Chapter 80 - Fusion

When Liang Jie felt helpless about being unable to comprehend how the word mystery repaired the soul, he found that his five-element yin and yang worked smoothly.

The second lotus seed of the lotus in Dantian is about to take shape.

As for his gold pill, he has become very close at this time, and it is a little bit short of success because the gold pill is not yet spiritual.

The gold pill gave birth to a Yuanying, which was born from the spirituality given by heaven. Without that little spirituality, it is not so easy to have a Yuanying.

"The Five Elements Yin and Yang need to die again to successfully consolidate the second lotus seed."

"Even if you can survive, there are still so many thunderstorms!"

"If you can start..."

Liang Jie did not give up, he wanted to draw some inspiration from observing his body.

At this time, Liang Jie did see an incredible scene. When he was bombarded by a purple thunder, the red lightning bolt absorbed gold pill and lotus seeds in his body.

Not only that, when Liang Jie was repairing the soul, he could obviously feel power from the lotus seed, which was the power that communicated with the soul.

"Yeah! The Five Elements Yin and Yang combined with True Words Mystery!"

At this moment, Liang Jie thought of a possibility, which he felt should be ok.

Since the lotus seeds on the lotus platform can provide the power to repair the soul, can he directly attach the word mystery to the lotus seeds, can it solve the problem of soul repair?

Thinking of this, Liang Jie started directly.

The lotus seed grown by the Five Elements Yin and Yang is in communication with Liang Jie. The moment his consciousness is connected to it, Liang Jie can feel the difference.

"This is ... gold pill?"

This was Liang Jie's first contact with the lotus seed. At the moment of contact, he discovered its extraordinariness. It turned out to be the same thing as a gold pill.

It is not unreasonable for Liang Jie to be so surprised, because he felt the breath of soul in the lotus seeds.

There is no doubt that the interior of this lotus seed will definitely breed a soul in the future, and this is the soul of Liang Jie, so when the word mystery repairs the soul, he will feel the power revealed here.

"Try it!"

With almost no hesitation, Liang Jie stopped his consciousness in the lotus seeds and began to cultivate the word mystery.

Here, he could clearly sense that the breath of the soul was flowing, and each part that was lost turned out to be a part copied from this lotus seed.

Is the repair of the soul the repair of the lost part with the duplicated soul?

This surprised Liang Jie. He thought it was too incredible, but as the number of repairs to his soul increased, Liang Jie found that he really was right.

Therefore, Liang Jie began to display the word mystery centering on consciousness. He wanted to condense a soul exactly like himself in the interior of the lotus.

"The master's soul wave has disappeared, but the broken soul is still being repaired, and the speed is obviously faster. This is ..."

When Li Mengyao and Yuanbao noticed this, they had discovered the problem.

The situation this time is a bit weird, because the repair effect is indeed increasing, and Liang Jie understands it more deeply.

Even the three people in the distance were shocked at this time. They did not expect Liang Jie's soul repair speed would be so fast.

Need to know, the soul needs to be the most precious thing! But Liang Jie doesn't need foreign objects to repair it, which is already scary.

True Words Mystery is really too powerful.


After another thunder fell, Liang Jie's soul was completely shattered this time.

In Liang Jie's body, he can no longer feel the soul fluctuations, which can scare Wang Jing and them, thinking that Liang Jie is really going to die!

The ghost species clinging to Liang Jie's soul roared, and the gray material wrapped in the returning soul curse flew towards the sky as if to compete with the thunder.

Unfortunately, it was blasted into fly ash in an instant and then disappeared.

At the same time, a miracle happened, Liang Jie's crushed souls reunited together, and became a complete soul as if it were not harmed.


At this moment, they finally realized Liang Jie's change.

The gray matter originally attached to Liang Jie's soul has disappeared and has been completely wiped out by the thunderbolt. Liang Jie's soul has finally begun to transform and become the soul of the gold pill period.

With the change of the soul, his consciousness also became stronger. Liang Jie came to his senses from cultivation, and he was surprised to find that there was a soul in the lotus that was exactly like him.

What is even more amazing is that this soul can actually operate the word mystery on its own.

Obviously this lotus seed has successfully condensed the soul. This is Liang Jie's second soul, which is similar to Yuanying's general existence. It is a replica of Liang Jie's own soul.

"This ... so great!"

Liang Jie no longer knows how to describe it. He is really excited now.

Everything in front of him overturned his common sense. It turns out that the Five Elements Yin and Yang also have such usage. It can actually copy the soul and master a kind of ability!

In other words, Liang Jie can engrave all the nine words mystery to other lotus seeds. In the future, he does not even need to launch them intentionally and can be controlled by the soul in the lotus seeds.

Soul? Perhaps it should be more appropriate to call spirit baby!

Seriously, Liang Jie had been completely stunned at this time, and the power of the Five Elements Yin and Yang exceeded his imagination too much, and the perfect match with the True Words Mystery.

"It seems to be okay, and the gold pill is already spiritual."

Coming out of the lotus seed, Liang Jie saw the change of gold pill, and it had successfully transformed.

After feeling it carefully, Liang Jie can even feel a special wave inside the gold pill, which is the fetal movement during the birth of the Yuanying, which is almost the same as the human birth of life.

Opening his eyes, Liang Jie now feels that his soul and body are so closely connected, he knows that he has basically mastered the word mystery.


The thunder is still bombarding Liang Jie's soul, but can no longer hurt him.

The soul will reorganize at the moment of fragmentation. He no longer needs to worry about the body and soul being destroyed by thunder, and the crisis of return soul curse has finally passed.

"Master, your soul wave was gone for a while, where is your consciousness?"

Li Mengyao was very surprised. Generally, the consciousness stayed in the soul, but Liang Jie was not there just now.

Before the cultivation of Yuanying, the transfer of consciousness should not be done. Why did Liang Jie make such a strange change?

"To realize the word mystery, and I also know something about the Five Elements Yin and Yang."

Liang Jie smiled and was full of confidence in his discovery. He believed that Li Mengyao would be surprised.

Because if she really knew it, she might have told Liang Jie already, she would be so surprised because she didn't know it, would she?

Maybe, he really did what the previous master of Nine Regions Ring hadn't done.