Chapter 79 - The Nine Words Mystery

"Master, the nine words mystery!"

"It will become your life-saving means."

"Be aware, it can restore the body and soul."

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie to let him seize the opportunity.

Now is a golden opportunity. If it is possible, Liang Jie may be able to master the two words in the nine words mystery.

Of course, the word mystery must be mastered first, and Liang Jie is bad now!

Liang Jie's eyes brightened, and he began to practice the word mystery while holding his mind.

For him, the repair of the wreckage originally required the power of the word mystery, so it was the best time for him to cultivate.

As the spiritual power moved, Liang Jie fell into comprehension, and his body began to recover based on the word mystery.

At first, the speed was not fast, not even as fast as Liang Jie's own mystery.

However, this is the essence of the mystery. Naturally, It can exert unimaginable effects.


When the sixth thunderbolt fell, Liang Jie's body had only burnt flesh and bones, and even the bones were about to crack.

But at this critical juncture, Liang Jie's body changed.

Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, and Wang Jing saw a strange scene. Liang Jie's body was recovering at a very fast speed. Although it was still impossible to repair it all, at least there were signs of repair.

"This is……"

The two were shocked inexplicably and immediately thought of the nine words mystery.

Liang Jie who has the mystery, it is not impossible to practice the nine words mystery, but he is too bold to dare to cultivate at this time.


The purple thunder fell again, and Liang Jie's body turned into coke again.

However, this time Liang Jie's body was repaired, obviously much faster than the last time, and his understanding of the word mystery has been further deepened.

In fact, it is exactly the same. With the repair of the body, Liang Jie can feel the way that the spiritual force works and the repair of the body.

No matter what kind of repair method it is, it has its roots.

The repair of the body is based on Liang Jie's essence blood. Even if only one drop of essence blood remains, he can repair the body and become a complete person.

This is very scary. In the battle with the same state, he is almost invincible.

Of course, if faced with a too powerful opponent and smashed his body, even if the essence and blood were not left, Liang Jie would naturally be unable to recover.


As Liang Jie’s understanding deepened, Liang Jie’s use of the word mystery became more mature, and his body was able to withstand the bombardment of the purple thunder.

Even if it is instantaneously blasted into coke, it can be restored as soon as possible, but the spirit consumed is really huge, which is its only weakness!

"Through thunder."

Xuan Xiao and Wang Jing were relieved, and they were still a little excited.

Because Liang Jie's performance exceeded their imagination too much.

As for Ji Mingwu, he was completely dumbfounded at this time. He knew the power of the return soul curse, but the young man in front of him was able to bear it.

Ji Family, did they do it right this time?

He couldn't help doubting it, maybe they had set up an unimaginable enemy, even if the other party was still weak, but his rising speed was by no means imaginable.

Breathing, Liang Jie smiled and opened flowers at this moment.

Although he only mastered the word mystery a bit, he was safe and sound, at least the impact of Thunder Calamity on him was not enough.

Even if his body was blasted into coke every time, his recovery was only an instant.

The nine deadly thunderstorms passed, and the thundercloud in the sky began to change. It seemed that a new thunderstorm was brewing, which made Liang Jie's eyes full of expectations.

The purple thunders in the thunderclouds and an inexplicable pressure came. Liang Jie almost fell to the ground with a puppet, and for a moment he was unconscious.

"Master, This time is to kill your soul!"

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie that the next thunder is more dangerous than the previous thunder.

Because the body can be exercised to have a strong resilience, coupled with the help of exercises, basically it is not a problem to fight against thunder.

The thunder of the soul is totally different. After all, not everyone can cultivate the soul, which is undoubtedly very dangerous.

"come here!"

At this time Liang Jie had the confidence, and the secret of restoring the body of the character had been known by Liang Jie. Now he was eager to know the secret of restoring the soul.

Therefore, he is actually looking forward to the next thunderstorm.

It is precise because of this that Xuan Xiao and Wang Jing are not worried about Liang Jie, because with the help of the word mystery, at least he cannot die.


The purple thunder fell, the huge thunder looked very horrifying, and even a red lightning bolt was very strange.

Thunder did not bombard Liang Jie's body, but directly hit Liang Jie's soul.

Liang Jie fell straight to the ground motionless, apparently because of the bombardment of the soul, he had fallen into a coma.

At this time, Liang Jie encountered a great crisis. His soul had gray matter, which was the effect of the return soul curse. He actually imprisoned Liang Jie's soul and prevented him from successfully exerting his spiritual power to guard the soul.

With Thunder bombarding his soul, Liang Jie's soul almost burst into pieces, which scared him lightly.

The thunder just blasted his soul out of a huge fissure, Liang Jie was so shocked that he silently operated the word mystery and tried to repair it.

However, he found a problem that he couldn't repair it successfully, and the effect of the repair was very slow.

"What exactly is going on?"

Liang Jie was a little puzzled. The effect of the word mystery on repairing the soul was not very obvious.

Although the repair of the body was smooth, the soul was unexpected, because Liang Jie did not understand what the essence of soul repair is.

More importantly, he didn't understand the mystery of the soul at all, so let alone understand the word mystery to repair the soul.

However, although the repair is very slow, it is indeed being repaired. Liang Jie has time to understand, but time is not much, he must hurry up.

"Is there really no way?"

Liang Jie is very distressed now because he really doesn't know the soul.

But until now, even if he didn't know that, Li Mengyao had to accompany him, otherwise, the soul may be broken, even if he didn't die, there would be hidden dangers.