Chapter 82 - Going to the Spirit World

Liang Jie who successfully broke through, the first thing to return to the villa is naturally to test his own strength.

He could actually search for a range of tens of miles, which was really amazing. Everything was clearly seen.

In addition, of course, it is necessary to upgrade the gathering spirit formation. It is easy to build the senior gathering spirit formation with his current strength.

"Well, why is the spirit suddenly rich?"

Shangguan Yu, who was cultivating, was taken aback, and almost burst herself because of too much spirit.

However, he soon realized one thing, and that was Liang Jie's breakthrough.

"Twenty-year-old gold pill period monk! My God!"

At this moment Shangguan Yu was envious, waiting for the teacher to go out immediately and pay a visit to him.

However, if he thinks about it, he still decides to cultivate as soon as possible in the middle stage of the solid foundation period, otherwise, he has to be looked down on by the teacher with contempt.

"The strength of the gold pill period is really amazing! You said that I could steal the spirit veins when I reached the gold pill period, and it is now considered to be up to standard."

When it comes to the gold pill period, which is the most important thing Liang Jie wants to do, it is naturally stealing spirit veins.

At the same time, do something else the spiritual world to this world is also something he really wants to do.

"Master, have you finally planned to date with someone from the spirit world?"

What does it mean to prepare to date with someone from the spirit world?

However, he quickly noticed the words of Yuanbao, saying that he was going to the spiritual world, which means that Liang Jie can actually go to the spiritual world now.

"To be honest, what do you just mean?"

Liang Jie looked at Yuanbao with an unpleasant expression and stared straight at him.

As for Li Mengyao's face is extremely ugly, she is most disgusted with this kind of thing.

"Yuanbao, you'd better not, otherwise ..." Li Mengyao's murderous face looked at the iron rod in her hand.

Yuanbao was crying at this time, completely didn’t know what to do.

He really wanted to slap himself, why did he say that?

"Master, it's okay to go to the spirit world. You have reached the gold pill period, and the Nine Regions Ring can use the ability to penetrate the world." Yuanbao hurriedly explained that he didn't want to be hated by the master.

As for the sister, let her beat him.

Li Mengyao struck a stick and was about to hit someone, and said angrily, "Okay, Yuanbao, this is what you asked for."

"Mengyao, don't get excited! Going to the spirit world is a must because I want to see the current situation in the spirit world, which will be very helpful for our future operation of the store."

"You see, if you want to expand our business, you must understand the needs of customers and their living conditions!"

"Furthermore, I'm a girlfriend and a person with discipline. How could it be possible to date with someone from the spirit world! Yuanbao, am I right?"

Liang Jie said, but Li Mengyao would not believe him at all.

As for Yuanbao, he was wearing a pair of trousers with Liang Jie. Yuanbao wished to date with someone from the spirit world! It is best to date with the sages of various majors, this is the result he wants.

"Yes, yes, the master is right. We visited the spirit world, which is a kind of business behavior." Yuanbao used Liang Jie's cell phone to learn a lot of modern information and talked about business as soon as he spoke.

"Who do you lie to? When you saw the beauty before, your eyes were straight."

"Master, are you going to follow the path of everyone shouting?"

Li Mengyao stared with her eyes folded on her hips.

This made Liang Jie very speechless. When was he so dirty?

Regarding Lin Xueer, he had absolutely no selfishness, he just wanted to help her with classmate love! Really, he promises!

"Sister, It's you who follows the master, and it's you who helps the master. You have managed the master before you got transfer spirit pill, and the master won't listen to you in the future."

"Men! It's normal to think about something. You have to show your bearing at this time!"

"This time, the master went to the spirit world with us. Could the master do something without you, even if he wants, he must get your permission."

Yuanbao carefully came to Li Mengyao's side, with a gracious expression, and said some enlightened words.

These words won the heart of Liang Jie! It was just that in the end, his face was dark. But in order to be able to go to the spirit world, he had to put up with it.

"You seem to make sense."

Li Mengyao, who was very pure, showed a thoughtful expression.

Where does she know the twists and turns inside? Since Yuanbao can convince her, there are naturally a hundred ways for her to agree that Liang Jie does something in the spirit world.

Although Liang Jie knew that the fat guy had no good intentions, at this time he was on the same line as the fat guy.

"Mengyao, rest assured! In addition to my business, I decide, everything else must be approved by you." Liang Jie patted his chest to ensure that this made Li Mengyao happy.

However, she still pretended to ignore it, and said lightly, "Since this is the case, I will reluctantly agree."

The most important part of going to the spirit world is Nine Regions Ring. If Li Mengyao doesn't agree, Liang Jie and Yuanbao can't do anything. After all, the ability to penetrate the world must be assisted by the ring.

"Master, if we want to go to the spirit world, we have to make some preparations."

"Penetrating boundary stone is indispensable. It is used by the ring as a coordinate, but you don't have to worry too much about it. It's so much in the spirit world."

"We were led by the monks in the illusory period. We need to use the strength of the other party to prevent exposure of things that penetrate the boundary. This is the most important."

"In the end, it is the superb spirit crystal. This thing is a one-time consumption thing. It will provide us with the spiritual power needed to penetrate the world."

Yuanbao knows how to penetrate the world. After all, he and the ring have been together for a long time in the past. He did a lot of these things.

The spiritual fluid can provide a large amount of pure spirit, and the superb spiritual crystal can provide huge spiritual power, which is transformed itself, even the artifact elf can use directly.

Penetrating the world, naturally cannot use Liang Jie's power, otherwise, Liang Jie will die very miserably.

"Um, isn't that dangerous?"

Liang Jie shivered, it was really not that easy to penetrate the world.

It is a monk in the illusory period, and it is a superb spirit crystal. How many spirit stones does it cost to go to the spirit world this time! Countless!

Even Liang Jie can't afford it. It feels like it's burning money!

"Master, if it is so easy to penetrate the world, then no one can penetrate the world."

With a blank look at Liang Jie, Yuanbao felt that his master was sometimes stupid.

Don’t even think about it! And if it's not Nine Regions artifacts, the monks who have not reached the illusory period would not dare to play like this!