Chapter 75 - Yuanying Period War

Ji Mingwu has an unusual obsession with ghost king Xuan Xiao. If he wanted to avenge his ancestors, not exactly. He might want to use this battle to improve himself!

Yuanying's later strength can be completed further, but unfortunately, he cannot break through the god period. After all, the world can no longer afford such things.

But this is not absolute, as long as the people in the spirit world provide him with the best spiritual stones and fluids, even advanced pill, he can still break through.

"Fight with me, do you dare?"

Looking at the ghost king Xuan Xiao, Ji Mingwu was full of war intention.

Wang Jing who looked at him shrugged didn't say much, he just kept the enchantment here, as for what happened later!

"Haha ... fight with me! Junior, how dare you say that!"

"The living fossil of the Ji family is still alive. Don't think I don't know. Today I will teach you to respect the elders!"

"Just so young, even dare to behave atrociously in front of me?"

With a cold smile, the ghost king Xuan Xiao was surging with ghost spirits, and his warfare was rising.

Ghost spirit surge, the momentum of the two soon climbed to the top, Ji Mingwu is exuding golden light, a smell that makes the ghost king Xuan Xiao hate.

With his eyes narrowed, Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, was very alert to Ji Mingwu.

He is now the most yin body. As a ghost, he has suffered from such restraint exercises. Even if he is stronger than the opponent, it is useless.

For the evilest things, the thunder system is the most practical, followed by the gold system. Although the wood system is the most special, it is not too aggressive.

"Senior, please!"

Ji Mingwu was surging with spiritual power, and a golden sword appeared in his hand. It was an innate magic weapon.

It looks like a handheld sword, but it is also a flying sword. This is a huge threat!

"Haha ... somewhat interesting, come on!"

Grinning, Ghost King Xuan Xiao said with ease.

A fight after thousands of years! And he is still from the Ji family, he is actually very excited.


The ghostly spirit was permeated, and the whole world was shrouded. The cold ghostly air eroded the spirit power and dyed everything around black.

What's more terrible is that the things touched by the ghosts started to melt, and the ghosts were too sinister.

"Golden Light"

Seeing the other party ’s ghostly spirits rushing, Ji Mingwu waved a golden sword in his hand, and a touch of gold light shone out, pushing the ghostly spirits back.

Not only that, the golden light hangs over his head like the same round of scorching sun, which actually blocks all the ghostly spirits from several feet.

"Can you stop it?"

Eyes narrowed, ghost king Xuan Xiao sneered.

The shape of the sword changed into a spirit, and it resisted ghost spirits. This is indeed a very interesting trick, but unfortunately, the person performing it is Ji Mingwu, who can only resist for a while.


Seeing the ghost spirit move forward, Ji Mingwu frowned.

Letting go of the golden sword, Ji Mingwu pinched the sword tactics. The golden sword turned out to be thousands of thousands. Under the round of tomorrow's shining overhead, all the golden swords radiated a dazzling light.


With a right-handed wave, thousands of gold swords flew towards the ghost king Xuan Xiao.

Even as strong as the ghost king Xuan Xiao could not stop this move without injury, he stepped back dozens of feet, and under his control, ghost spirit turned into countless resentment, flying towards those golden swords.

The resentment collided with Jin Jian, and it was immediately purified, and the light on the sword's body weakened.

At this moment, Ji Mingwu folded his hands together and shot a golden light in his eyes. A sitting human figure flew out of his Dantian, and actually blended with the tomorrow above his head.

Seeing this, the ghost king Xuan Xiao hurriedly retreated, a huge ghost head appeared, swallowed all the gold swords, and then burst.

The number of those golden swords has decreased, but the number is still huge, flying towards the ghost king Xuan Xiao.

But it is not these golden swords that are really threatening, but the sun when Ji Mingwu's head meets Yuanying, it is the opponent's killing trick.

"Sun's Golden Light Sword"

A sword shot from the bright sun above Ji Mingwu's head pierced the sky and pierced the ghostly defense, but actually penetrated the body of the ghost king Xuan Xiao directly.

His soul was severely wounded, and the wound's ghostly decay could not heal.

Such a weird scene stunned Wang Jing. The sword tactic of the Ji family was truly extraordinary. It was worthy of ninth-grade exercise, and the ghost king Xuan Xiao could not bear it.

"Is Sunburn? Do you think you can really kill me if the chains trap me?"

"Junior, you can try and see if you can kill me."

"I, Xuanxiao, there was a reason for not dying that year."

The ghost king Xuan Xiao just didn't want to hide, but his body was tied up by a chain, which was the restraint move.

For ghosts, this is a very effective move. Even the ghost king Xuan Xiao needs some time to break free.

"You will die today!"

Ji Mingwu sat in the air, his lips did not move, but his voice was very clear.

A round of sun's light over his head converged, and a Yuanying who looked exactly like him appeared, with a small golden sword in his hands.

That is the Sunburn.


Yuanying injected the power of his whole body into the golden sword and was directly sacrificed by him.

The little golden sword turned into a golden streamer, cutting through space and time, transcending the godly sense of Xuan Xiao, when he realized it, the little golden sword had stabbed in the chest of Xuan Xiao.

The spirit of the body dissipated smoothly, and the spiritual power of Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, decayed at a rapid speed as if he might disappear at any time.

That sunburn and the chain formed a special legal array, and the huge power was eroding the soul body of the ghost king Xuan Xiao.

This is undoubtedly devastating, causing irreversible harm to him.

It can be seen that the wound on the chest of Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, has become transparent, and his soul is slowly dissipating. It won’t take half an hour for him to really lose his soul.

In the distance, the Yuanying returned to the throne and a spurt of blood spurted out. He had just used his power to exceed his limits in order to severely hurt the ghost king Xuanxiao.

Now that he has achieved his goal, he will have no regrets even if he dies now.

"It seems to be over."

Wang Jing embraced his hands and watched the two men fighting.

In his opinion, it is over, Ji Mingwu has no fighting power anymore, and ghost king Xuan Xiao has been controlled, now it is just to see who died first.

Of course, it's too early to say whether to win or lose, ghost king Xuan Xiao has been passively beaten from the beginning! Does he really have no plans?