is the gold pill of monster, and they all have the strength of the gold pill period."

"Moreover, some of them have succeeded in breaking through, because they couldn't accept the baptism of thunder in the ring, so they did not become the existence of the Yuanying period."

"You are now the master of the ring, and they will naturally recognize you as the master."

Li Mengyao floated in the air with a smile, apparently very satisfied with the result.

Being able to open the third floor of the ring, and with the help of these gold pill period maids, Liang Jie's power has been greatly increased.

"Well, get up! I'll just take a look!"

Liang Jie waved his hands to signal that all the maids were all up. He was really a little uncomfortable now.

Suddenly getting so many maids, he felt that he had the feeling of being an emperor. It was natural for him to be happy, but they were too enthusiastic about him.

A group of women followed, and where could he still be thinking to see what spirit pill was in the medical field!


However, just when Liang Jie was at a loss, Yuanbao yelled.

This can startle Liang Jie, seeing Yuanbao's resentful glance, it seems that he got even so many maids, but didn’t him one, making him feel very wronged.

"Calm, you want the saintess to serve, these are puppets!"

Liang Jie grinned and comforted Yuanbao.

But Yuanbao didn't accept and pouted, "Master, you are a real beast, and you want to monopolize these maids and sister, you need to take care of the master."


Don't see him deliberately keeping a distance from these maids? How come to your mouth I want to take over these maids? Besides, do I need to do?

"It's okay, I think it's good so that the master won't date with others everywhere."

Li Mengyao didn't mind.

This makes Liang Jie speechless for a while, is he the kind of shameless person? How could it be possible for these maids to do things?

Liang Jie who was thinking so, but aimed his eyes at these maids, he found that these maids were beautiful, their bodies were perfect, and the water snake's waist twisted so that he could not move his eyes.

Yuanbao sighed and was very upset about Liang Jie's actions.

However, Liang Jie coughed and said, "Don't make trouble, I'm watching them!"


Yuanbao, with his eyes widened, wished to strangle Liang Jie at this moment.

How can anyone be so shameless? With his eyes rolled, Yuanbao passed out, he was mad at Liang Jie.

"Master, the spirit pill of these medical fields has just been planted."

"We weed and water every day, and every spirit pill is carefully screened."

"This is the land of all things, this is the land of 100,000 years, and this ..."

The other maids followed, and only the maid with the lotus mark on her forehead stood beside Liang Jie and introduced him to the situation here.

And this maid is called Lotus, who manages these maids.

Listening to all kinds of spiritual soil, Liang Jie was dumbfounded. He did not expect that so many spiritual soils had been collected here, but that is an excellent spiritual soil for planting spirit pill!

The land of all things is the most amazing, he can improve the quality of spirit pill, and can greatly shorten the time for spirit pill to mature.

As for the 100,000 years later, Liang Jie was stunned. It even improved the year of the spirit pill, and it increased tenfold and hundredfold. The fewer spirit trees were planted, the more years were added.

"Master, we currently have 100,000 medicine fields."

"The medicine fields are shrunk and placed on the support made of the trunk of the tree of life in the Xumi method. There are three layers in each row of the shelf, which is more convenient for us to manage."

"It's like 100,000 years have passed since the previous master came in."

The maidservant Lotus talked about the medical field and mentioned the previous master.

Hearing the time of 100,000 years, Liang Jie even had some shortness of breath, which means that the spirit pill here at least has a history of 100,000 years!

There are even legendary divine pills here.