Chapter 78 - Purple Gold Thunder Calamity


Thunder clouds became thicker and thicker and closer to the ground as if to be connected to the ground.

The purple thunder looks extremely scary and has begun bombardment of the restraint and the legal array under the cloth of ghost king Xuan Xiao. Thunder seems to want to directly smash everything that protects Liang Jie.

"Boy, please ask for a blessing! I don't want to ruin Wolong Mountain!"

Seeing that the situation was not good, Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, could only stop the prohibition and the formation.

This time the thunderstorm is too special. Obviously it is not so simple. It has strong pertinence. This is intended to completely kill Liang Jie!

"Master, hold on!"

Liang Jie's situation is very threatening, even Li Mengyao is a bit worried.

As for Yuanbao, he couldn't bear to look at it. For Liang Jie, the current chance is less than 30%.

He was already thinking about it. If Liang Jie really couldn't hold it, even if he would be beaten by Li Mengyao, he would have to keep his master's soul.


A purple-golden thunderbolt fell down, with a breath of destruction, vowing to kill Liang Jie to the slag, even the soul could not stay.

Feeling the devastation, Liang Jie's eyes were cold. He now knew his crisis, and this time he could only breakthrough by himself.

"I'm not afraid of you!"

Isn't it just being thundered! This shows that heaven was so angry with him that Liang Jie felt that he should be happy, so he didn't care so much!

With the huge force of thunder and lightning coming into the body, Liang Jie could feel his body creaking, the flesh and blood of his body would be burnt, and even the soul would be hurt.

However, the power of this thunder passed through Liang Jie's body to the gold pill, and then was absorbed by the lotus seeds.

The thunder force that really acts on Liang Jie is actually less than 20%.

But the power of these two is almost blasted Liang Jie's body.

Opening a mouthful of green smoke, Liang Jie felt that his body was almost ripe.

It is too scary, just now he thought he was going to die!

The first thunder had such power, Liang Jie was a little bit afraid now because he knew that the power was stronger than one.

"Master, drink spiritual fluid to restore spiritual power!"

Li Mengyao is an elf, and the body is the Nine Regions Ring. This type of thunder has no effect on her at all, so she can remind Liang Jie so easily.

But she didn't dare to be exposed. She is now in the ring.

Take out a bottle of spiritual fluid and drink, Liang Jie's spiritual power is quickly recovering.

At this point Liang Jie's Five Elements Yin and Yang started to work, his body began to recover slowly, the wounded body was no longer in the way, and even the soul was repaired.

It looks very good, but Liang Jie wants to scold the next second, because the Five Elements Yin and Yang Jue even started to continuously consume spiritual power, forming a spiritual protection outside his body, and at the same time, changes occurred on the lotus in Dantian, It is going to bear a second lotus seed.


Even if the cultivation is led by heaven calamity, and it is still self-cultivation, these five elements of yin and yang are too crazy! Want to play him?

"Grumbling Grumbling"

Liang Jie hurried to drink a bottle of spirit fluid before he could look inside Dan Tian, and a purple thunder dropped from the sky.

This blow was more than twice as powerful as before. It almost blasted Liang Jie into dregs. His body was completely cracked. The flesh and blood in many places were burnt, and even bones could be seen.

Liang Jie, who was lying on the ground and couldn't move, was desperate at this moment. He was about to be completely killed.

"Master, don't care about these details."

"The Five Elements Yin and Yang runs independently and absorbs the power of Thunder to cultivate, which saves you a lot of time!"

"As long as you passed, you can get great benefits, because of the influence of the return soul curse, your soul strength can definitely reach the late gold pill period."

Li Mengyao is not a joke, this is indeed a good opportunity for Liang Jie.

Once it is successful, as the strength of the soul increases, the consciousness will become more powerful. Just after entering the gold pill period, there will be the later gold pill period consciousness, which can be said to be no one before.

Liang Jie felt at this moment that he was going to die.

Although Liang Jie was a little helpless, it was not his character to just give up.

As a result, Liang Jie lay on the ground, letting out the spiritual fluid, and he lay all in. He didn't believe he would really die here.


It was another purple thunder, and the ghost king Xuanxiao was frightened.

It was only after two thunderstorms that Liang Jie couldn't move anymore. This was the next thunderstorm that he suffered.

Having said that, they were frightened when they saw Liang Jie taking out so much spiritual fluid.

This kid is really rich! With so many spiritual fluids!


The ghost king Xuan Xiao laughed, he really didn't expect it.

With these spiritual fluids and the autonomous operation of the five elements of yin and yang, Liang Jie will not be able to die for a while, but the time of real danger is yet to come.

Now it is the thunder robbing the flesh, followed by the thunder robbing the soul, and finally, there is the gold pill thunder. This is not a joke.

"He will not die!"

Wang Jing smiled and was very pleased with Liang Jie's performance.

Being able to use the Nine Regions Ring, and having so many spiritual fluids in this world, this is all Liang Jie's own ability, which shows that Liang Jie is not a casual person.


When the fifth thunder, Liang Jie's body was completely scorched.

Even if there were five elements of yin and yang to repair his body, this degree of injury will not be able to recover in a short while.

Purple Gold Thunder Calamity, this is just the beginning!

"Wait for death?"

Liang Jie was upset at this moment, and he had to find a way to solve the big physical problem in front of him.

If he has any other cards, it is True Words Mystery. As for other things, he really has none.

After all, it is meaningless for him to use foreign objects to cross the calamity. He needs thunder to temper his own body, but also to cultivate in this way!


At this time, Liang Jie could not take care of that much.

As soon as the mystery came out, Liang Jie's body began to repair faster, but the consumption of spiritual power also increased exponentially, and the spiritual fluid was almost gone.


Yuanbao's eyes were straight, and he hurried back to the second floor of the ring. He had to prepare enough spiritual fluids for Liang Jie, and at this speed, the psychics prepared before were not enough.

However, Li Mengyao was in front of her eyes, and the solution to the problem was in front of her!