Chapter 71 - Is it amazing?

The appearance of the Nine Regions eBay Store has completely changed the pattern of the spirit world.

Countless people want to find the master of the ring, and the people of all major forces even send the strong to explore its whereabouts.

This time, the intensity is not too small, but still nothing.

"Senior, the three chambers of commerce in the spirit world are looking for you!"

"I heard that the strong man in the illusory period was called out, so you should be careful."

"If anything, we'll do it."

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi were frightened, after all, they were monks among the strongest in the spiritual world.

Ascending from the world to the spiritual world requires the full strength of the Yuanying period, but there are many monks in the spiritual world, but there are as many Yuanying period monks, and the truly powerful monks exist above the gold period.

Especially in the illusory period, the masters in this state can already see the Tao. Once they really master the Tao, they are the masters in the real period.

"Well, it's fine! They can't find me."

For the masters of the illusory period and the real period, Liang Jie didn't really have much concept in his mind.

Even if they know they are strong, he doesn’t understand how strong they are, but even if he knows how strong they are? Can they still find him?

However, he needs to be careful, after all, such a strong man is too difficult to deal with.

"Master, in fact, some experts in the middle stage of the illusory period have found you."

After Li Mengyao learned the news, she thought about it and told Liang Jie about it.

The spirit world is a very complicated environment. It is really nothing to compete for cultivation resources. It is common to kill people and win treasures.

Nowadays, their customer groups are mainly concentrated in the cultivation momentum and solid foundation periods, and a small part of the gold pill period. It is not surprising that their superb storage bags have been taken away.

"Oh? Let me talk to him!"

Liang Jie's eyes lighted up and he immediately made a decision.

That's the master of the illusory period! If he can get along well, it wouldn't be difficult for Liang Jie to find a sixth-grade pill.

He promised to help the ghost king find the sixth-grade pill. Liang Jie has never forgotten this. Now that someone has come to the door, he is naturally very happy.

"You are the master of the ring? I am Xuanyu immortal. How many spirit stones can you sell the ring to me?"

When Li Mengyao conveyed the words of the other party, Liang Jie was really directly dumbfounded. The master of the illusory period was really domineering.

Actually, he asked directly to buy the ring, and he looked like he is confident!

"In the middle stage of the illusory period, the strength is just average! You want to buy my ring, what kind of price can you give?" Liang Jie smiled and replied to this Xuanyu.

Soon, Xuanyu said, "I pay 100,000 superb spirit stones!"

"Do you think I'm stupid? Give me an ancient spirit vein, otherwise no way!"

"Why don't you grab it? At most, I add another 10,000 superb spirit stones."

"Ancient spiritual veins plus all the prescriptions of the sixth-grade pill."


"Then no more talk!"


This is an unpleasant negotiation.

At least for the Xuanyu, he was really mad. As his status in the spirit world, there was such a day.

What's more hateful is that the other party actually stopped talking to him directly.

"Boy, you'd better agree to my request, because as your strength, you can't keep the ring."

"Now the major forces of the spirit world are looking for you. As long as I tell them where you are, you don't want to be safe."

"I'll give you time for consideration!"

Xuan Yusent the divine thought again, even in a threatening tone.

In this regard, Liang Jie ignored it. People in the spirit world dared to threaten him. He chose to ignore him.

At first, this Xuanyu was very strong but finally had to be subdued.

"Boy, I know you are in the world, but you don't forget that you are going to ascend after all, and do you really think that the people in the spiritual world have no way to go down?"

Obviously, Xuanyu really planned to use this news to let Liang Jie answer, but he was finally disappointed.

Although people who know that the spirit world has a way to come down, Liang Jie is not worried at all, because in this world there are limits, no matter how strong they are, they are only the strength of the gold period.

In this world, the gold period is indeed very strong, but Liang Jie is not scared, because he knows that this world is not difficult, how easy to go to this world.

What's more, if things happened in the world, the powerful old monsters could directly kill the people in the lower world. Relatively speaking, the world is really safe.

"Boy, you say something!"

In the end, Xuanyu couldn't sit still.

After being ignored N times, he has no temper.

"It's impossible to sell the ring to you, but we can cooperate." Liang Jie saw that the other party's temper was almost gone, and he finally replied to the other party.

Seeing Liang Jie replying to himself, Xuan Yu almost jumped up and said happily, "Boy, I'm a master of the illusory period. What can you do with me?"

In words, Xuanyu lifted himself high, as if to say that Liang Jie was not worthy to talk to him about cooperation.

Then, Liang Jie had no news again, which made Xuanyu speechless. This kid was too bad. He used the same method every time, but it was very useful to him.

"Boy, I'm convinced, talk about your cooperation!"

Xuan Yu wanted to give himself two slaps. He was convinced by a little monk. he will face him in the future.

Seeing that the other party had been completely subdued, Liang Jie laughed: "To tell you the truth, it only took me less than a year to reach the gold pill period, and Yuanying and gold period would be only a year or two."

"You also know that I opened a Nine Regions eBay Store so that the monks could not worry about cultivation, and they could buy pills and magic weapons here."

"You've just cultivated a few more years than me. You can't be more talented than me, and you can't surpass me, so I plan to hire you!"

Looking at Liang Jie's words, Xuanyu almost violently wanted to hack people, and based on his strength, he could not be moved by foreign objects, but he was still very angry.

"Calm down, can't be angry, how can you be demonized by this?"

After taking a few deep breaths, Xuan Yu finally calmed his restless heart.

Having to say Liang Jie's words is too much, it's just an insult! Even Li Mengyao couldn't stand it anymore, he was so embarrassed to say that he was talented!

What's worse, he actually planned to hire a monk in the illusory period, and he was really bold.