Chapter 70 - Shocking the Spirit World Again

Speaking of Yuanbao, he actually helped Liang Jie a lot.

Liang Jie, who has reached the late stage of solid foundation period, can now control a dozen vanity tripods, and the speed of refining pills has also accelerated a lot.

Of course, the refine instrument has not started yet, because it is not the time yet.

"Senior, the preserved pills, should we sell it?"

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi also saw the shopping shelf, where the neat pill was placed, and it was placed in different places according to different grades.

Today there is only a handful of first- and second-class pills, each of which does not exceed thirty species, which are improved elixirs.

Of course, no modified pill is also sold, and the price is much lower than the chamber of commerce in the spirit world.

"No rush, it's selling fast because we're doing promotions!"

"This is another discount and it's free. Everyone will definitely snap up."

"After the price returns to normal, the speed of sales should be guaranteed, so you must now find as many learners as possible. The demand for the first and second-grade pills is far from saturated.

Liang Jie is very clear that this time the event was very successful. He already knows how much the pill demand in the spirit world is.

Such a large market was originally held in the hands of the chamber of commerce. Now Liang Jie has begun to step in, which will naturally have a great impact on the chamber of commerce.

However, the Chamber of Commerce will not be destroyed because of this, at most it is only a thinning of profits.

"Yes, we understand!"

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi did not dare to contravene Liang Jie's order, and they immediately started looking for learners.

Although the process of refining the pills was very smooth, for them, the speed of refining the pill was really too slow. At this time of rapid expansion, not to mention that it fully meets daily needs, at least half of it must be completed!

Of course, this half does not mean all the monks in the spirit world, but the monks who have superb storage bags, they are the true VIP users.

"Adding 10,000 users a day is actually nothing to us."

"These users can get some purchasing bonuses during our expansion period, and they will definitely promote the Nine Regions eBay Store."

"So there's no need to worry about visibility."

Liang Jie breathed a sigh of relief, and the first shot to raise awareness was complete.

Although it caused a certain topicality before, it is far from being as popular as it is today. After all, the monks have really benefited.

Liang Jie, a big earner, didn't know how many spirit stones he had gained at this time.

"Master, I can distill the spirit stone into a spiritual fluid."

In order to please Liang Jie, Yuanbao highly recommends himself with a smile on his face.

The spiritual fluid is something that can't be found, it is extremely important for the monks, and it is more convenient and quick to absorb. When Liang Jie broke through, it was thanks to the spiritual fluid accumulated by the spiritual veins.

"Really? That task will be entrusted to you. But how much will it cost?"

Hearing that Liang Jie was very happy, this is definitely a good business, and the sales of spiritual fluid are very few in the spirit world.

The reason is that the loss is the biggest problem. Compared with the absorption of spirit stones, the spiritual stones consumed by refining the spiritual fluid have more.

"The loss is about ten out of seven! If you use Nine Regions tripod body to make it, you can reach ten out of nine." Yuanbao looked proudly, saying that it was nothing.

The absorption rate of spirit stone is about 50%, which means that a large part of the spirit is lost during the absorption process, and after the spirit stone loses 80% of the spirit, it can no longer be used.

Therefore, Yuanbao said the loss is very low.

"Yes, then you can help me make it!"

Earlier, Yuanbao said that he did not help Liang Jie to make pills, but now it is different. For his own happiness, it doesn't matter if he is tired.

Starting today, the vanity tripod is an all-weather refining storage bag.

In this way, the 10 million superb storage bags away from Liang Jie's original goal can be achieved in less time.

"The Nine Regions eBay Store even took over the refining of spiritual fluid!"

"Not only that but also intends to sell the spiritual fluid directly, the price is only 20% more than the value of the spirit stone itself?"

"No matter what kind of spirit stone it is, it's almost the same price as spirit stone. It's crazy!"

This just opened, and the pill was sold out by the monks, and then it released such powerful news that directly detonated the emotions of the monks.

Just now they were still discussing how awesome the Nine Regions eBay Store was, and now there is such amazing news that they are a little numb.

Spiritual fluid! That is a treasure without impurities! What can be produced only by the spirit veins, refining spirit stone and turning them into the spiritual fluid is a loss-making business!

However, the Nine Regions eBay Store has such confidence, how can the monks in the spirit world not be surprised?

"President, the pill dealers we work with are reluctant to work with us."

"They said that we were too stingy and that the pills wey sold were so expensive but the purchase price was so low."

"Our low-grade pills can't be sold, and there is a lot of pills hoarding. The turnover of spirit stone is already a bit difficult."

When the major chambers of commerce received news from their men, they all spread to the ground, which was a heavy blow to them.

The low-grade pill is the big head of their profits! Compared with the advanced pill, the cost of refining pill is much lower, and the profit margin can be maintained at about 50%.

But the emergence of the Nine Regions eBay Store directly pushed them to a dead end. The previous idea of severing supplies was completely stoned to their feet.

"Sell the existing pill at 30% discount. Don't move the pill we bought."

Almost all chambers of commerce have made such a decision, and they know that they must clean up their inventory.

This time the impact of the Nine Regions eBay Store is huge. It is no longer necessary to avoid it. They have to make a change. The era of huge profits has passed.

Now, the only thing they can do is to cooperate with the Nine Regions eBay Store to get a simplified version of the pill.

Although they may make a lot less money, they will at least make money. As for other advanced pills, they don't need to worry too much. It can't be simplified at will.

"Have you heard of it? The low-level elixir of the chamber of commerce is all 30% off."

This news spread quickly, and those who had money in the hands of the monks in the spirit world bought the pill one after another. In their heart, they were very grateful to the Nine Regions eBay Store.

Of course, everyone just bought some gathering spirit pill or other pills without an upper limit. After all, they want a simplified version of the pill.

Although the price is a bit more expensive, the upper limit of the pill is high! It can greatly enhance their own strengths, allowing them to get a higher starting point.

For a time, the pattern of the spirit world was actually broken. For the first time, the monks felt that the cultivation was not so difficult!