Chapter 76 - The Sinister Ji Family

"Senior, I won!"

Ji Mingwu looked at the ghost king Xuan Xiao, a proud smile on his pale face.

In this regard, the ghost king Xuan Xiao did not refute but chose to be silent.

The atmosphere at this time was a bit weird, which made Ji Mingwu feel a bit wrong as if he didn't win and the other party had some kind of intention.

"What are you going to do to Liang Jie?"

A long time later, ghost king, Xuan Xiao asked.

Wang Jing aside opened his eyes, he was very interested in this issue.

Just glanced at it with divine thought, and found that Liang Jie's condition could not be investigated. He was more at ease, at least not to worry that they knew Liang Jie was in Wolong Mountain.

"Liang Jie not only made my Ji family guys fools but also planted ghost species in our gold pill period monks with the help of you."

"It is natural that our Ji family will punish them for such bad acts. Recently, the ancestors felt that some people were about to reach the gold pill period, and this guy has a big cause and effect with my family.

"So we decided to let heaven decide his fate."

Ji Mingwu explained his interest while adjusting his breath.

Regarding this matter, he didn't have any need to conceal it, and he couldn't conceal it. With Wang Jing, this thing is public.

Because of this, Liang Jie's treatment will have such a result.

"Do you plan to use the Return Soul Curse?"

Wang Jing glanced at Ji Mingwu with a cold look.

There was murderous anxiety, Ji Mingwu's heart shuddered, but he couldn't run now if he wanted to run, and Wang Jing could kill him at any time.

He had been so obstructed before, and it can be seen that the relationship between him and Liang Jie was very strong. This matter could not be dealt with. The Ji family could not have good results.

"Senior, the ancestors have given you face."

"If not, Liang Jie is afraid that he has already died!"

"After this time is life or death, our Ji family will not care in the future."

With a bitter smile, Ji Mingwu was helpless, and his opinions did not work at all in the Ji family.

In fact, he knew what was going on from the beginning, but for a Liang Jie who was nothing, if Ji's family conceded, it would really become a joke.

"At the expense of the gold pill period monk soul, will all his negative circumstances be passed on to Liang Jie?"

"Your Ji family is really as sinister as ever? It's shameless to say that it's all destiny to see it!"

"Wang Jing! When do you go to the Ji family to see the old immortal, hit him for me, and consume him some life!"

Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, was not worried at all and began to ridicule the Ji family.

This made Ji Mingwu very helpless, but what he said were facts, and he could not refute at all.

This time their Ji family has used that jade pendant, and they can no longer stop Wang Jing in the future. Ji Mingwu even though whether it was worth it.

Now being mentioned about this, Ji Mingwu is very worried. He is afraid that Wang Jing will really go to the Ji family in desperation.

"Xuan Xiao, don't give me a trip. I won't go. You go."

"Again, what do you think that the Return Soul Curse will hurt Liang Jie?"

"If he dies so easily, it can only be said that we are wrong."

He shook his head and smiled. Wang Jing has become his original self, and his killing intent is gone.

Sometimes, many things don't need to be paid too much attention. If they intervene so thoroughly, Liang Jie's future will only get narrower, and many things must be borne by himself.

"Yes, that kid is not a short-lived one."

Ghost King Xuan Xiao laughed, not paying any attention to his situation.

This situation made Ji Mingwu feel a little at a loss and felt that Xuan Xiao was as if he had anticipated his situation, or that he did it on purpose.

"Junior, do you think it's weird, why didn't I just fight back?" Ghost King Xuan Xiao passed through Ji Mingwu's mind and laughed.

There is nothing difficult to explain this issue.

As the predecessor of the ghost king Xuanxiao, if he has to do his best to deal with a junior, then he will be laughed at! And Wang Jing is watching it! He can't afford to lose this person.

"I'm just letting go of my dead spirit by your hand! I live by death, don't you think it's so interesting?"

"solid spirit pill can make my soul immortal, and then the golden spirit sword of your Ji family, I can completely escape from it, and truly embark on the road of cultivation."

"From the body of the yin to the body of the pure yang, I am no longer the thing of the evilest, and I will no longer be restrained by the attributes of exercise in the future."

Grinning, Ghost King Xuan Xiao seemed very happy, he waited so long, and finally made him look forward to such a day.

Liang Jie has great affection for him. Naturally, he has to help Liang Jie to resist the enemy. This is also a win-win situation! In addition, Ji Mingwu has no power to fight again and can’t do anything to Liang Jie.


Ji Mingwu's eyes flickered, and his last face smiled bitterly.

Fighting his own life to fight the other side, the result is such a thing, and sure enough everything is his own wishful thinking, from the beginning the other side did not consider him an opponent.

For the ghost king Xuan Xiao and the Wang Jing, their opponents are in the spirit world, and these people in the lower world are simply not qualified.

Even the oldest ancestor of the Ji family, the living fossil of the gold period is not their opponent.

"Actually, you don't have to do this either. Because of the relationship between the Ji family in the spirit world, Xuan Xiao can't shoot you monks above Yuanying period."

"Otherwise, it will lead to the thunder, and with his current strength, he can't carry it at all, so he used your hand to cut off the cause and effect."

"This time, you are no different from killing him, because he faded out the body of the yin and made the body of the pure yang, this ..."

Wang Jing saw that Ji Mingwu was a little lost, and even Dao's heart was unstable. It can be seen that this time he was badly hit.

There are many people in Ji's family who behave shamelessly, but Ji Mingwu is considered to be a wise man, so he does not want to see him develop a demon.

"I did fade away from the yin body, but I didn't say I was just a pure yang body!"

Glancing at Wang Jing, obviously, he was very dissatisfied with the evaluation of the other party, his situation was not so simple.

Hearing what he said, Wang Jing was surprised, and then he looked at the ghost king Xuanxiao deeply.

"Senior, I want to ask the Ji family in the spirit world is really sinister?" Ji Mingwu didn't understand what they said, but he has something to ask now.

In this world, Ji Mingwu doesn't know many things, and he just listens to others.

"Well, it's not sinister, after all, every family has good and bad people!"

Although the ghost king Xuan Xiao has opinions about the Ji family, it is still very fair in evaluation, after all, this is a fact.

No matter where it is, good and bad coexist, but the person in charge is the bad person, and the good people are helpless.