Chapter 7 - He is shameless

The effect of the cleaning body fluid gradually diminishes, and it is no longer effective in the fifth portion. To continue to train the body, he must use more advanced things.

After digesting the fifth cleaning body fluid, Liang Jie finally officially embarked on the path of cultivation. Although it is only a humble beginning to get started, looking at the world is an incredible master.

According to Li Mengyao, in terms of the current aura of the world, it is probably the limit to be able to cultivate to the Gold pill period, because this world cannot bear the full effort of even a master.

It is precise because of this that there is almost no ascension in this world.

However, Liang Jie wants to truly become a cultivation person in the cultivation momentum period, and there are still some things that must be done. He is now only having such a foundation, not really laying the foundation for the cultivation momentum period.

"Master, you can't continue to cultivate now, wait until you get used to it and think about what's next."

"Moreover, you need some exercises to assist yourself. I will sort it out and see if I can find a suitable exercise for the master."

"Although you are not in the cultivation momentum period, your strength is far beyond that of a warrior in a priori."

Li Mengyao told him about cultivation, which was very important to him.

The warrior divides the acquired and the innate. After reaching the innate, it is the cultivation momentum period. This refers to the general cultivation method of mortals, but Liang Jie is different.

He skipped the two warrior realms with the help of cleaning body fluids and stood directly on the realm of congenital peaks. His strength now cannot be underestimated.

It is a pity that without the guidance of the exercises, he is just a stronger person now.

"Well, I know. Han Yu is intensively refining the simplified version of the solid foundation pill. I just have a few days of free time."

"With this bottle of change appearance pill, things should be much easier, and we can start buying a house."

"It was originally intended to rent a two-bedroom and one-living room. Now it seems that it is better to buy a house directly. A villa is probably more than three million. I don't know if those bronze mirrors and bronze swords can sell so much money!"

Touching his chin, Liang Jie began to think seriously. After all, he had a rare seven-day holiday, so he naturally had to make good use of it.

It was only when he opened the dormitory door to leave but found that Yang Yi actually looked around at the boy's dormitory door, causing the boys to mourn.

"Master, your little lady is waiting for you!"

Yang Yi is a congenital wooden spirit, which is still very beneficial to Liang Jie's future cultivation.

"Yang Yi, why are you here? Aren't you going home?"

Liang Jie ignored others, how beautiful it is to be accompanied by beauty.

He had a clear conscience, because he was helping others, and did not want to discourage the enthusiasm of Yang Yi.

"I was going to go back, but I worry that you will be tortured by a female ghost."

"So, I decided not to go back, I will go wherever you go."

"In case something goes wrong, I can help you drive the ghost away."

Yang Yi blushed and said that exorcism can't help thinking of kissing.

She's actually weird. How can spells be useless? Kissing works! But because she was too shy, she didn't dare to think too deeply.

Today's Yang Yi, wearing a white dress, is as pure as a lotus flower.

"Why did the archeology department's most beautiful girl like him?"

"Don't say it, it's all fate! Maybe you go to the mountain and the female ghost gets on your body. Can you have a girlfriend?"

"Yeah! Go, let's try our luck these days ..."

These people are envious, jealous and hated of Liang Jie! Anxious to stun him and take his place.

Looking at the back of the two leaving, everyone had the urge to kill, and the boy actually raised the fairy's hand shamelessly.

"It's really amazing. The female ghost seems to have disappeared after holding your hand. She must be very afraid of you."

Yang Yi's face flushed, and she wanted to get rid of that hot hand, but she couldn't pull her hand no matter how hard she tried, and then she heard Liang Jie's words, so she was relieved.

It turned out that this would make him feel at ease.

"If this helps you, I can let you hold on after that."

With her head buried in her chest, Yang Yi felt her cheeks burn like a fire. She couldn't believe what she said, she was too ashamed.

Liang Jie on the side was stunned first and then stabbed with deep guilt. He felt that he was really a beast.

Facing such innocent Yang Yi, he could lie so shamelessly. However, he didn't really all lie, at least what he just said was true.

Yang Yi, who is a congenital wooden spirit, can make people calm, and naturally feels very comfortable.

"That being the case, then you will be my girlfriend!"

"Ah I……"

"I am serious."

"No, I don't doubt you, it's just me ..."

"You don't have to rush to reply to me, I know you must feel very sudden, but it doesn't matter, I will wait for you to reply to me."

"I will seriously consider it."


Looking at Yang Yi's serious expression, and those big watery eyes, Liang Jie felt a pain in his heart.

He was so shameless that he deceived such a pure beauty, but he was not kidding, he really planned to let Yang Yi be his girlfriend.

"I knew that the master was a beast, and he lied to the innocent girl!"

Li Mengyao's voice sounded in his mind, which made Liang Jie a little embarrassed.

In fact, there must be selfishness, but he also really likes Yang Yi. Before that, there was no intersection. Now he knows that the image of the iceberg beauty before Yang Yi was entirely due to her introvert.

"So let's have fun today!"

With a grin, Liang Jie had already planned.

Take Yang Yi for fun during the day! These days, it has been very hard for her to help herself to drive out the ghosts, and it is time to take good care of her.


Yang Yi glanced at Liang Jie's side face, and lowered her head and responded softly.

For some reason, she was actually very happy, because things like this were actually not experienced before, which made her feel very happy.