Chapter 83 - Getting Ready

Hearing that, Liang Jie had to smirk.

As Yuanbao said, if it was so easy to penetrate the world, people in the spiritual world would have already come down.

There is no shortage of illusory period monk, Xuanyu is his side. As for the boundary stones and other materials to arrange the formation, this can be solved with money.

"I broke through to the gold pill period."

Liang Jie contacted Xuanyu and silenced him for a long time when he spoke.

This is also a helpless thing, because it only passed a few days before he actually broke through to the gold pill period, and it would be strange if he was not surprised.

"Boy, you are bragging!"

Xuanyu was a little disbelieving, and his opponent's practice speed was too fast.

Even if the genius of the spirit world, they cannot be so fast!

"What did I lie to you! Just broke through." Liang Jie smiled and sent a divine message in the past, the other party did not believe that he was still upset.

Therefore, he also asked Li Mengyao to seal his ray of divine thoughts and send it to him.


Looking at divine thought in his hand, Xuanyu was completely dumbfounded.

Hell, this is, he really became a gold pill period monk, and at least the strength of this divine thought is at least the later gold pill period.

As soon as he break through, does he has gold pill period's late consciousness?

"This is actually the case, I want you to help me!" Liang Jie saw that the other party was silent, and he naturally knew that the other party was scared by himself.

At this moment, Liang Jie was still a little proud.

Don't believe me, scary you now!

Xuanyu took a deep breath, accepted the fact, and asked, "What's it? I can definitely help! But I said beforehand that you must give me the second volume of Jiuyang exercise."

"Well, I'm planning this too!"

"This is the best, what do you want me to do, and what pills or materials?"

"Not a big deal, I just want to penetrate the world!"

"What do you want to do?"

"Go through the world, go to the spirit world!"


Xuanyu, who was in a good mood, listened to Liang Jie's words and stayed on the spot. He thought he had heard it wrong.

After verifying again, he got Liang Jie's affirmative answer. At this moment, he felt crazy.

It ’s okay if you break through the gold pill period so quickly, even if you are a rare genius, but you still want to penetrate the world, it ’s as simple as playing, bullying people?

"Boy, don't make yourself wrong!"

"The spirits boundary of the spirit world and your world are not so easy to travel through. The strength of your gold pill period will undoubtedly die."

"Moreover, even if I help you suppress the spiritual fluctuations caused by the penetrating world, what do you use to penetrating the world?"

Despite some uneasy thoughts in mind, he still felt that Liang Jie was very likely to have a solution.

So after warning Liang Jie, he asked Liang Jie's plans again.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "I have a way! As long as you help me suppress the spiritual fluctuations and arrange a formation."

To ensure safety, Yuanbao made another preparation.

After passing through the world, it will have a great impact. It is not enough for monks to suppress their fluctuations alone. They must also hide the heaven mystery.

After all, the methods deduced by the monks in the spiritual world are not bragging about them, and any changes in the spiritual world will be detected by them.

"Cover Heaven Formation..."

Looking at the material provided by Liang Jie and the method of display, Xuanyu immediately saw what the formation was.

However, it is not a big problem to know with Nine Regions Ring.

"I can help you set up the formation and help you suppress the fluctuations caused by the penetration."

Xuanyu thoughts repeatedly, and finally decided to help Liang Jie, he wanted Jiuyang exercise Volume II is a fact, but what he wanted more was to see the master of Nine Regions Ring this time.

Obviously, the master this time was very extraordinary. He could open the Nine Regions eBay Store and cultivated so fast. He really cared.

If it is possible, he really wants to follow Liang Jie. After all, it is extremely difficult to cultivate to the illusory period, but he must have huge background support to go further.

"Well, if you arranged the formation, tell me!"

Liang Jie laughed, and the worry in his heart finally let go.

In fact, what he was most worried about was that Xuanyu wouldn't help, but since he promised, he must be well aware of it.

This can already be seen as the other party's statement of wanting to go along with himself. After all, it is very dangerous to help Liang Jie to penetrate the world. If it is not good, he will be followed by the big forces in the spiritual world.

Later, Liang Jie made Zhuo Yi and Han Yu ready to crossing boundary stones and superb spirit crystal.

"Mom, you tell Dad about the summer vacation, I won't go back."

"I followed Shangguan Yu for an internship, and followed the principal to experience."

"Just rest assured! I must study hard ..."

After getting ready, Liang Jie made a phone call home.

Arranging these things, Liang Jie found Shangguan Yu again.

"I'm going to the spirit world in the next two months, and you're here to practice and strive to break through to the late solid foundation period."

"These are the pills you need, and the extra pills and spells are for your family."

"During my absence, the Shangguan family may have some troubles that cannot be resolved. You have to ask the principal for help, you know?"

"By the way, I prepared something for my parents. You remember to send it to me."

"If you didn’t reach the late solid foundation period when I came back, hum ..."

Liang Jie prepared a lot of things, and he had to leave without worries.

After listening to the master's words, Shangguan Yu was really scared. He ran away without saying anything. He didn't want to waste a minute now.

Although he really wanted to go to the spiritual world, he knew that the master had his intentions, and if he could, he would naturally bring him. Obviously this time the master had something to do.

"Master, before heading to the spirit world, you can open the third floor of Nine Regions Ring."

"There is the medical field you need, there should be the spirit pills left by the past masters, and some other refining materials."

"Maybe, master, you can make your magic instrument."

Li Mengyao knows the danger of going to the spiritual world, and it is certainly not enough to rely on True Words Mystery alone.

The best way is to refine the magic instrument, which is very important for Liang Jie.

"Master, she is right, first go to the third floor of Nine Regions Ring!"

Yuanbao also agrees with Li Mengyao's idea that Xuanyu would take one or two days for formation, which is just fine for Liang Jie.

It's really important to open the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring and get spirit pills and refining materials.

On this point, Liang Jie fully agrees, and he is also looking forward to the surprise gains of opening the third floor of the Nine Regions Ring.