Chapter 77 - Return Soul Curse

Today, Ji Mingwu has no power to care about others, and Liang Jie's breakthrough is naturally not hindered by external forces.

But his breakthrough was not so simple, because the Return Soul Curse had been planted long ago, and the moment when he broke through fell on him, thereby disrupting his breakthrough and increasing the power of the heavenly calamity.

Due to the much faster time flow of the second floor of the ring, the past half an hour has passed outside and several hours have passed inside.

"Master, solid foundation period is completed!"

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie that he was ready to start breaking through.

The pill was already ready. Liang Jie immediately ate it without any hesitation. He wanted to break through as quickly as possible.

However, the pill only makes it easier for Liang Jie to gather Jgold pill, and it does not help him whether he can resist the heavenly calamity.

However, both the Li Mengyao and Yuanbao sensed an unknown breath, and the appearance of this breath at this juncture was devastating to Liang Jie.

This is almost the same as the previous curse, enough to let Liang Jie die.

Even more frightening is that this time the threat is obviously much stronger than last time.

It should be noted that the souls of monks in the cultivation momentum period and those of the gold pill period are not at all a level. The curse launched at the cost of the soul is definitely beyond the Liang Jie's foundation.

Liang Jie, who was so clear-cut, was covered with a layer of gray matter.

"Sister, it's the Return Soul Curse!"

Yuanbao knows more about curses and things than Li Mengyao, and he can see at a glance what the gray substance appears on Liang Jie's body.

The curse is a very vicious curse, which can not only forcibly attach various negative effects to others but also pollute their souls.

The gray material is the root of the curse. He has wrapped Liang Jie's soul. In this way, Liang Jie may endure the thunderous disaster of the gold pill period instead of the thunderous disaster of the solid foundation period.

"Sister, how about I take the initiative to put master into the Nine Regions Tripod!"

At this point, Yuanbao couldn't take care of that much, and Liang Jie's best way to save his life was to refine the curse with Nine Regions Tripod.

However, Liang Jie may miss the opportunity to make a breakthrough, and Li Mengyao must make a choice as soon as possible.

"It's too late. Instead of wasting time, it's better to use the power of thunder and lightning." Li Mengyao looked at Liang Jie and quickly made a decision.

She had already seen that there was a ghost species in Liang Jie's body, which was given to him by the ghost king Xuan Xiao, but finally fulfilled Liang Jie's body.

The ghost species has hatched, and now it has become a special existence, because it is separated from Ji Penghai's soul, so it is now an independent soul.

"No, sister! Don't be so crazy!"

Yuanbao knew what Li Mengyao meant. She was going to let her master forcibly cross the thunder of monks of the gold pill period. It would be impossible to say no good, but the risk is too great.

After thunderstorms, Liang Jie can be regarded as a monk in the gold pill period. Now he is a monk in the solid foundation period. Thunderstorms of the gold pill period are life-threatening!

"It is easy to have ghost species."

Li Mengyao smiled and seemed to have enough confidence in it. She believed Liang Jie would not have any problems.

Looking at her like this, Yuanbao knows that it is useless to say more, and can only hope that the master will not have a big problem.

Liang Jie, who has reached the solid foundation period, has touched the threshold of the gold pill period. He even saw the changes in the Dantian, and the gold pill substances above the lotus bonsai were condensing.

At first, those things were just cloud-like things, now they have gathered together to form a golden sphere.

No doubt, this is a gold pill!

However, this is not the real gold pill, it is not completely condensed together, it is just a compressed pseudo gold pill, and even the Tao grain has never appeared.

Tao grain is the most fundamental manifestation of the gold pill. Only when the Tao grain appears, can it be truly turned into a gold pill.

At present, it is just a pseudo-gold pill, and even the power of a gold pill cannot be generated. What Liang Jie has to do now is to complete this ultimate leap and upgrade his strength to the gold pill period.


Just when the gold pill was fully formed, suddenly an abnormal wave intruded in, Liang Jie could even see that some gray matter was entangled on Jin Dan.

These gray matter, with a filthy breath, eroded the power of gold pill’s holiness and turned it into a dark power. Even the gold pill turned gray and even turned black.

This change made Liang Jie wake up from sitting.

"Master, hold your heart! Don't suppress anymore, just start!"

Seeing Liang Jie's grey face woke up, Li Mengyao hurriedly reminded him.

Although he didn't know what was going on, Liang Jie believed Li Mengyao's words.


The gold pill period's spiritual power spread out, and the moment the world and the earth sympathized, produced a reaction.

The Wolong Mountain is guarded by the prohibition and the formation arranged by the ghost king Xuan Xiao, but this is nothing to thunder at all, and will greatly enhance thunder.

Fortunately, this area was hidden by the formation so Thunder Clouds gathered in the sky, and outsiders could not know.

Only the ghost king Xuanxiao knew them clearly, because they saw them clearly outside, which was undoubtedly gold pill calamity, but also the strength of the gold pill's later period.

"The influence of the return soul curse has appeared. Liang Jie is really in trouble now!"

The ghost king Xuan Xiao laughed. He had already thought of this result, but he didn’t worry about him.

As for Wang Jing, he also didn’t worry about, because he believes that Liang Jie will definitely have no problem, after all, that is the master of the Nine Regions Ring.

"Is this the gold pill Period Thunderstorm?"

Ji Mingwu was dumbfounded at this time. Thunder clouds gathered and covered the sky, and even a purple thunder flashed.

This is undoubtedly the thunderstorm of the gold pill period, but it is obviously weaker to say that this is a breakthrough thunderstorm. After all, the thunderstorm that broke through to the Yuanying period is earth-shattering.

Obviously this time it is weak, but it can be said that it is a thunderstorm of gold pill period that broke through from a solid foundation period, which is a bit exaggerated.

Purple Thunder!

That is not a general thunderstorm. After all, general thunderstorms are just ordinary lightning.

"Purple thunder, one of the seven types of heavenly punishment thunder, has become even more powerful after being combined with the gold pill period thunder."

Wang Jing was really shocked by this thunderstorm. He thought it was not easy for Liang Jie to survive this thunderstorm, but he couldn't do anything but watch it.

The impact of the return soul curse is too serious. Neither he nor the ghost king Xuan Xiao can intervene. After all, if they are infected with this cause and effect, they may be in danger if they cross the calamity in the future.

If it is not necessary, they will not help him easily.