Chapter 73 - Everything is ready

Liang Jie, who cultivated hardly, took the second-grade gathering spirit pill, as a meal, and had spiritual fluids like water to drink, and soon reached the late stage of the solid foundation period.

It's almost a short distance from the perfect state, but it won't take a few days. He doesn't dare to reach the limit easily, fearing that problems will occur.

He must prepare fully, or Liang Jie is not assured, after all, Li Mengyao's intuition will not be wrong.

"Liang Jie, I bought you the sixth-grade solid spirit pill."

Finally, after ten days, Liang Jie waited for the good news from Xuanyu.

This sixth-grade solid spirit pill was bought by Xuanyu from a friend, and it cost Liang Jie tens of thousands of superb spirit stones.

The advanced pill is too expensive. This is already the majority of Liang Jie's profits during this period.

"Well, thanks, please wait for my good news, I am about to break through to gold pill period."

Liang Jie gave Xuan Yu two bottles of spiritual fluid, enough time for him to cultivate, which should be fine for him.

Although Xuanyu was a little disappointed, he also knew that it was unrealistic to obtain the second volume of Jiuyang exercise just because of a pill.

Therefore, he said nothing and began to study the first volume of Jiuyang exercise.

"Master, you are really shameless. You obviously don't have the final three volumes of Jiuyang exercise. You actually deceived the Xuanyu."

Li Mengyao laughed very happy but did not forget to ridicule Liang Jie.

In the second-floor space of the ring, Yuanbao is concentrating on refining the superb storage bags, while also refining a furnace of the pill, which was specially prepared for Liang Jie.

To this day, he has been very optimistic about Liang Jie. He feels that his happiness can be realized in Liang Jie. As long as Liang Jie reaches the gold pill period, many things can be done.

"Everything is ready, it's time to break through."

Liang Jie smiled and didn't care about Li Mengyao's sarcasm.

It's almost time for summer vacation. Now he has time to cultivate. He must reach the gold pill period before the semester begins because this is an agreement with the principal.

Taking advantage of the night, Liang Jie came to Wolong Mountain.

At this point, the principal Wang Jing was already waiting here, all he had to do was to send Liang Jie to the secret place inside Wolong Mountain.

"With this solid spirit pill, Xuan Xiao should be able to recover the physical body, with him, there will be no problems with your breakthrough, go!"

With a wave of his hand, Wang Jing opened the enchantment and signaled Liang Jie to rush in.

Once the ghostly spirit spreads here, the Ji family will definitely notice it. Ji family will come here in less than a day.

The breakthrough of the gold pill period is not so easy. Once it is obstructed, it is likely to die. Liang Jie and Ji family have grievances. This time, it will be dangerous.

"Senior, my family will be fine, right?"

To be honest, Liang Jie didn't worry about himself, what he worried most were his parents and relatives.

If the Ji family had no bottom line, he really did not dare to imagine what the other party would do.

"Relax, this world is not so simple."

"If the Ji family did that, they would have come to an end."

"Be assured to break through! Don't have any burden, there will be no problems."

With Wang Jing's guarantee, Liang Jie naturally feels relieved a lot, because he must have already counted it, this little thing is not something that reveals the secret.

Entering the secret place inside Wolong Mountain, Liang Jie soon came to the place where the ghost king was.

The ghost king sat there to practice, absorbing the heaven and earth's yin, the ghost spirit was like the ocean and the sea, and he could only see a pair of dark eyes flashing the cold light.

Feeling Liang Jie's breath, he put the huge ghost spirit into his body and soon appeared in front of Liang Jie.

"You did not disappoint me, you got solid spirit pill so soon."

The Ghost King grinned, he was really very happy, he could feel the ghost spirit flowing on him, the cold feeling made Liang Jie's blood almost frozen.

Yuanying period? Is it really that simple?

Obviously, no matter Wang Jing or the Ghost King, their strength is more than what he saw. They have a huge secret in their bodies.

"Ghost King, here's solid spirit pill!"

Liang Jie took the pill from the ring and gave it to the ghost king, and he finally fulfilled his promise.

This is an equivalent exchange. The opponent can shoot for him once, so Liang Jie has no burden.

"Well, yes! You're on the verge of breakthrough. You may worry about the Ji family is against you!"

"You can rest assured that no one in this world will try to kill you, but the ghost species I gave you did not erupt, so it can be seen that the other party is prepared."

"Your breakthrough is bound to be extremely dangerous. I can help you resist the Ji family, but you still have to rely on yourself."

In the realm of the ghost king, it is not difficult to deduce some things. He has always paid attention to Liang Jie.

Originally he wanted to see some secrets from him, but as a result, he could not do it like Wang Jing, and the heavenly mystery had been completely confused.

"Thank you Ghost King!"

With the other party's promise, Liang Jie naturally felt relieved.

At this time, when the ghost king looked at Liang Jie, he showed a thoughtful expression, and said, "Have you learned the five elements of Yin and Yang?"

"Seniors know this method?"

Liang Jie frowned but did not expect the other party to see it at a glance.

Regarding this, the ghost king did not explain too much, and said lightly: "This method is very evil, and there are few people who have a good result, so you better be careful."


He thought ghost king would praise it, but it turned out to be this way.

However, this is also well understood. The exercises that can be valued by the ghost king will naturally not be ordinary exercises, so it will not really be a problem if he cultivated until the final problem leads to death.

Therefore, Liang Jie is not worried because he believes that he can surely work wonders.

"You are very calm. Although this technique is dangerous, it is indeed very powerful."

"No need to worry, you have a long way to go before you can die!"

"Now that you're ready to break through, I'll protect for you! Let's talk about the completion of the solid  foundation period first, and I believe you will have no problems."

The ghost king nodded, thinking that Liang Jie was still firm, and he was not at all flustered in the face of such a thing.

Breaking through the solid foundation period to form a gold pill in the body is actually not difficult for Liang Jie. The really difficult thing is the external factors.

In this world, no one can escape the cause and effect cycle, and the conflict between Liang Jie and Ji's family will inevitably erupt this time.

Of course, this is not all Liang Jie's fault. In fact, the ghost king himself is also an important cause. The cause and effect between him and the Ji family may also come true in Liang Jie's body.

"Thank you senior!"

Liang Jie didn't think too much, the only thing he can do now is to break through.

As for other things, the ghost king and headmaster Wang Jing helped him resist, so there is no need to worry too much.

Although the place is full of ghost spirits, the Ghost King has been fully refined, Liang Jie can cultivate here with peace of mind, without worrying about any other things.