Chapter 74 - Cause and Effect

Youzhou Ji Family.

In a dense underground room, an old man with white eyebrows opened his eyes, and two bright lights shot out as if they had penetrated the world.

In his whole body spirit surging, the whole person became deep, like a sea of oceans.

"Fate, fate!"

With a sigh, he stepped forward and disappeared from the back room.

When he reappeared, he actually reached the sky above Wolong Mountain in Shangzhou City. He looked helpless and seemed to think of many things.

A spell turned into dust, which was a one-time teleportation charm.

"Ji Mingwu, you are here anyway."

Wang Jing also appeared in the air, looking at the old man in front of him.

The ancestor is the ancestor of the Ji family, who has already reached the age of die. The time of the Yuanying period is only more than 2,000 years, and Ji Mingwu is over 1,900 years old.

"You are still so young, but I am already old." Ji Mingwu smiled slightly, said.

In response, Wang Jing smiled and said, "You are different from me."

"Yeah! I'm different from you."

Ji Mingwu nodded and seemed to think of something.

Regarding Wang Jing's identity, even he is not very familiar with it. The top monks also kept the secret.

How long he lived, few people really knew about it.

"Why are you here?" Wang Jing asked.

Ji Mingwu smiled helplessly: "you should know."

"I can't let you do it."

"you can’t decide it."


"Naturally this!"

Facing Ji Mingwu, Wang Jing stopped him.

But when he took out a jade pendant, Wang Jing had to retreat.

With this jade pendant in hand, he really couldn't stop Ji Mingwu, but only this time, and he was no longer bound.

"Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, come out and see! I know you are awake."

"My Ji family and your grudges, let's end today!"

"It's time to end the cause and effect cycle."

Ji Mingwu looked at Wolong Mountain and called the name of the ghost king.

To him, this is not unfamiliar, because he has been here since he was young, but unfortunately, he missed a lot of things at that time.

"Oh, the little baby of that year has grown up!"

Ghost King Xuan Xiao laughed and flew out of Wolong Mountain.

He is still a soul and looks a bit bleak, but he does have a surprising amount of oppression, even Ji Mingwu during the Yuanying Period did not dare to despise.

Regarding the Ji family, the ghost king Xuan Xiao knew it very well. After all, it was the ancient family of the spirit world who brought him from the spirit world to the lower world. The Ji family also participated in that year.

The reason why he was sealed here is also from the Ji family, so the ghost king Xuan Xiao and Ji family can be said to have a deep hatred.

"The predecessor's style is still the same! I followed the ancestors, but eventually fled."

"If it wasn't for the ghost species of Ji Penghai, the descendants of the Ji family, I wouldn't even believe you have recovered your strength."

"I came here this time for the sake of cause and effect. I also asked predecessors to continue to sleep."

Ji Mingwu is not afraid. He respects Xuan Xiao, the ghost king, and is full of respect in his words.

If the other party is willing to continue to sleep, he will be more relaxed, otherwise, a fierce battle is inevitable.

"Sleeping? Haha ... How long have I slept? 10,000 years, 100,000 years?"

"Things from the past are vividly remembered! Now that I have escaped, do you think I will be obediently sealed?"

"It's different today. This world is already broken. How many people in the spirit world can come down? Unless they want to die."

Obviously, the ghost king Xuan Xiao couldn't agree to this matter, but he knew very well how those people in the spirit world deal with things.

He was awake, they could not let him go. This world would become the battlefield again, but this time he was not panic at all, because some of his lives were changed.

"Senior, cause and effect cycle, don't be obsessed."

"You're just a junior. How much do you know about the events of that year? You have made a rude statement that I am obsessed with. Even if I retreat, will Wang Jing retreat?"


"Junior, you don't know too many things. You should know that this world is not as simple as you think. People in the spirit world must be right?"

"That being the case, that junior can only offend."

As the ghost king, Xuan Xiao said, Ji Mingwu was speechless.

If the opponent is ready to fight, he can only meet the requirements of the opponent.

Throwing the banner in your hands to the Quartet, the space of the entire academy has been fixed. This place has been completely isolated. Even they fight, it will not affect the world.

"Say it's coming but cause and effect, in fact, you're looking for someone who threatens your Ji family!"

"Wang Jing's asylum, fighting for him for a few months, and with my appearance, you can't sit still anymore, this really makes me care!"

"Ji family in the spirit world, what did you see?"

The ghost king Xuan Xiao knows a lot and even knows that this is the intention of the Ji Family in the spirit world.

The reason why they did not shoot at Ghost King Xuan Xiao, they just wanted to see how the variables appearing in the lower world existed. If they can use it for themselves, they are naturally very happy.

Unfortunately, the end result left them helpless, and the variables of the lower bound would probably ruin the Ji family.

"I don't understand what you mean."

Ji Mingwu's face was bland as if he really didn't know.

However, Wang Jing and ghost king Xuan Xiao did not believe what he said. The Ji family must have known it, otherwise, they would not have waited so long for everything to prepare.

"There is a Nine Regions eBay Store in the spirit world. It is a shop opened by the owner of Nine Regions Ring."

"Not only the simplified version of the pill is sold, but even the superb magic weapon is also sold. This is a disaster for the great forces in the spirit world."

"What it means, you don't know, but I know, so you don't have to hide it."

The ghost king Xuan Xiao laughed. There are so many things he knows! Wang Jing has told him many things.

The relationship between this world and the spirit world is still very close, and there are many means to communicate with each other.

Liang Jie knew this, so he came to Wolong Mountain to find him, and chose to breakthrough here.

"Nine Regions Ring?"

Obviously, Ji Mingwu didn't know what it was.

After hundreds of thousands of years, Nine Regions artifacts in the spirit world and the fairy world, have disappeared in the years.

"Forget it, don't talk about these things."

"Don't you want to fight me! You have to think clearly."

"I think it's not easy for you to cultivate. It's not bad to give you the last few years of leisure time to enjoy your old age. What do you think?"

The ghost king Xuan Xiao smiled and gave Ji Mingwu a suggestion.

However, Ji Mingwu didn't accept it, and he had a firm heart and will. He just wanted to play against the ghost king Xuan Xiao, and realized his wish.