Chapter 72 - Bragging Without Breaking the Law

"How? I'll give you time to think about it!"

Liang Jie put on a look of pride in spite of the scornful eyes of Li Mengyao and Yuanbao.

"Master, I find you shameless."

Yuanbao smiled and seemed very satisfied with Liang Jie's style.

For his praise, Liang Jie chose to ignore directly, he was waiting for the other party's reply, this is a very rare opportunity.

"Can you make a face? you tell me you want to hire me?"

After skipping those words bragged by Liang Jie, Xuanyu decided to calm down and talk to each other.

He himself is also a master of the illusory period. He was hired by a monk who did not reach the gold pill period. He said that he was afraid to be laughed at.

"What? I'm the master of Nine Regions Ring, and I still have Nine Regions Tripod."

"You can do things with me who is so lucky, it is your blessing."

"I'm not afraid to tell you, I know that there is an ancient spirit vein in the spirit world, and when I reach the gold pill period, I will steal the spirit vein to the lower world, and some of my friends here will have three life skills, hunting dragon skills, mantras ... ... "

Liang Jie is doing the bragging, and what he said is true, making it harder for the other party to distinguish.

Moreover, not face to face chatting, Liang Jie has no psychological burden, and it is impossible for Xuanyu to come and hit him.

Sure enough, Xuanyuwent crazy when they saw the divine message sent by Liang Jie.

The robe on his body was windless, and there was a strange smell in the entire cave house, which was extremely cold.

"Boy, will you die if you don't brag? You still have three lives skill and hunting dragon skills!"

"The world has long been worn out, and no one has soared for thousands of years. What good can there be in that place?"

"I can see it clearly, and you like to brag."

Xuan Yu can't stand it, and the ghosts will believe it.

Is there such good practice in the world that it has become so broken?

"You don't know! The great forces of the spirit world are afraid of the enemies of the lower world soaring, so they deliberately broke the lower world."

"In fact, in the world, there is an existence that even you look up to, they are all waiting for the opportunity to go back to the spirit world and make the world glory again!"

"The monk who has mastered three lives skill has already seen the future. Now is a good opportunity for you. Otherwise, don't say that I didn't give you a chance. You ..."

Liang Jie talked endlessly, Li Mengyao and Yuan Bao were stunned.

Their master is so good at blowing things up. Who says these words are hard to tell from the truth? Xuanyu in the spirit world was also dazzled at this moment. A little monk in the solid foundation period actually talked a lot.

Not only are there things that seem to be secret, but even such things that are outrageous. It is possible that the spirit world intentionally blocked people in the lower world.

"I'm afraid of you, you pretended that I haven't found you."

At this time, Xuanyu felt that Liang Jie was very unreliable.

As the owner of the ring, he actually said such irresponsible words, apparently, he was an outrageous lunatic, otherwise, he wouldn't open Nine Regions eBay Store.

Although he did see Liang Jie's ability to make money, he didn't want to be connected with the lunatic.

"Senior, you have to think about it. I can make superb storage bags and spiritual fluids. This is undoubtedly something that only Nine Regions Tripod can do."

"As long as you promise to do things for me, I will never treat you badly. The road to cultivation is not overnight. For decades like the predecessors, you can only pass by in a flash."

"I think it's not difficult to surpass you. By then I will be able to provide you with resources. I think this sale will be very cost-effective ..."

Seeing that Xuanyu didn't want to have a relationship with himself, Liang Jie immediately started to induce and drew a big cake directly.

Of course, this is not something out of nothing, but something that may happen in the future. There are Nine Regions tripods and Nine Regions ring. Liang Jie has opened the store, which can bring him endless benefits.

After some explanation, Xuanyu is really tempted, because Liang Jie is really reasonable, even if Liang Jie's strength can not keep up, but his ability to earn spiritual stones is strong!

Whether it's the spirit world or the lower world, having money is great, you can do whatever you want.

"As long as you are willing to do things for me, I can teach you a set of best practices."

"It doesn't matter if you don't want to, but I will tell all the monks in the spirit world about you, and I will say that you are the master of the ring."

"By then, hehe ..."

Xuanyu has a little thought at this time.

But when he saw Liang Jie's next divine message, he almost went into the devil directly, the boy actually intended to frame him.

He knows this guy is not good, and his stomach is full of bad water.

"Boy, I'm a virtuous person, you threaten me to be useless."

"Since this is the case, I can't help it. I originally planned to teach you Jiuyang exercise, so I'll find someone else!"

"Wait, do you really have Jiuyang exercise?"

"Senior you don't plan to do anything for me. It doesn't matter to you if I have it!"

"If you can come up with Jiuyang exercise, I can do it for you!"

"That is ok, I'll give you the first entry method of Jiuyang exercise!"


Xuanyu gritted his teeth, knowing that he had been fooled, but still had to persist.

The reason is simple. This Jiuyang exercise is too important for him. That is one of the most extreme exercises that match the Fire Spirit Root, which is exactly what he needs.

"Taking the sun to refine your body, taking spirit as the basis ..."

Soon, Liang Jie gave the first volume of the Jiuyang exercise to Xuan Yu.

In fact, he didn't know if this was true, but if Li Mengyao said it was true, it must be true. He still believed in Li Mengyao.

Xuanyu, in the spirit world, has shortness of breath, which is really Jiuyang exercise, exactly like the rumors.

"I promised to do it for you, and we'll sign a deed!"

Xuanyu knows it's his luck.

With Jiuyang exercise, he can definitely breakthrough, how can he miss such a good opportunity!

After signing a deed, Liang Jie said lightly: "Since this is the case, then you can do good work for me! The other five volumes of Jiuyang exercise depend on your hard work."

"It must be."

With benefit, Xuanyu is really happy.

Then, Liang Jie gave him a task to find a sixth-grade pill-solid spirit pill, no matter how many spirit stones he spent, it was not a problem.

Now that Xuanyu has the motivation, naturally, there is no opinion on things, and he immediately agreed.