Chapter 8 - Encounter

After playing for a day, Liang Jie returned Yang Yi to the girl's dormitory.

Then, in the dormitory, he began to process the information replied by Li Mengyao, and after a rough statistics, he now has more than a thousand orders.

If calculated according to 50,000 low-grade spirit stones, this is more than 50 million low-grade spirit stones!

"Master, moisten your saliva! With the current progress of two stoves of pills a day, it takes one year for you to complete these orders. There will be more and more such orders in the future. You can't handle them at all."

"So consider my suggestion!"

Li Mengyao appeared on Liang Jie's shoulders, shaking a pair of slender legs.

Although she doesn't have a body, her figure is too perfect, which makes Liang Jie feel a bit of blood.

"If Qiongyao Fairy is known, someone poses in such a tasteful manner outside like her, I wonder if she will vomit blood?"

Li Mengyao knew Liang Jie's thoughts, flew up from his shoulders, came to Liang Jie's eyes, and put on a sultry posture, which made Liang Jie's nosebleeds squirt directly.

"Master, as long as there is a turn spirit pill, I can have a body, and I can sleep with you at that time!"

Flying to Liang Jie's ear, Li Mengyao spoke softly in words.

Holding his nose, Liang Jie felt that this destructive power was too powerful, and it made people think more infinitely than Yang Yi.

"Don't make trouble, I know what to do."

"The cultivation is boring. We have to play something new."

"To this end, we have to take it slowly. I will definitely allow you to experience a completely different cultivation path than before."

Liang Jie's serious expression forced him not to look at Li Mengyao.

He was really scared. If he continued like this, he would really be anaemic.

The business of the pill business cannot really be anxious. Cultivation does not happen overnight. They have time to take it easy.

Handing over the matter of contacting the cultivation people to Li Mengyao, Liang Jie found a hidden place, and after eating change appearance pill, he climbed down from the dormitory.

In Shangzhou City, where college is located, one thing that people talk about is that in the deep alley of Zhengdong Street, every morning, many people gather here to buy and sell things.

That is the ghost market.

Zhengyang Street is very big, but it is not much for Liang Jie now, because the cleaning body fluid has greatly improved his mental strength, and can now sense things within a few hundred meters.

He can know all wind and grass, so finding a ghost market is not difficult.

When he came to a house of some ages, Liang Jie knocked on the door without hesitation.

Of course, it's not the general knocking method, but the knock on the door ring in a special way.


The door was opened, and an old man walked out. After looking at Liang Jie, he looked around and determined that no other person let him in.

After coming to the room, the old man took out a piece of paper and handed it to him, saying, "Write your name. It's best not to be clever and dare to make trouble in the ghost market. Don't even think about leaving intact."

"This is your first time here, and rules still need to be said."

"Buying and selling here are all voluntary, whether you make a loss or make money, it's all your own business. You can't retaliate on purpose, you know?"

Real name and pseudonym, this is actually not important, because there is a camera here that will take pictures of everyone who comes here, so it is not easy to escape if there is a trouble.

This is really what made Liang Jie somewhat surprised that the ghost market is so formal!

Under the guidance of the old man, Liang Jie soon came to a house next door, where the crowd was distributed in twos and threes, and they were all watching something on the stall.

People who sell things don't yell, they just sit there. Someone talks when they want to buy something. The voice is not very loud.


Liang Jie pretended to open the backpack and took out a bronze mirror and a small bronze sword from the inside.

He didn't pay too much attention, he just spread a piece of cloth and put it on the display. Don't worry about being stolen here, because someone is watching in the corner of the room!

Liang Jie, playing with his mobile phone, didn't worry about selling anything, he just waited quietly.

"Young man, can I look at this?"

About ten minutes later, an old man with white hair came over.

He was full of energy and did not show old age. Judging from his physical age, he was at least 60 years old, but Li Mengyao told him that the old man in his eyes was at least 90 years old.

"feel free!"

Liang Jie remained calm. He knew he had caught a big fish.

Although there are not too many powerful cultivation people in this world, there are still acquired martial arts and innate martial arts. The old man in front has reached the strength of the innate congenital, which is very powerful in the worldly world.

Continue to play with his mobile phone to hide people's eyes, Liang Jie is actually in contact with Han Yu, he is going to ask Han Yu to help buy some gathering momentum pills and cleaning body fluid for emergency needs.

Of course, he still needs gathering momentum pill. In case of battle, he can restore spiritual power as much as possible.

"Young man, I want your stuff! How much do you ask for?" The old man smiled slightly and asked after setting down the bronze sword.

He looks very kind, and there are two guards behind him, and his strength cannot be underestimated, which makes Liang Jie be wary.

Even after changing appearance, there is a feeling of fear in the heart of these smiling old men!

Therefore, Liang Jie is also not good at speaking directly, but he stretched out his right hand and compared it with a five.

Isn't it silly for him to make an offer! At a glance, he knows that the old man in front of him is very knowledgeable, and it is better to let the other party guess the price.

"Five million? Young man, although your bronze sword is a treasure, it has lost its spirituality. At best, it is a good weapon."

"If you want to be cheaper, I'll buy it directly for you. What do you think?"

"I understand the rules of the ghost market, and I won't ask you where you got it. If you still have such things, I can buy them all."

The old man has a wealth of money and looks like he has to do long-term business with Liang Jie.

In his opinion, the young man in front of him looked very young, but even he could not see the front, maybe he was a hermit master.

Even the strongest in the congenital realm can maintain their youthful appearance even when they are sixty or seventy years old.

"Four million? Although a bit expensive ... OK, I bought it!"

The old man hesitated to see Liang Jie retract his thumb.

But when he saw the young man picking up two things and handing them to him, he couldn't help but be frightened by the young people in front of him.

The addition of these two things is almost the same price. Although he didn't think about buying this bronze mirror, since it is the first time to do business, it is best for both parties to be happy.