Chapter 81 - Success

The influence of the return soul curse has passed, and the two thunderstorms have passed. Liang Jie now only needs to meet the thunderstorm that belongs to him.

This is not difficult for him, especially after mastering the word mystery, there is almost nothing to worry about.


With the fall of the Thunder, Liang Jie's strength finally entered the gold pill period.

At the same time, because of the previous baptism of Thunder Calamity, his soul reached the strength of the later gold pill period, and even his body was much stronger than the ordinary gold pill period.

So that gold pill thunder, as if it was tickling Liang Jie, he was absorbed as energy, and he successfully condensed a second lotus seed with the five elements of yin and yang.

Of course, during the period when Liang Jie died, lying straight and motionless, even the soul fluctuations disappeared, which made Wang Jing and they dumbfounded.

"Um, there is no problem with his current strength!"

Although the three were very puzzled, Xuan Xiao and Wang Jing soon realized a problem.

That is the influence of the five elements of Yin and Yang. This method is too special. It is said that when he crosses the calamity, he must die every time.

Now it seems true, Liang Jie is really dead.

"Ah ... finally succeeded!"

Liang Jie's Five Elements Yin and Yang operates on its own, absorbing the spirit of heaven and earth for Liang Jie, and transforming it into his own spiritual power, while also bringing many benefits.

In particular, the lotus terrace in Dantian is the most amazing. The second lotus seed has already been born. Liang Jie has even considered what kind of spirit baby it should give birth to.

The lotus seed is a gold pill, and the soul bred within it is the spirit baby, and it can also be fused with one of the nine words mystery, which is very amazing.


Looking at Liang Jie, Ji Mingwu was completely speechless.

Now he doesn't know whether the Ji family is doing it right or wrong. He said that the grudges with Liang Jie will not be mentioned again, but can this really be the end of the matter?

Such a young genius has a lot of mysterious abilities, and even the master of the Nine Regions Ring, it is difficult for him to imagine that Liang Jie would not choose revenge.

"You must be very worried now that the Ji family will cause trouble! It's all right, everything has its own cause and effect."

"It's not your fault, and you don't need to care so much. You still have to go back and learn about today's gains! I believe you can definitely go one step further."

"It may not be able to break through, but adding life is not a problem."

Ghost King Xuan Xiao looked at Ji Mingwu and smiled slightly at him, signaling that he could leave.

At this time, it would be meaningless for him to stay, to kill Liang Jie, he will die, and he did not need to trouble the family for this.

So he left without looking back.

Today, he did gain a lot, and he can still be successful in the late Yuanying period. He may really be able to take a step forward. In this way, living an extra one or two hundred years is really not a problem.

"Master, the Five Elements Yin and Yang can still be used this way?"

At this point, Li Mengyao, already aware of what Liang Jie did, opened her eyes wide.

She came to Liang Jie's Dantian for several laps, with an incredible expression on her face. She didn't expect that this would happen.

Even Yuanbao was dumbfounded. He had just used the spiritual fluids he had prepared for Liang Jie, allowing Liang Jie to continue to cultivation during the thunder.

It is because of this that Liang Jie's Dantian has undergone very amazing changes.

The second lotus seed appeared, not to mention, just above the lotus seed there was a mass of a substance that could aggregate into a gold pill, as if it could be repaired into a second gold pill.

"Sister, master won't be in trouble! I feel like something is going on!"

Yuanbao was really scared, something he had never seen before.

People who can cultivate two gold pills are not impossible. There are even such specialized exercises, but such as Liang Jie are rare. After all, there is no guidance for exercises!

"It's okay, everything is stable, it's likely that the master has gone his own way."

In Li Mengyao's view, this is Liang Jie's own way, taking a different path.

In the gold pill period, this is a stage that has a great influence on itself. As the so-called Gold Pill Tao, at this time, it really does have some insights into the Tao.

The reason why Liang Jie found that True Words Mystery and the Five Elements Yin and Yang can be combined is also due to his luck, and it can also be said to be the influence of the Tao.

With a sigh of relief, Liang Jie stood up and found that his body was slippery, and he hurriedly found a piece of clothing to wear.

The gold pill period is no less than five times stronger than the solid foundation period.

Both the strength of the spiritual force and the speed of its own absorption of the spirit have made great progress, which are the basic manifestations of the gold pill period.

"Hey, how? I'm powerful!"

"I tell you, I think I will be able to incorporate the nine words mystery into the spirit babies and cultivate nine Yuanying."

"This should be no one before and no one after me! I have created a Taoism?"

Liang Jie was so proud at this moment, and the words made Yuan Bao and Li Mengyao directly dumbfounded.

It’s all said and done in the creation of Taoism, don’t you incarnate as the sun? I have never seen such a shameless person.

"Master, you can't be so shameless!"

Li Mengyao glared at Liang Jie and expressed her contempt.

As for Yuanbao, he said: "Master, I thought I was shameless. You are shameless than me."


After being laughed at by them, Liang Jie was not discouraged.

Whatever he said, he created a miracle. This is definitely the real situation, so pride should be.

Even aside from this, it is only a short period of time from the beginning of his cultivation to the present, and it is very amazing to be able to reach the gold pill period.

"Senior, I succeeded!"

With a smile on his face, Liang Jie didn't feel ashamed of the embarrassment at the time of the thunder.

The ghost king Xuan Xiao and Wang Jing who had been watching him crossing the thunder calamity had glanced at each other, and they saw the shock in each other's eyes. They really did not expect that time would have such a thing.

At this moment, Liang Jie was standing in front of them, and they couldn't see through him. Even if they were better than them, others were even more impossible.

"Well, you are very good! you consolidate it for the next time!"

Wang Jing didn't say much, and he left here in a hurry. Now he must see what happened to Liang Jie.

As for the ghost king Xuan Xiao, he returned directly to Wolong Mountain and sealed it again.

Finally, all was settled, and the previous changes during the thunder calamity did not affect Shangzhou City, because it was imprisoned by the formation, and it was not released until just now.

He wanted to show it off, but the two seniors had just left like this, Liang Jie's expression was speechless, and there was still no excitement before.